ADLEY LEARNS TO ROLLER SKATE!! Daddy Daughter date at an ultimate indoor playground!

– Those are so cool! (upbeat music) Careful, whoa. (screams) Careful! (screams) This is gonna be crazy! – [Adley] Gonna have to crawl. – [Dad] You’re gonna have to crawl? (booms) (upbeat music)
(screams) How come you keep doing the splits? – [Both] Nobody’s home! – Welcome to the best. – [Both] Best day ever! – Adley Dadley edition, because
it’s just me and Adley here. – Saw mom leave. – There she goes. Bye mom! – Bye mom! – Where’s mom going? – She’s going to eat with her sisters! – Her sister, so we’re home alone so we can do whatever we want. Daddy Adley, Adley Daddy– (babbling) That’s our song. (gasps) And, we don’t have to be quiet ’cause Nico’s not asleep. – Have the best day ever! – That’s way loud! Listen to mine, Nico’s not asleep! Was that loud? – [Adley] Yeah. – ‘Kay, we can do whatever you wanna do, what do you wanna do? – Go jump on our beds and
think what we want to do. – Let’s go!
– Let’s go to your bed! – [Dad] My bed!? – [Adley] Yeah! – [Dad] Ooh that’s the really bouncy one, let’s do it! – [Adley] First have to
take your blankets off! – [Dad] (groans) Let’s
take the blankets off. – Yay, I got my blanket! – [Dad] Oh, that’s your
blanket ’cause you came and got in our bed at seven
o’clock this morning huh? – Let’s put my blanket right there so no one poops on it. (laughing) (grunts) I can jump the highest. (grunts) (laughs) – Hi vloggy. – We’re gonna think and close our eyes what we’re gonna do today. – ‘Kay, let’s close our eyes and think. One, two, three. (whooshing) – I thunk! – (gasps) I got an idea. – I did, I did! – No no I got an idea. – No I–
– No I got an idea. – First let me tell it. Let’s go to Rush. – Rush!?
– Yeah. – You love Rush. Actually, I don’t think you
have ever done rollerskating. You know what rollerskating is? – Yeah. – What’s rollerskating? – Where we skate like this, I’ll show you. (upbeat music) – [Dad] Ooh like that? That’s rollerskating? – Yeah. Spacestation Gaming! – You’re our biggest fan Adley. I think we’re gonna do– (screams) I think we’re gonna do rollerskating! (screams) Should we go? – Yeah. – We’re outta here. We’re at Rush. – Here dad, love you. – [Dad] Aw, thank you, is that a flower? – Yeah this one’s for mom, make sure we give it when we’re home. – [Dad] That’s so nice of you, ‘kay. – This one’s mine, I have a super big one. – [Dad] Look where we’re at. (chattering) – Whoa, Rush. – [Dad] Are you excited? – I thought we’re at a
place to get cookies. – [Dad] No way, we’re at Rush. Princesses first. – We’re gonna have to take our shoes off. – Yeah, this is fun. Have you ever seen rollerskates before? – [Adley] No. – [Dad] Look, those are
what rollerskates look like. – [Adley] Where are the little sizes? – We gotta ask ’em, come here. Adley. Hi, we need rollarskates,
what size foot are you? Let me see your shoe. (pops) Size nine? Those are so cool! (upbeat music) Oh yeah! Careful, whoa, whoa. (screams) Careful, what are you doing? You’re doing good. (screams) Splits! (upbeat music) (screams) What are you doing!? (laughs) This is gonna be crazy. – [Adley] Gonna have to crawl. – You’re gonna have to crawl? (upbeat music) (screams) How come you keep doing the splits? Let me give you a tutorial. I’ll be your coach, okay? Call me coach Shonduras. – Okay. – What’s my name? – Coach Shonduras. – I like that, ‘kay. (smacks)
Whoa! (laughs) You have to glide on your
feet like this, watch. (whooshes) Glide, yeah. ‘Kay ready? (upbeat music) – But these are too hard, we’re gonna do it on the carpet. – It is pretty hard. (upbeat music) What!? This is fun. I like hanging out with Adley. Kinda crazy, but even though I’m her dad I kinda just feel like her friend. When we get together we just have fun and hang out, y’know? I guess that’s what dads
and daughters should do. (humming) (yelling) (laughs) – Pass mew the vloggy! – [Dad] Here it comes! (softly thuds) – Jump in daddy! (charge up music) Bounce houses instead. – ‘Kay. Bounce houses time. (grunts) (springing) – [Adley] Jasmine princesses! – We’re in the bounce house. (upbeat music) (cheering) – [Adley] Let’s play in the barn now! – [Employee] No adults in bounce houses. – [Dad] Oh okay, I’m not an adult. (laughing) People confusing me with
an adult, silly people. – [Adley] Let’s ride a doggy! – [Dad] You can’t ride that! (laughs) – [Adley] Horsey, let’s ride the horsey! – [Dad] Whoa! (employee mumbling) I’m not playing in it,
I’m just filming her. – [Employee] All right,
could you do it like, beside it or something I just. You can’t have people vlogging in here. – I’ve filmed in here a
whole bunch, but okay. Looks like I’m being kicked
out for the first time. – Wait, that’s not right. – [Dad] I gotta film this from our here. – Why? – ‘Cause they won’t let me in! They said I’m a big kid. – I’m a big kid too! – [Dad] Well then you gotta get out, you can’t play in there
if you’re a big kid! – I’m a big kid little kid! – Oh, she’s a big kid little kid, got it. Okay where we going now? – To race cars. – [Dad] Hey, you’re tricky. – Hey. – Hey, wrong way. (screams) We lost her. I got your shoes! Are you trapped forever? I’ll help you. (upbeat music) – [Adley] Here’s the vlog dad. (thuds)
(yells) – That was Adley’s first camera toss. Good luck. (upbeat music) (crashes) (laughs) (upbeat music) (crashes) (screams) Adley! This is ginormous. (clicking) Good luck. Whoa! (upbeat music) Adley! (yelling) (upbeat music) Wait, what, we’re doing it again!? Oh boy. We’re going again, wish us luck. (upbeat music) (groaning) Adley, crazy ice cream. – [Adley] I want this one. – Okay, can we get some of
the cool beads ice cream? – [Both] Thank you. – [Employee] You’re welcome. – Don’t let it spill. – And it has cookies and a little spoon! Look at that little spoon! Look, little dots. – Dad. – Yummy, that was really good. Do you wanna try mine? Pretty yummy, just try the pink. What do you think? – Yummy.
