ADLEY LEARNS TO RIDE A BIKE!! What we do Before Bedtime with the Family, and SPAGHETTI ๐Ÿ

ADLEY LEARNS TO RIDE A BIKE!! What we do Before Bedtime with the Family, and SPAGHETTI ๐Ÿ

– Do you want princesses or mermaid? – Mermaid. – Deal. Do you know how to do it? – Yep! Will you hold my toothbrush? – Yes ma’am. Oh, that’s a lot! – (screams) – It’s gonna fall off. – Go for it! It’s all sticky! This is super important! Guess what? We’re starting this vlog off right. I’ve got something really
cool to show you guys! Look at this little girl! – Hi Dad! – What, show ’em what you
can do! That’s her new bike. – And watch this! – [Shaun] What? No feet? You can just balance? Adley, that’s so cool! Oh yeah, how did you learn
to ride your bike like that? – You taught me. – [Shaun] Yeah, you’re doing so good. Oh yeah, this is like Niko’s
favorite thing in the world, walking by sprinklers. – [Jenny] Yeah! – [Shaun] Aw, yeah! Are you coming, crazy? Go in the sprinklers! – (screams) – [Jenny] Gotta bath now. – [Shaun] (laughs) Hey, did you like that? How’s your day been, bud? What’s you guys been up to today, babe? – Lots of cleaning. – [Shaun] Niko, who you calling? – Hello. – My Barbie Jeep can ride in the grass. – [Shaun] All right, lets roll. Yeah, do you think your
bike can ride in the grass? – No, it can. – [Shaun] Try it. I bet it can. What? – Whoa. – [Shaun] Is there anything in there? – This is not our mail. – [Shaun] Do you know which ones ours? – No. – Me either, it’s okay. Only Mom knows. Mom is the keeper of the mail. – I’m gonna open them. – [Shaun] Okay. – Two, three, four, five, six, seven. – [Jenny] That’s it. – Seven. – [Jenny] There you go. – [Shaun] Good job. Did we get anything good? – We got another key! – [Shaun] What does that mean? – We got a package. – [Shaun] Can we un-box it? And punch it? – What number is that on there? – A. – That’s not a number. – Yep, go find the letter “A.” – [Shaun] The letter “A.” – [Adley] Found it! – [Shaun] I don’t see any letters “A’s.” – [Jenny] Yeah, letter “A.” – [Shaun] Oh, right there? I didn’t know the Sharpie marker counted. – (laughs) Wow, haven’t
gotten the mail in a while. – [Shaun] Family
excursion to get the mail. – Is this the right way? – [Shaun] Yeah, good job. – Is this the right way? – [Jenny] Yes. – [Shaun] She asks you as if I don’t know. – I know. (laughs) – I love that. – Whoa it’s a box. – [Shaun] A mystery box. – Don’t drop it. – [Shaun] Do you know what it is? – Yeah, just don’t drop it. – It’s light bulbs. – [Shaun] Wait, how do you guys know what’s in this box and not me? My family is better at
mail time than I am. I’m good at mail time
at the space station, not at the house. – Oh, you have shoes in there. It won’t fit.
– [Shaun] Take the shoes out. Take this Red Bull out. – Okay, Niko don’t let that fall. – Good job, you transport that mail. Woo! I kind of like this. Starting a vlog at the end of the day. What if we just bust out
a whole vlog tonight? I’m having fun. What? That’s a wild one. Look, she’s still going! Holy cow! Hey, mister what are you doing? – [Jenny] Oh wait, we’ve got
to go through the sprinklers. – [Shaun] Oh yeah, why are
we not going through the Babe, I double dog dare you. Everyone will thumbs up
this video if you do it. Run through the sprinklers
with Niko in the grass. – Look at how much I’m carrying. – [Shaun] I’ll carry it for ya. – No, you do it. – [Shaun] Will you double dog dare me? – I double dog dare you
for likes on the video. – [Shaun] Deal. – [Shaun] Don’t get my light bulbs wet. – Yeah, we should probably
take these light bulbs out. Hey, no shields. (screams) Go Niko, go! – [Jenny] You like that don’t you? – [Shaun] That was the
most intense sprinkler trip we’ve ever done, huh Niko? Do you what to go back? – [Jenny] He likes the sprinklers. – [Shaun] We made it. What should we do now? – Lets eat spaghetti. – [Shaun] Okay. – [Adley] Daddy! – What? – Show my teepee. – [Shaun] What? – Lets show my teepee. – [Shaun] Oh, those are cool
glasses. Let me see ’em. – Can you let me take me helmet off? – [Shaun] I like that you wear a helmet. That’s smart so you’re safe, huh? – I like wearing helmets
so I don’t get hurt.” – [Shaun] Do you need help? – No, I got it. I need help. Thank you. These are not glasses. They’re goggles. – [Shaun] What’s better
glasses or goggles? – Goggles are better ’cause if you swim, you can do the goggles. Swim, swim! I want to show them my teepee. – [Shaun] ‘kay, lets show ’em your teepee. They probably remember it. – [Shaun] Adley, hey, what are you doing? – [Adley] Trying to get out. – [Shaun] Is that your tent? – I think the vlog does not remember that. – [Shaun] Should we go show ’em. – Yeah.
