Adam’s Review-Head V Shape V8 Skis

Adam’s Review-Head V Shape V8 Skis

Hi I’m Adam and I was just skiing on the new Head V-Shape V8. I found this ski to be a great ski for that strong intermediate all the way up to expert level carver. 75mm under foot this thing is extremely edgy, extremely quick. With Heads LightTech technology, it really makes you feel like you have nothing on your feet until you really pick up a good clip of speed and just engage it into a turn. Very smooth if you want a good carving ski at a great value this is an awesome option for you.

2 thoughts on “Adam’s Review-Head V Shape V8 Skis

  1. Hi adam. Pretty interested in this ski. But i use a pr of scarpa freedom 120 sl a/t boots. So probably do not fit this (alpine) binding? Think i require WTR (or obviously, A/T bindings)? Also………i have cants placed under the bindings of my 2 prs of (flat) skis. Would like to do the same here, but probably no go, huh? System/track binding, eh?

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