About Horse Saddles : Western Horse Saddle Types

About Horse Saddles : Western Horse Saddle Types

These are my school saddles that work well
for the variety of riders that we have. We have riders who like to experience the sport
of team penning, and ranch sorting so we look for the cutting variety as well as we have
those who go to speed and sometimes performance classes. We’re going to start here with your
generic youth saddle, this is a nice sturdy saddle that could go to any show ring and
any discipline based on the smallness of the riders size. When we bump up and get a little
more specific in our desires, this is a barrel saddle. This is light weight, it’s got a nice
deep seat, it’s a small size for a youth. It’s got stirrups that will go up real high
with an easy to adjust Blevins buckle, and that would work well for a rider well up and
through probably their age of ten or eleven. We then go to this is kind of a nice generic
saddle; it could be used for the sport of barrel racing. It’s got a nice deep seat;
it’s got a square skirt and a little added silver. My riders could take this to your
play day where they might compete in the morning in the performance western pleasure equitation,
and then move on into speed in a comfortable way. A very good all around saddle. This is
designed, it’s a little bit older in style, but it is designed for equitation. It’s a
name brand circle Y, it’s got a high area right here in front of the pummel, and it
puts that rider in a very deep seat, secure against the front and a nice heavy fender
that holds that leg securely for the sport of equitation riding. Where it’s the rider’s
position that’s being judged. It’s got a low horn so it doesn’t have a lot of function
in the way of the use of that horn. Then we move on to our cutting saddles that we use
often in our team penning and ranch sorting. It’s a nice big seat, relatively flat, it
gives the rider room to adjust and keep their balance as that horse is moving quickly underneath
them. The fenders aren’t extremely large, they’re meant to just position that rider’s
foot just a little bit forward than many of the others. You can see this is a bit more
forward than this equitation saddle that keeps the leg back underneath. We still want the
good, correct position, but this allows for the rider to be just a little bit more careful
in cuing their horse distinctly at the girth line. It’s got a high horn, something we often
use in our cutting work, and so that’s another feature that makes this saddle different.

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  1. I love my Western saddle, it's super comfy for trail riding.. since that's all I do. Hopefully with more experience I will be able to do some barrel racing or roping, that would be fun.

  2. Thanks for the education on western saddles! What I'd like to learn about is a reining saddle, explained exactly how you have with your other saddles because of your easy to understand language and your explaination of why their different. Thanks

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