Acrotricks on a Horse (Ft. Kamri Noel) | The Rybka Twins

Acrotricks on a Horse (Ft. Kamri Noel) | The Rybka Twins

(laughing) – [Sam] Teagan! (cheering) – [Teagan] Yeah! – [Mindy] There you go, Sam. – [Sam] Whew, no, wrong way, this side. (scary music) – [Sam And Teagan] Hi Guys. – I’m Teagan.
– I’m Sam, and we are – [Sam And Teagan] The Rybka Twins. Welcome back to Squared. (scratching) (chimes) – So today, guys, we’re doing something we have never done before. We’re going horse riding. – [Teagan And Sam] Yeah!
(neighing) – We’ve always wanted
– Guys this is one of my – to do this.
– childhood dreams right here. We used to watch this TV
show called The Saddle Club. – It had horses, and they
rode their horses every day. And we wanted to be horse riders. – We used to use our bikes as horses and pretend they were the horses. And we used to use towels and
pretend they were the saddles. So seriously, I’ve had so many
dreams of riding a horse, so. – I can’t wait to get on. – Yes, and meet my horse. – So before we show you that
experience be sure to subscribe – [Teagan And Sam] if you haven’t already and give a big thumbs up if you like it. (upbeat music) – So guys I’ve come along here today with Mindy and Kamri, they were so nice to actually take us here. Also we’ve never done it before, so they made sure they found
a place that was really safe and the horses were like yeah, chilled. Let’s go ride the horses! (upbeat music) – [Kamri] Okay, so that’s Demaskiss. – Nationals twice, I showed coached her to the Nationals. And he’s been a lesson horse
since he was about three. So he’s 21, Demaskiss is 12. She’s also 21, she’s a POA, she is Patrick’s mother
and Demaskiss’s mother. – I’m also gonna show you,
you can stand on my horses. I can even show you how to do that if you wanna take some pictures like that. – [Sam] Yeah! And just pogo, jump up, yep. – [Sam] Whew! – [Kamri] So this is Holly. Let me get Demaskiss. – [Sam] I’m so excited. – [Mindy] This will be a day to remember. – Those are my prototypes, and he’s 12. He just says I’m willin’ to go, so ready? – So let me go already. – Right, yeah, he’s, they’re willing. But all I do is teach people.
– Kick your right leg over. – [Mindy] Yep. – [Kamri] Gonna hold them in one hand. – [Mindy] I am gonna see
a handstand on a horse before the end of the day. (exciting music) – Come on, come on. – [Mindy] I’m sorry, am I distracting you? – I don’t know where my
horse is at. (laughing) How do you make him go faster? – [Kamri] Come on, Demaskiss. (upbeat music) – [Sam] How you feeling, Teag? – I wanna canter. – [Sam] Canter?
– Do I know how to do that? – [Sam] Yeah, trotting is
like really fast and bumpy. Cantering’s apparently much more smooth. That’s it, turn the
horse around, you got it. – Oh no, you’re coming this way! – [Teagan] He is actually
following (laughs). – [Sam] Teagan! (laughs) – You like the camera, don’t you? You like the camera. – You think it’s food. – Pirate Holly. – Yes, (laughs) yes. (exciting music) (intense orchestra music) (country music) (springing) (cheering) (intense orchestra music) (cheering) – [Mindy] Beautiful. – [Mindy] We are about to attempt the double team horse tricks. She’s up, Teagan’s up, Sam’s (buzzer blasts) Oh, so close! – [Kamri] Nice! (laughing) (buzzer blasts) – [Mindy] Come on, come on. (cheering) – [Sam] Can’t believe
we actually did it, ah! So cool. Jenky Jenk, you’re cute with spots. Good boy. – You’re so soft. – Wow, horse riding is
not as easy as it looks. It is so hard. I can’t wait to keep going! (upbeat music) – [Kamri] Come on, come on, come on! There. – Lower your rein hand. – Woo, yeah!
– Lower your rein hand. – [Mindy] There you go, Sam! – [Teagan] How’d you do that? – She did it exactly – [Kamri] You will stay on. (cheering) – [Teagan] Like Wild
Hearts Can’t Be Broken! (exciting music) – You did good. – [Teagan] How’d you find
your horse riding experience? – It was good, I had a
good horse this time, so. – [Teagan] And how many
times have you done it? – I think like 10 or 12,
or something like that. – Ten times? – [Sam] That’s so good. I definitely wanna do it again, so. – Yeah, it’s fun. – It is, it’s really cool. I wanna do it again and again and again. – But I feel like it’s addicting. Like I’ve just got off and I wanna get back on again
and keep getting better. – Guys, comment down below if you’ve ever ridden a horse before. – Yeah. – Thank you guys so much for watching. We really hope you enjoyed this video. – Of us riding horses for the first time. – Yeah! To see yesterday’s video
on Squared click here. – See more from us on Squared click here, and subscribe to Squared click here. – And if you’d like to see more from us we do post on our personal
channel every Thursday. The link our channel will be
in the description box below. We’ll see you guys next time on Squared. – [Teagan And Sam] See ya!

