Adley rides BABY SPIRIT the horse!! Family day play with farm animals!

Adley rides BABY SPIRIT the horse!! Family day play with farm animals!

(high energy cheerful music) (high energy cheerful music) – Hi, vlog! Hi, vlog! (Dad laughs ) – [Dad] I’m so excited for you, Adley! Woooooo! Awww. (Dad makes a series of fun sounds) (kissing sound) I’m gonna miss you so much! (kissing sound) – We’ll have fun! – [Dad] You will have fun! (Niko laughing) – [Dad] Hi, buddy! Good morning! What are you girls doing? – We’re trying to go on the airplane! – [Dad] You’re trying
to go on the airplane? What are you doing? (Dad laughs)
(baby makes frustrated sound) – Now fold it this way. – [Dad] Niko, let’s look
at your cool pajamas. Oh, are those Mario pajamas? (sound effect of Mario saying “Hello!”) (Niko laughs) That’s pretty cool. – He loves the blog. – [Dad] Why you love the blog so much? Ooh, good job, Adley. Are those all the pajamas that you’re gonna take? – She loves her jammies. – I think she’s taking more
pajamas than actual clothes. Niko, hello! You’re climbing dad! They’re packing. Should
we go watch them pack? Come on, Niko! (Niko squealing loudly) – [Mom] Alright. You’ve
got socks, underwear, pants, jammies, her bear suit. (Mom laughs) – [Dad] You’re bringing your bear suit? – Yeah, and my jumpsuit! – [Dad] And your jumpsuit? And shoes, and clothes, and makeup! Did you pack stuff for Niko? – I’m getting to it. – Niko, no, no, no. – [Mom] Okay, Niko-bear… (kids giggle and squeal) – [Dad] Adley, where are
you going on the airplane? – To Dylan’s house. – [Dad] To Dylan’s house? – No, no, no!
And Niko’s goin’? – Niko’s trying to get
all my mommy’s stuff. – [Dad] Babe, how long
are you gonna be gone? – [Adley] I block him. – Like six days. – [Dad] Six days?! – [Mom] Yeah… – [Dad] Holy cow, I’m gonna
miss you SO much Adley! Are you gonna miss me?
Are you gonna miss me? Gonna miss me? – Ooh, Adley! We need a swimsuit. Go grab one! (Niko cooing in the background) – [Dad] Niko’s gonna miss me, look. Hi, buddy… – Swimsuit, buddy. – [Dad] That is the cutest
– Isn’t that cute? swimsuit in the whole world! Oh my gosh, I can’t wait
to see you wear that. Babe, you gotta be vlogging 24/7. I’m gonna miss you guys. – Oh my gosh. This is gonna be crazy. – These guys are getting
on an airplane, without me. It’s gonna be crazy. You
better be a good kiddo. (Niko laughs) What are you bringing? – My hedgehog! – [Dad] Oh, good idea. You better hide it in here, hurry. (whispering) Good job. – (whispering) Hurry, hide it. – [Dad] Okay. And Adley’s
bringing her hedgehog. (sound of head hitting camera) Ow! (Adley giggles) Hey, you hit the blog! What’re you gonna do while you’re there? – I’m gonna go play with toys at there. (Niko starts fussing) – [Dad] That’ll be so fun. – I forgot to grab a swimsuit! – [Dad] Oh, yeah? Hi. Are you just trolling, buddy? (baby and Dad grunt) Aah! He’s attacking me! Boop! (video game sound effect) Mushroom. (Dad makes funny tickling sound effect) (Dad repeats the word “boop”) – How’m I gonna fit all
his diapers in here? – [Dad] I don’t know.
– Oh man… – [Dad] Babe, how’re you gonna
survive on this airplane? (Mom coughs) (laughs) She’s already stressing! Alright, well, I better help start getting ready and stuff. – Dad, guess what? – [Dad] What? – I got a swimsuit, and a hat and glasses. – [Dad] That is SO cute.
Let me see them on. I want to see the glasses on. – Hair’s in my eyes… – [Dad] Oh yeah, you are gonna be rockin’! – Look at the ceiling… (Mom and Dad laugh) That’s pretty cool. – Okay, please take
these kids for breakfast so I can finish. – [Dad] Deal. – [Adley] Are you ready, daddy? – Yeah. – You got me new headphones!? – Yeah! – Guys, look at Adley’s new headphones. They are yellow and pink. (Niko fusses) – Niko’s trying to push me off! – Because you’re sitting on him! Don’t sit on him! – I want to sing! La la la… (laughs) – Getcha some puffs while I get you some baby food. (Niko vocalizes excitedly) Enjoy! Do you want some sauce with those puffs? (Niko vocalizes excitedly) Oh, are you excited? You look excited. (makes eating sound effect) Oh, you love this. What are
we doing for breakfast here? Apple, pear, mango, rice? Wow. – (clicks tongue) Nice. – That’s so yummy. What do you guys think? Should I try it? – [Adley] Dad, can you
eat something not big? – It’s not gross. It just
tastes like weird applesauce. A rice-y applesauce. (airplane sound effect, laughs) I am so mean. Come on, big bite, Niko. Look how big this bite
is! Can you handle this? This is a big bite, let’s go! (crickets chirping) You gave up right when
I got you a big bite? It’s a big bite! Look. Good job, buddy. Are you getting your backpack ready? Let’s try a delicacy. (ding) Applesauce with a puff on top. (Niko makes more excited baby noises) That pretty good? Hey, the puff’s still
there. How’d you do that? I’m so confused. Replay the footage? How did that happen? (loud chomping sound effect) (blip) (playful eating sounds) You gotta have a full
belly for the airplane. Do you wanna feed yourself?