– [Shaun] And then we’ll eat. What are we eating? – Spaghetti! – Yeah! Welcome to our evening routine vlog. Everything that happens
in the evening after work. I think that’s it. – This is my teepee. – [Shaun] Oh yeah! Welcome to the- Knock, knock, knock. – Come in. – [Shaun] Hi. – Guess what. – [Man] Whoa, its so cool in here. – I have a Hatchimal. – [Shaun] That’s where
your Hatchimals live? – Yeah, this is where
all my Hatchimals live. – [Shaun] This is a pretty cool fort. – Yeah, and I have a
little twinklet special. (toy music plays) – [Shaun] And then you shake it. – This is my special thing. – [Shaun] Yeah, do you
remember who gave that to you? – Yeah, Grandma Donit. – [Shaun] Grandma Donit,
the Donit Grandma. – Yeah. – My grandma bear, my Grandma
McBride gave that to her, like, a week before she passed away. – [Adley] And there’s a
ladybug on it. (soothing music) – There’s a ladybug on it. – There is. And she always keeps it in her room, and she says it’s her special toy. And she keeps it on the top shelf. And only plays with it for special things. – Yeah. – [Shaun] That’s cute you
brought it in your fort. Should we put it back so its safe? – Yep. – [Shaun] I’ll put it up here
so we can be careful with it. There we go. Hey, what are you doing. – Dad, watch this. This is funny. – [Shaun] What? Hey, you hooked his arm. – (laughs) – He’s going to jail. – [Shaun] (wails) – Lets build Niko a jail. – [Shaun] A jail? Hey, he’s escaping! Where you going? Oh, he wants to go to the toy room I bet. – Yeah, he does. – [Shaun] Do you know how
to go down the stairs, bud? Careful. Oh, that’s a bad idea. Niko, you gotta crawl
down the stairs, buddy. You can’t just face plant. Adley, your fort is a disaster. Its all destroyed. – It’s okay.
– That was a fun fort though. Vlog, I know that we used to
skateboard and hover board and do all this stuff and know we kind of just
hang out with the family, but that’s kind of what I do now. I just work a lot and then
hang out with the family. – Do you like my pretty dress?
– I love your pretty dress. – Dad, watch this. – [Shaun] What, good job. – Dad, watch this, I can jump
on this to the trampoline. – [Shaun] I don’t know
about that. I’m nervous. Be careful. What? That’s pretty cool. Hey, Niko, I want a pancake. – Coming! – [Shaun] Oh, thank you! This looks so yummy. – I know what we should do. – [Shaun] What? – I don’t know. – (laughs) Me either. It’s almost dinner time then bed time. What should we do? Do you got any ideas? We read your guys’ comments all the time. So, always comment good
ideas, stuff we should do. We want to go to the zoo soon. Adley, do you want to go to
the zoo and see the animals? – Yeah! – [Shaun] Me too. Should we do that soon? – Yeah. – Deal. Oh no, my hand, it won’t stop. (screams) Hi. (laughs loudly) – I won’t stop laughing. – [Shaun] Oh no, my hand, oh no. It’s going in again. Oh no, oh no, oh no. Hi, Niko. Can I have some butter? Brandon’s calling. Bye Brandon. – Hi, Brandon. – [Shaun] Say it closer. – [Brandon] Hi, Adley. – Hi, Brandon. – [Shaun] Good job. – [Brandon] Hi, Adley what are you doing – We’re playing in the toy room. – [Brandon] Oh, my gosh that
sounds like so much fun. – Brandon, guess what. – [Brandon] What? – My Daddy’s filming and he’s talking you on
the vlog too Brandon. – [Shaun] Guess what I’m gonna do with the vlog when we’re done. – What? – [Shaun] I’m gonna go give it to Brandon. – (laughs) – [Shaun] Anyways, why’d you call? (laughs) what’s your question? – [Brandon] I was just wondering
if you filmed a vlog toady. – Yeah, actually did. We started right now. I almost didn’t film a vlog today, and then Adley learned
how to ride her bike! So we did film a vlog. – [Brandon] What, that’s awesome! – I know. And we got a
cool title and thumbnail ’cause Adley learned to ride a bike. Adley, should that be the
picture for the video, you riding your bike? – Thanks for watching bye. – [Shaun] What? You can’t end it. She just tried to end the vlog. – Can you ride a bike Brandon? – [Brandon] I can ride a bike. – Brandon rode his bike in the parade. Do you remember that? – Yeah. – You’re gonna edit yourself. Is that weird? (gasps) Niko! See you later man. Niko’s escaping. Bye. – [Brandon] Bye. – Where you going? Lets see if he knows how to
