Abandoned Ice Skating Hall Built In 1914 | BROS OF DECAY – URBEX

Abandoned Ice Skating Hall Built In 1914 | BROS OF DECAY – URBEX

hey guys welcome back to another video
i’m standing here on a roof of a verry special building this is an ice hall and
ice skating hall and this has been abandoned for a very long time there’s
asbest inside of this place so they lock it up really good but you have our
mouth mask with us we have our gloves with us and we’re gonna try to get into this
building William is already over there he’s ready
to go inside and yeah let’s explore this place I’m
really excited it’s always a real challenge to get into these places you
like the monkey stuff really has to do to get in here I’m gonna give you the
stuff catch I won’t do it I won’t do it with your back okay got it tripods there you go okay Wow
and now way I have to go down I’ve been looking around this place and I see that
there’s a lot of graffiti inside of here here for example of the wall so hope
that the main place is still nice they They bricked up the wall over there maybe that hole over there there’s a
hole but the let’s let’s loop down there first I think that’s the only option
that we have but we have to look for other options to see the break depth of
all here so people can get inside of the place it’s quite kind of new maybe some
people try to knock the wall huh but that’s not possible well this place
is this one I stood in the middle of a city so that’s why it’s bricked up so
well and there’s asbestos inside of this place yeah we all shine some light over
there there my flashlight with me let’s have a look over there basement you can
look inside the basement yeah yeah let’s move to place first the basement this
for later they also need the basement they also need the basement this little
bike over here that’s good lights on let’s go Wow Wow air sighs drink cranly urge Wow but beautiful kind of special place here
to see something like this which always ya see and in good condition
and then no like this your stay is the goal it’s called a fuckin science fortunately there’s not a lot of light
flooding into this place normally it was lit up by a dime bright lights at the
roof here don’t think you can see it but there are all lights on the roof so it
was lit up by those lights but nowadays yeah it’s just really dark because those
lights won’t turn on anymore we’re never gonna it’s gonna try to take some
pictures inside of here a lot of light so guys now I’m gonna tell you a little
bit about this place this is a very very old building
this is inaugurated in 1939 it was and it was a really nice building for the
time I was reading a style of that time and I’m gonna show you the outside in a
little bit but the inside this place is just huge this is 2030 meters high and
it’s displaces somewhere in Belgium considered the roof there somewhere
around Belgium ice-skating rink and in 2011 they decided that the government
decided to close down this place because it was too dangerous to up still operate
because there was a lot of asbestos in this place the maintenance on this place
was really no so they decided to decided to close down the place and now yeah
seven years later it’s decaying falling apart and yeah I don’t think they have a
curse person for it but this is a protected building about a UNESCO so
they are not allowed to destroy it or demolish it they might turn it into
something else but then they have to remove the asbestos first and that’s the
huge desk so I think it’s gonna lay here like this for
time to go standing we’re standing here in the entrance hall this is where you
would get your tickets aye sir I want to take it for the game F tonight that’s 50
euros please and then you would go into there and you can watch to share the
game we go show well I’ve never written ice skating event that’s it that’s
hockey that’s I talk yeah normally that normally display hi I talk
here on the entrance hall over there I think there’s a little bit of weather
gets playground like after you get to get some drinks over here after the game
in the midterm of the game your popcorn your drinks your hot dogs whatever you
want you could get it here they did turn over
the futures over there these places I like because they’re they’re a little
bit different from the places I found normally this is this is an ice-skating
all this school it’s something you don’t see every day
the houses are cool because they have lots of stuff after the past owner in it
but these places are just humongous great to explore to see every real thing
our tour accent yeah I just love these places I would love to do more of them
here are the changing rooms over here you have an ice skate
so I guess you could rent skates and go onto the onto the ice if you wanted
that’s normally the changing room there are a lot of ice skates in here you can
see them lying on the ground here I think some homeless people have slept
here okay it smells like a weed it smells like meat in here don’t know I
want to get onto the roof I want to see over this city let’s go over here are
the tribunes with a pair of Italy bullets it’s neat the hot rocks watch
the game beautiful over there and are some more Tribune’s up there I’m gonna
show them in minutes ya can overlook the stadium from here
watch the game this these are really good seeds you just heard some people
over there there’s an entrance so we heard some people moving stuff and they
think we are not along inside yeah because so we have to be careful maybe
there are homeless people made an audio boxers we don’t know to have to be
careful I would love to sit here love to sit here watch a game would be
great yeah this used to be an old exhibition hall
and they turned it into this ice skating rink I think that’s really cool yes
we’re gonna laugh look if we can get up to the top of this ice skating rink
maybe get onto the roof there’s a lot of life falling into this room this is the
front entrance acting from this place well fire see yeah this has been a fire
here Wow this look like I’d used to be a jump you could work out in here they
sealed it up really well really weird look at the bricks at the place over
here but not good enough because we got inside see the bricks that I placed here
oh ok let’s see what do we get over here here’s the huge white screen what a
project it’s the maybe the scores of the game or a white image of the game owner
there are more Tribune’s over here let’s walk through them let’s see if you
can get to the top there’s a door open over there whenever
I come into these places I will always want to get to the top of the place and
see if I can only get it get on move move and we can go further up think
about fire oh yeah this red staircase over here okay guys we’re on the roof
oh yeah Wow get a beautiful view of the city over here the mountains in the back
in Cabo it’s a lovely place to be it’s finally warm in Belgium temperatures are
great today I love it hot hot okay
this was it I want to thank you for watching the video of this place quite
an interesting place I think and yeah maybe next week there will be gonna be
another home video so stay tuned for that subscribe for that as always I love
you guys support me on patreon so I can explore more of this world
and yeah I will see you next week guys bye bye you