Here, I’ll teach ya. Hold this… Yep. And
then put it in your mouth. Good job! Look at you, you’re a big kid. Good job! Then you drop it right
here and I fill it back up and we put it back in your hand. Good job! (clapping) Then you drop it and I’ll fill it back up. Oh, man. We got a routine going. Niko’s eating routine. That’s what this vlog’s called. Good job! Double bite? Oh yeah. – My Legos are going on our plane with us. – Your Legos? (laughs) Look at this.
Where are you putting those? – The dolphin’s coming, and Ariel coming and Belle’s coming. – [Dad] Okay. (casual wordless noises) (Dad laughs) – Mama’s gonna have such a fun time getting through security. Wait, what’s in the zipper? Toys? Legos? Collette, babe, I’m sorry. Alright, let’s keep feeding you. Here, the vlog can feed Niko.
– [Adley] I need 12 seconds! This is what it’s like to feed Niko. (Dad hums upbeat version
of shark attack song) – [Adley] This is too big,
see? See! It’s too big! (Dad makes funny eating sound) – See? – [Dad] Yeah, don’t bring
that book. It’s too big. Do you have everything? – I hope so. – [Dad] How nervous are you? On a scale of 1 to panic, where you at? – Panic. – [Dad] (laughs) Panic? – Overload. – [Dad] Niko, how are
you? Are you excited? Adley, you’re going on an airplane. Do you know what that
means? You have to bring me a surprise home. – Yeah, which surprise do you want? – [Dad] Um, maybe a toy? – Okay. – Okay, I’ll sit back here with you guys. We’re going to get Jenny’s mom right now because she’s going with them. Luckily, Jenny’s not traveling
alone. Her mama’s going. Huh? Who’s going with ya? – Grandma Jo! – [Dad] Grandma Jo’s
coming? That’ll be fun. You guys are gonna have a blast. I’m gonna miss you so much! – Dad, where’d the ball go? – [Dad] Where’s the ball, let me see… Is it… in there? (laughs) I got it. Adley, you better
– Dad, catch! call me on the phone a LOT. – Yeah. – [Dad] You will? – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay. And I’ll
take care of the dogs. – Dad. – [Dad] What?
– Watch out. (sound of ball hitting camera) (Dad screams jokingly then laughs) – It fell on Niko! Gimme it! (Niko growls) – [Dad] No, he’s trying to eat it! Chaos! This is what the airplane’s
gonna be like but times ten. What’re you gonna do
on the airplane, Adley? – (laughs) Nothing. – [Dad] Nothing? Are you gonna get a
picture with the pilot? – No. – [Dad] Yeah, you gotta go take a picture like daddy always does. – [Mom] You don’t got time for that. – [Dad] You don’t got time for that? – Ain’t nobody got time for that! – I see our airplane! – [Dad] Yep, we’re getting close! – [Mom] Are you excited? – Yeah! Yeah. – [Dad] Niko’s asleep.
Mom’s getting more and more nervous as she
realizes what she’s actually about to do. – I know. – [Dad] You’ve got a
sidekick though, babe. This is Jenny’s mom. She’s gonna be the trusty sidekick. You guys each have to tackle one kid. – Together? – They’re on a small
airplane so there’s just two seats, so, like, I
don’t know how that’s gonna work, but good luck. (laughs) (cheerful upbeat music) (cheerful upbeat music) – Hi, vlog! Hi, vlog! (Dad laughs) – [Dad] I’m so excited for you, Adley! Woooo! Awww. (Dad makes a series of fun sounds) (kissing sound) (Niko cooing) – Mmm, I’m gonna miss you so much. (kissing sound) – We’ll have fun. – [Dad] You will have fun! (bright, high energy music) (crowd muttering in the background) – [Mom] Good job. (bright, high energy music) – [Mom] Good job, Adley. (bright, high energy music) (no dialogue) (airplane engine in background) – [Mom] It’s your first
flight! Yay! (laughs) (bright, high energy music) (Niko and Adley crying) – [Mom] What’s wrong? – [Mom] You didn’t get a window? (music over sound of plane
engine and gum chewing) (loud plane engine, Niko cooing) – (gasps) He said hi! (busy supermarket in background) – First thing you gotta
do when the family leaves? Go shopping for stuff that you wanna eat. I got cereal, all this
stuff to make me healthy because I was sick, and that for energy so I can stay up late and work. And… kind of healthy drinks, and kinda healthy snacks and stuff. My grandma always used to
have these so I got ’em. And then diet drinks,
cuz… I drink diet now. I know I tell you guys that a lot, it’s just really depressing, so I always talk about it. And! New cereals. Look, donut cereal, PopTart cereal. I know, you’re gonna be like, ‘Sean, you’re trying to eat healthy, but you’re eating sugary cereals?’ It’s okay! That’s like my cheat thing. I eat healthy in the whole world except for cereal. Got it? Got it. (dinging of cash register,
crowd in background) (Adley saying something unintelligible) – [Mom] We’re here, Adley! Where are we? – We’re at the farmer’s! – [Mom] Yeah!
