Adleys FIRST DAY of School!! Meeting New Friends and My Teacher! (Morning Routine and Shoe Shopping)

(engine revving)
– Hi! – Hi! – We’re going to school! – Yeah! Emily! – [Shaun] First day of school, high five! – Shaun, Shaun.
– What? – Our first day of Hogwarts. (Shaun laughing) – [Shaun] Oh man, these kids are hyped. Go get ’em kids, graduate. – Dad, I don’t know how to clean this up, I only know how to clean the big pieces, not the little pieces. – Oh did it spill a little bit? You go like this. You put your hand right here. Scoop, Scoop, Scoop, Scoop. Boop. – Ah, what happened? Oh, yum. – Oh? – All gone. – All gone. – Cheers! – [Both] Cheers! Boop. – Okay, I can talk now. Hi guys. – Hi guys. – Good morning! – Good morning! – I’m home! Did you miss me? – Yeah, daddy. – And guess what? Adley has her first day of school today. So she’s wearing these. Do you wanna show ’em? – I’m still wearing my pajamas. (Shaun laughing) – Show ’em your hair, your crazy hair. Should we take them out? – Mm-hmm – Ooh, look, here’s one, it’s so curly. Here let me help you out.
– Ow! Can you take them out? – Yeah, yeah. – It’s hard getting this out. – Yeah, how do I get this out? – Spiderman cereal. This says it’s Spiderman’s
favorite cereal. – That is Spiderman’s favorite cereal? – Yeah, this is Spiderman’s
favorite cereal. – Cute, guys look at Adley’s school hair. (Shaun singing baby talk) – No, stop, let me look, I look weird. – No, mom will fix it. Adley, what is today? – My new school! – Her new school! It’s gonna be so cool,
why are you excited? – I like going to my new school. I have to bring my new toys there. – You have to bring your toys to school? – My new toys, I got from
the store, to school. And guess what, Dad? – What? – They have a farm there. – What!? Your school has a farm? – Mm-hmm. And a trampoline. (high intensity metal music) Dad, did you bring me a toy? – From the airplane? – Mm-hmm. – Maybe. – Can I see? Can I see it dad? – What do you think I brought? – I don’t know. – Every single time I go on the airplane, I bring Adley home a surprise
because I missed her so much. You and the vlog stay right here and wait. – I’ll close the vlog’s eyes. And my eyes. – [Shaun] Okay. – [Adley] Not lookin’. – [Shaun] Okay. Open you and the vlog’s eyes. – What is this? – [Shaun] It’s a little seal
with blue eyes like you, and it’s a bag. – What’s inside? (child mumbling a yell) Oh look! Somewhere right here it’s fuzzy. – [Shaun] Yeah. – Oh’ this can be my new backpack for the first day of school. – [Shaun] Maybe, like that? – Yeah, this is how you wear. Too big for me. I’m four and it’s too little. (Shaun laughing) – [Shaun] No, it’s perfect. Do you want me to make it bigger? – Yeah.
– Here, let me move this up. – And then it’s bigger! – [Shaun] Yeah, and does that feel better? – Better! – [Shaun] There’s a
heart where you open it. Guess why there’s a heart there? – Why? – [Shaun] ‘Cause I love you! Cute huh?
