About Horse Saddles : Cleaning Horse Saddles

About Horse Saddles : Cleaning Horse Saddles

Keeping your equipment in good working order,
is not only important for the overall appearance of your saddles, they’re expensive items,
worthy of your care and attention, but it’s also important to the longevity and safety,
good working parts will ensure that you’re not going to have a mishap, that may cost
you an accident. I like to start with a product that’s going to be good for the cleaning,
and preservation of the saddle. There are many products out there. This one is a common
standard, that’s been around for a long time. I’m not opposed to also using a simple solution,
which would be your Murphy’s Oil Soap. The thing about most of these products is you
want to just take a little extra care, and be sure you don’t saturate or soak the stitching.
It’s not uncommon for stitching to rot and erode, because we’ve overused our cleaning
products, so if we can take care, to keep the cleaning product on the bigger part of
the leather, then use your cloth to get in, and near the stitching. You can go around
and be pretty careful. It’s not unusual for me, to also incorporate the use of a soft
toothbrush. Save those old toothbrushes. They’re great for getting into the small cracks and
crevices. After we’ve gone over our saddles with a good cleaning product, we can then
top it off with a standard oil, we call Neet’s Foot Oil. I pour mine into a separate cup,
when I’ve got this large of a bottle, because I promise you, it’s going to get toppled over
at some point, so putting just enough in a small cup, saving my cloth, so that the oil
cloth is always available for that. I can put just the right amount, dipped into the
cup, and place it right here, on those leather parts. Again, I’m taking care that I don’t
saturate the stitching, because that’s going to become a problem down the road. If we have
a lot of basket weave, and it’s hard to get down into those cracks, I’ll even use a small,
soft paint brush. It works very well to he help really oil and saturate some of the more
distressed leather, that’s taken a rough time over the years. Sun is extremely damaging
to your saddle. You always want to be sure and take care, whenever possible, that you
cover that leather, if it’s going to be kept out in the environment. We can always then
continue, and finish up with a good silver polish, polishing up that silver to a high

14 thoughts on “About Horse Saddles : Cleaning Horse Saddles

  1. Just a question about "Rough-Out" Fenders and Jockeys. I know it's bad to oil the rough side of the leather, but how do you clean the rough side? I have always had rough-out fenders on my barrel saddles and they are easy to keep clean, but I recently picked up a Cecil Phillips/Jerri Mann saddle that was left to get covered in mildew in an old damp garage. How do I clean the rough out when it is that kind of dirty?

    Thanks much for your advise.

  2. Sorry but i think your wrong about cleaning saddles.
    you don't put the oil on the top you put it on the rough side of the leather. Because it soaks in better and the seat still may have oil on and you can get it on your pants. I clean the saddle first with a lukewarm damp cloth to get rid of dirt. But great video.

  3. I put n the saddle soap let it soak for a couple minutes wipe off the excess and then put on the oil and let that soak

  4. Are you serious? How is leather going to work it's way in when covered in dirt and dust, and how on earth is soap going to penetrate the oil to clean a saddle afterwards? You must be one of those people who put their clothes on and then step into the shower.

  5. I've been making leather goods for years and using these leather cleaning products just to find out most of them either have Neatsfoot Oil (cattle feet) or petroleum so i developed an all natural leather feed and saddle soap no animal by product or petroleum – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBSZ0YI1lKk

  6. I don’t use anything with animal fats in it like neatsfoot oil or mink oil. I use obenaufs which is beeswax and propolis. It will darken the leather but it works great.

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