100 thoughts on “Acrotricks on a Horse (Ft. Kamri Noel) | The Rybka Twins

  1. Yup I'm lucky enough to ride 3 times a week. If I don't ride at least twice a week I feel like I can't breathe. So it is very addicting! 💕But I enjoy it so much!

  2. I have been riding since I was three and I loved how you guys enjoyed this so much! I like seeing you guys love this as much as I do, most people make fun of me for loving it. But I am glad some of my favorite people share my passion.

  3. the horse dime in the saddle club is at my horse riding school and i used to ride her now her name is Crystel

  4. I've been riding for 3 years. (If this is the first time riding a horse then the trainer is not ressponsible beacose they shoud not be CANTERING ) ps. I ride englisz style so meybe its difrent so dont hate on me (i am not hating on the btw ) and well done you did very well

  5. I’ve been riding for 2 years and I haven’t even cantered before. I ride this named fancy and she was my favorite when I saw her.

  6. I'm only 11 and I've been riding for 8 1/2 years now so you did well for your first time but one thing is I really think you should have been wearing a helmet for your first time especially doing acro tricks

  7. Follow your dreams and whatever someone says walk away like 👍 if your doing that love you guys😀!!!

  8. My sister is a amazing horse rider and she jumps 1 metre… She follows u guys on insta her name is Dakota ur insta is goolamic_boss

  9. I have rode a horse before. It was so much fun. I have been a few times. I fell off one of my horses once and it didn't hurt that much. If you ever fall off a horse or pony it probably won't hurt that much. You are so so so brave doing a handstand and a double handstand on a horse.

  10. Being a horse rider myself I wish my pony would let me do this but I will not try because she is 26-30 and I am to big for her and l will never do it on here because she is to old and I am to big for her so yeah.

  11. It’s funny I have been riding horses for so long and you just get up and kick them into drive seriously!
    And KEEP YOUR HEELS DOWN and keep your knees tucked also don’t pull on the rains all the time and YES it’s very HARD

  12. Oh my gosh I loved those series and the books I have watched the series and read all the books

    Like if you have to

  13. I ride English only so it's so weird to see people being taught like that especially with no helmets or boots

  14. I ride horses all the time and I think you both did an amazing job especially for your first time…. I thought the handstand was incredibly amazing 😉 great job!!!

  15. I ride horses, I do barrel racing, you know that white thing that your girls were going on to do the tricks? Ya I have three of those and I set them up as a pattern and they go around them a certain was 😊 it’s so much fun!! 🐎🛢

  16. ive been riding for 6 years and yoou did very good 🙂
    im very impressd:)
    i would just like to say even know youre very talented please doo wear a helemt i would hate to see you get hurt 🙂
    and also make sure you wear long sleved clothes as that can protect your arms and legs. if you were to jump make sure you wear a body protecter <3

  17. I have 3 of my own horses -Daybreak -Canyon -Ronan and I do barrel racing endurance racing and dressage some things you need to know keep your heels down don’t hold the reins so tight never go into a canter on your first ride (with many experiences of falling off backwards I’ve learned not to try and canter a horse that you don’t know the movements of😅😅) something else don’t tense up or lean back in the saddle never use the horn as a balancing tool but considering your lesson coach clearly knew nothing about this you did very very well with what you were taught and I hope that you guys get a better lesson coach and continue to ride

  18. You shouldn’t have done this you didn’t have a. Helmet ⛑ or a vest or a lead it was very dangerous for your first time!!it made me a bit angry not hating

  19. The rybka twins: she made sure that she found a place that is very safe

    Owner: he was lesson horse since 3. Doesn't make them wear helmets AND let's them canter on their FIRST lesson


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