Adaptive Horse Riding : Adaptive Horse Riding: Horse Temperament

Adaptive Horse Riding : Adaptive Horse Riding: Horse Temperament

My nae is Raeshell Sorensen. I am the Equestrian
Program Manager here at the National Ability Center. I want to tell you a little bit about
the horses that we have here. This horse here is named Rebecca Dill. She is a Norwegian
Short and the thing that makes her fabulous is her breed specifically is great for therapeutic
riding and they have a very calm nature, they’re intelligent and well behaved and they like
people. What we look for in a therapeutic horse is a horse who has a good temperament
who is not easily spooked or easily flustered, a horse who has training and knows how to
respond to rider’s aids, a horse who is generally very patient and doesn’t have any major vices,
that doesn’t bite or buck or rear or do anything like that. Generally we have middle aged to
older horses but we do have a couple younger horses on staff a six year old and a seven
year old who are fabulous. The oldest horse we have right now is 24 who was a national
champion at one point and she is a wonderful therapy horse. Our horses generally understand
what they are doing. Some horses will get on as instructors and they will be very spunky
and excited but the second we put one of our riders on them they are calm and know their
job and they’ll behave in an appropriate manner to be safe for our riders. All of our horses
go through a 30 to 60 day trial period before they are introduced into lessons and during
that time we are also riding and testing them.

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  1. Its not about how many times you've rode..Its that you have the knowledge and the money to care for a horse properly

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