38 thoughts on “Abandoned Ice Skating Hall Built In 1914 | BROS OF DECAY – URBEX

  1. I have been skating in a place like this, but back in the 1970's They are another thing from the past..Great find guys! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. My son decided to play ice hockey at 8 years old. He had never skated. He became the captain of the team a year earlier. I went to every game, every practise at 4:30 am and ever tournament thousands of miles away. I have vowed never to enter another ice rink in my life. ๐Ÿ™‚ In the USA, a place like this would be destroyed and another space would replace it. My best memory is my son making the winning goal when the scrum opened up and he hit the goal. Wow. Kids are great.

  3. I started to look at the video and then I recognized the place. And beautiful memories of my childhood came to me. Thank you so much ! We have now a new olympic ice arena in another part of the town. As you said, the old one is a protected monument but, as the city has a project for a new ecodistrict here, it may be renovated and devoted to other purposes. But the whole project can take years… Thank you again for your amazing videos. Take care of you ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Interesting video. Can you put locations on the Google Maps?

    If you and William are a couple, it's so sweet.

  5. That's really awesome. My husband used play ice hockey in high school. He's a Bruin's fan as well as I. Thanks for sharing my friend ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  6. Great video, it would've been hard for me to NOT take any of the skates around. I used to be an ice skater, so that would explain why I would've taken a pair of skates….Thanks for all your videos guys!! โ˜ฏโ˜ฎโ™ฅ

  7. Hello Lesley! Please tell Jordy the people miss him so much ๐Ÿ˜ข. I send ๐Ÿ‘‹and ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’‹๐ŸŒน

  8. Sad to see it so rundown. Wear masks , my husband was an asbestos handler for many years. Take care, enjoy your videos.

  9. Thanks Lesley/William. brilliant video as always. It makes me mad, why don't they sell the seats etc at least get some money back. xx

  10. a girl with long hair and white dress stands behind the glass window around 4:56๏ฝž๐Ÿค”

  11. This was a great video. Very interesting to see what the skating rink looked like. We had an old fashion skating rink where I lived but it was knocked down and a motel was built. My family went every Sunday to skate. Where is Jordy?

  12. I love how respectful you guys are of the buildings you go into! I wish everyone showed the respect you do.

  13. Reminds me of my early years as a teenager, I discovered an old 4 or 5 lane bowling alley in the basement of a beauty supply shop which I cleaned on a regular weekly basis here in Calgary! The lanes were made of oak hardwood flooring, and were manually set up back in the day by Pin Setters! Instead of a machine that sets up the pins, young boys would set the pins up by hand for the bowler as a first job, or just for extra money! It was sad to see the lanes buried by storage boxes for the supply store! If anyone from Calgary is reading this, it was called Monarch Beauty Supply, and was located right across an alley way from the York Hotel, and the front entrance was across 6th avenue from Calgary's first fire hall!

  14. As a Canadian I've spend a lot of time at ice rinks/arenas. Did you not find a machinery room where they run the ice making machines? Would have been so cool if you found an old zamboni!

  15. bonjour guys be missing you this place is amazing so beautiful decayed I love it many blessings chow smooches

  16. I just hope the authorities don't press charges against you. After all you show much respect once your inside.
    Glad you had some protection but you can buy on Amazon a small mask that has better protection.

  17. I would be worried about ceilings collapsing under me while climbing on domes and such. I have seen you do it a few times and hoping that you would not fall through to your death. BE CAREFUL. I know when you are young you feel indestructible but you also have to think thing through before you do certain things. BE SAFE!

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