– Okay now just try the yellow. – Yummy. – What’s better, yellow or pink? – Try the white instead. – Oh you wanna try the white? – Vanilla. – Okay here’s vanilla. What do you think? – Yummy. – What’s your favorite,
pink, or yellow or vanilla? – All of the colors. – All of the colors mixed like this. – Look at my tongue. – Look at mine. – Nice colors. (slaps) – I’m on top. (slaps) – I’m on top.
– On top. (slaps)
– I’m on top. – No I am. – I am.
(slapping) Ooh, we almost spilled it. – I wanna see a little baby ice cream, we have baby spoons. – Cheers. (clanks) Do you know what was awesome? Today was awesome, that was
a lot of fun with Adley. She loves that place and I
love going there with her. I half love it ’cause I have a lot of fun and I half love it ’cause
I just like to watch her have a lot of fun,
you know what I’m saying? Wait, you do know what I’m saying because you watch the videos because it’s a lot of fun to watch, you know what I mean? She loves life, it’s fun. Anyways, you know what else? I don’t like packing, and that’s what I’m doing right now. I kinda wish there was
just a packing service that would just pack your bags, or already packed luggage and you just go to the airport and just five days please, and you just grab a piece of luggage that has five days worth of clothes in it and it’s just recyclable or something, that’s a good invention,
someone do that some day. You guys are so far away. Hey, hi. Spacestation Gaming socks. I just want some black socks, is that too much to ask for? Pro-tip, life is so busy. We’re working, we’re having having fun, we’re filming videos,
there’s just so much going on that when I travel that’s
a little bit of me time. You know what I mean, like on the airplane and stuff like that? You know what, we’ll just go green. Anyways, me time, on the airplane, I like to learn, I like to be inspired and motivated by other people who have experienced stuff
because school’s great and you can be taught stuff and learn, but now that I’m older and I’ve experienced stuff and I’ve failed and I’ve messed up and I’ve had to make hard decisions, I just feel like through all of that I’ve learned a lot. So one of the ways that I
really like to learn nowadays is through other peoples’ experiences and the way I do that
is through audiobooks. I have a long list. Tim Ferris, Gary V himself,
a bunch of those guys, right? And traveling is finally my
opportunity to do all that. I always listen to a ton of audiobooks when I’m on airplanes and what not. That is my pro tip and recommendation, and might I also recommend you guys use who I’m using because I really enjoy their
services, it’s Audible. So I have the, where’s my phone, I have the app right here,
that you guys gotta get. Right, oh, oh, that’s Gary
V’s “Crushing It” book, see. Listen to the Audibile book
“Crushing It” by Gary V because I’m in that book. I’m in Audible! Holy crap, that’s, never
made that co-relation before. Download Audible, check it out, that is how I’ve been listening to all my audio books lately. And I can honestly say it’s given me a lot of good direction. And ultimately it just feels
like a good use of my time ’cause it’s something that I enjoy and I feel like I learn from it and I’m traveling this evening in an airplane anyway so
why don’t I do it, right? That’s my pro-tip for you guys. Apart from that, get over here, and some of my socks. My socks that none of them are black. – So salty. – And I mean you don’t
have to be on an airplane, that’s just where I always am. If you’re on a train or
a bus on the way to work, or in your car, wherever, as long as you have your cellphone, you can be listening to Audible. So I recommend you try it out, listen to one good audiobook that you think will improve your life. Make you have best days
ever, that kinda stuff, and give it a shot. Tell me what you think. Leave a comment. Actually, let’s do this. Leave a comment with an audiobook you think I should listen to, and I will also leave
a comment in this video of an audiobook that I
think you should listen to. Yup, let’s do that, it’s
official, we’re doing it. Audible, sponsored this video, thank you Audible I’ve been
using you guys for a while, this is a perfect friendship,
let’s keep it going. They’ve given me a code, a specific link, if you guys click that you
can get 30 day free trial and all that good stuff. Confirmed, we’re doing it, check the link in the description. Leave me a comment with an
audio book I should listen to, have the best day ever today
for the rest of the day. If it’s the end of the
day that’s cheating, have the best tomorrow
ever, ‘kay, bye guys. Actually, maybe I’m gonna
bring you guys with me. This could be a lotta fun. I don’t know, but I’ll
bring the vlog just in case. (rustling) (upbeat music) We’re at Rush. – Here dad, love you.

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