go down the stairs by himself. You got this. Oh yeah, flip around. Good style. Perfect strategy. A little slow, but that’s okay. What are you distracted by? Some chocolate chips. That’s a hazard while
you’re on the stairs. Lets go. (upbeat music) You made it. Oh, hi vlog. That’s us. That’s your shadow this is my shadow. That’s Niko that’s Adley. Hey, give him his chocolate chips. He made it. – Okay, you only get to eat one. – Vlog, we have spaghetti. – Yeah, we got spaghetti. – Dad, watch how fast I can eat my dinner. – You got sauce all over your face. Sauce kiss. (laughs) Kind of late dinner ’cause we
went for a walk, got the mail, started randomly filming
a best day ever vlog. So now it’s just dinnertime
and then bedtime, huh? – Yeah. – Wait, where’s Niko and Mom? – Inside. – Yeah, I think Niko’s going to bed. We kind of missed his bedtime routine, but it’s pretty boring. He just does baby stuff. What’s Niko’s routine
before he goes to bed? – Get his jammies on and then go to bed. And eat a bottle. – Do you know how to slurp one like this? – I can do that. – Lets see it. – [Shaun] Slurp it. Whoa, that was a good slurp. Is there anything else? – Some of my spaghetti
fell out of my bowl. – I got an idea. We’ll put it under the
porch for the snake. Here, snakey, snakey. – Let me. We saw a snake under our porch. – Do you guys remember that? Was it like the very beginning
of one of the videos. – [Woman] Right here,
I’m gonna send it to him. – Ah, it’s sticky. – [Shaun] Get under that for the snake. Doesn’t work. (laughs) Why doesn’t that work? – I know. I’ll bite it little, so
the snake can eat it. – [Shaun] Good idea. Here you go, snakey. Go down there. Yeah! What do you wanna do? – I wanna try some of your spaghetti. – I wanna try some of your spaghetti. Yours has lots of sauce. – Yeah. – Should we do your bedtime routine now? Number one, we got to wash your face. Look how messy your face is. – ‘Kay. – What else do we want to
do for your bedtime routine? – I need to take a bath tonight. – Spaghetti monster. – And we have to brush my teeth. – All right. Should we go get ready for bed? I’m done with my spaghetti. – I’m not. – That is a lot of sauce. You are the sauce queen. Lets go wash your face, come on. – No, let me do something to the vlog. – Ew, a sauce kiss. (groans) All right, now it’s bedtime stinker. Lets go. No wait. No, don’t sauce me! Don’t sauce me! No saucing! No. Whoa, what happened? – I’m okay. (laughs) – [Shaun] ‘kay lets go
inside and get ready. And that’s what’s it like to have a three year old, almost four. – Ah! – Sh, Niko’s sleeping. Do you know how to brush your teeth? – Yeah. – What do we do first? – Toothpaste! – Exactly. Do you want princesses or mermaid? – Mermaid. – Deal. Do you know how to do it? – Yep. Will you hold my toothbrush? – Yes, ma’am. Whoa, that’s a lot. She has an electric toothbrush, guys. Here. – (screams) – (screams) It’s gonna fall off. Go for it. Its all sticky. Hey, you still got spaghetti
on your face, stinker. Tongue. Rinse. Good job. – Water cup. – That’s Adley’s little water cup. Are we all the way ready for bed? – I think so. – Okay, should we end the vlog? – Yes! – Yes. I’ll go give it to Brandon, okay. – Yeah. Brandon’s gonna have to
make the vlog all day, but it’s bedtime. – I know it’s bedtime. And he’s gonna have to the vlog all night ’cause we filmed it so late, huh? – Yeah! – (screams) – It’s gonna be so funny. – Thanks for watching
our nighttime routine and spending the night with our family ’cause it was so fun. And Adley learned how to
ride her bike by herself. Can you teach these guys how
to ride a bike by yourself? – Hold on to the handles. – ‘kay. – And move my feet up by my ankle. – Like this? – Yeah. – That’s pretty cool. So, if any of you kids want
to learn how to ride a bike, you should do it because it’s pretty easy. Adley figured it out, huh? You just got to be brave. And sometimes do you fall, but
then you just try it again? – Yup. Lets go to bed. Bye vlog. – We never ended the vlog.
Do you want to do it or me? – Me. – How ’bout both of us? Here, you do half your hand
and I’ll do half my hand. – Thanks for watching. Bye. (upbeat music) – Brandon we’re not really going to sleep. – We’re gonna stay up and play games. – Yeah, and then we’re going to sleep.

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