– [Adley] Yeah! – [Mom] Hi, Dylan!
– Puppy day! (Niko laughing)
– [Mom] Hi, Niko-bear! – Let me go! Let me- – [Mom] You excited to see some animals? – Yeah. (crowd bustling in background) – [Dylan] Hey, did you see- – [Mom] Look, there’s a chicken! Do you think he looks like tall chicken? – That is a fat chicken. – [Mom] A fat chicken. Okay. Hi, fat chicken. – What did you call me? – Put your hand out flat. – [Dylan] Ready, Adley? – Yeah, like that. Flat. – [Mom] (giggling) Did he get you? (Adley giggling) (wind gusts)
Grandma Jo’s worried her finger’s gonna get bitten off. (everyone laughs) – [Woman] You petting the goat? (loud wind gusting) – Mom, let me through! – [Mom] Whoa, what is it? – An emu. (collective whoa) – [Adley] He’s just hiding. – [Kid] Look at that neck. Bendiment. – [Dylan] Oh my God. – [Adley] Who are you? – [Kid] Who are you?
(laughs) Good question. – [Mom] What’d you find? – (very quietly) A horse. (soft, upbeat music in background) – [Mom] A horse? Do you wanna ride him? – I wanna ride that little horse. (music gets louder) – [Mom] You wanna do the little one? – Yeah. – [Attendant] Hi, little
miss! Thank you so much. – [Mom] You excited? – [Attendant] Alright, Adley, we’re gonna go right here to Peter. You can say hi to him if you want, just like that. He’s super soft. 2, 3, jump! There you go. Alright. Are you ready?
– [Mom] Hold on tight! Say yeehaw! – There we go. (bright, upbeat music) (kids yelling overlaid with music) (Mom cheering overlaid with music) (water pump clanking, water splashing) (wind blowing, music still playing) – (laughs) This has been a pretty fun trip so far. We just came and conquered, pretty much. So. This was really fun. (kids laughing) – [Mom] Oh, they like me! – He stepped on my toe. – [Mom] Oh, did he? – [Kid] (laughs) Don’t go through there! – [Adley] (laughs) That one pooped! Don’t poop on me! – [Mom] He’s not gonna poop on you. – (laughs) That one’s sniffing at me! – [Mom] (laughs) Yeah. Hey, little lamb. Heeey. – [Background] They still
drink from a bottle. – [Mom] Oh, they’re nibbling me! Aah! Hiii, Niko. Are you relaxing? (Niko laughs quietly) Yeah. (laughs) (cheeping) (Adley squeals quietly, Mom laughs) (various people speaking over eachother) (cheeping) (Mom, blonde woman both laugh) – [Mom] He pooped on you! (laughs more) – Oh, it pooped! Ew! (Mom laughs) – [Mom] Oh, it’s a chicken! Yeah! Oh, he’s pecking at my
freckle. That’s funny. You got him! He’s nice, huh? (surprised laugh) (Adley coos at chick) What should we name him? – I think I’ll name him Baby Chick. – [Mom] Baby chick? Good name. – I love literal naming! – [Mom] Somebody’s finally asleep. Did you have so much fun, Adley? What was your favorite part? Holding the chicks?
– The baby goats. The baby goats! They were my favorite part too. They nibbled on my finger. What was your favorite part, Dillie? – Holding the baby chicks. – [Mom] Baby chicks? – My favorite part was
holding the baby chicks and the baby goats. – [Mom] That’s the best. That
was my favorite part too. And! Watching you ride a horse, a pony. That was awesome. Do you like Nevada so far? – Yeah. – Is Auntie Bear’s house fun? – Yep. – Yep. Alright. We’ll see ya later. – Yep. (bright, cheerful music) (airplane interior noise) – [Mom] Clip. (Windows error sound plays repeatedly)

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