– This is a tag. (cricket’s chirping) I’m gonna bring my Chelsea to school. – [Shaun] That is a good idea, maybe. Hey, should we finish eating? And then we gotta get Niko. I haven’t seen Niko in forever. – Do you think Niko’s awake? – I don’t know. Let’s go check if Niko’s awake. – Deal, but we gotta be very
quiet so if he’s asleep, we don’t wake him up, okay? – Gonna be very quiet. – [Shaun] Hi puppies. – Good morning. – [Shaun] Hi, Niko. We’re gettin’ in. We’re gettin’ in, whoa! – [Niko] Get in. – [Shaun] Hi. – [Adley] We’re getting in. – [Shaun] We’re getting in. – Do you want a toy? (Niko is mumbling) Grab it. – [Shaun] Oh that was tricky. Body pile! Ahh! I missed you guys this trip. What did you and Niko do while I was gone? – Um, skateboarding. – You did skateboarding!? – On your skateboard. – You skateboarded on my
skateboard without me!? – Yeah. – You stinker! I love skateboarding. – I skateboarded on your
skateboard without you. – My skateboard? – Mm-hmm. – Stinker, that’s it, I’m gonna ride your bike today. – No. – Yes. – [Niko] You can’t take it. – What about you? What did you do? – He just played and played
and played and played. – And played and played. Did he play? – Yeah. – Oh, okay. – And he ate, ate, ate– – We better get you ready for school. – It’s time for me to go to school. Bye! (Shaun laughing) – [Shaun] Are you ending
the vlog with your back? – [Woman] Did you guys wake Niko up? – We didn’t wake him
up, he was already up. Hi Mama. – Hi – All the kids are in the bed! – Adley, your hair is so beautiful! – [Shaun] All the kids are in the bed! – Are they already curly, Mom? – Yeah, let’s go look in the mirror. – [Shaun] Should we get dressed. – We gotta get ready for school. – [Shaun] Deal. – Watch this. – Okay. – Woo! – [Shaun] Holy cow! – [Jenny] You’re gonna hit your head. – I’m home with my family. Hey, you’re lookin’ pretty. Look at this family. Hi family! – Are these fake or real? – Yeah, is that our real
family or fake family? – I think it’s our real family. – Oh no, not again. – Oh, turn the water. – Don’t turn on the water. – Good to be home. – He’s in the water! – Oh no, he turned it on. There, I got him under control. Ooh, lip gloss for school? – Oh my gosh, it’s so cute. – Ah, you’re pulling my hair. Hey! Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa… (Shaun singing baby talk) (Shaun play growling) Lipstick kiss. – No. – No? – You’ll ruin it. – Maybe Niko wants some. – He can have some. – (dramatic sting) What is going on? – Introducing Adley’s first day of school. – Hi. – [Shaun] Look how cute she looks. – I even got my helmet ’cause I’m gonna ride my
dad’s motorcycle there. – Yeah, it’s really, really close. – It’s not even far away, it’s very close. – [Shaun] It is. (magical chimes) Oh yeah, so cute. Pictures, pictures, pictures. First day of school. – Oh, they’re doin’ pictures too! – [Shaun] First day of school pictures! – I’m riding my dad’s motorcycle there. – [Shaun] It’s everyone’s
first day of school. Cute!
– Hey, why don’t you smile. Cheese, smile at Mom. (bell dings) (Shaun laughing) Oh my gosh, these are great. – [Shaun] Hey, did everyone leave you up here in porch prison? Ah, porch prison, mwah! I can’t pick him up and
not just kiss his cheeks like seven times. Oh, you guys are adorable. You guys are the coolest girls.
– Are you girls excited? – Elmer, at our new school do
you wanna play toys with me? – Sure.
– Sounds like a plan, they’re gonna play toys at the new school. – Down on, like, his ankle. He took his diaper off! – [Shaun] Did you take your diaper off? – You gotta quit doing that. – [Shaun] How does he do that? – I don’t know! – So, Niko has a new thing
where he takes his diaper off, in his clothes.
– With his clothes on. Pinches until he gets it. (baby crying) – [Shaun] Okay we won’t
tell the vlog, it’s okay. It’s our little secret. (engine starting) – Cool! – Don’t worry, her school’s really close in our neighborhood, it’s really close. (upbeat rock music) – [Adley] Hi guys! – [Shaun] Hi! – [Adley] Hi! Emily! – Hey Adley! – [Shaun] What!? That is so cool! First day of school, high five! – Shaun, Shaun.
– What? – Our first day of Hogwarts. (Shaun laughing) – [Shaun] Oh man, these kids are hyped. Cory, good call with
the stars, I like that. Space Station spirit. Go get ’em kids, graduate. (upbeat rock music) – [Shaun] You get to sit by your friend!? – Hey we can share these. – [Shaun] Bye! Have the best school ever! It feels so good to be back. At the Space Station again. With all my friends. – Hey.
– What’s up? How are you guys. – We’re good We had such an awesome trip, for the Space Station gaming thing. Had a blast, back at the Space
Station, first thing we do. A big Space Station, it’s
called like an all crew meeting ’cause all the crew gets together. We’re gonna talk about
all the cool stuff we did, while we were at the SSG event. See what happened at the Space
Station while we were gone. And it’s just, it’s
just fun stuff you know. And you guys haven’t been
at one of these meetings in forever, I feel like we haven’t filmed at the Space Station that much. So, you guys are coming along. We’ll film, we’ll film a
little fun of the meeting. Let’s go! (upbeat rock music) (claps) (upbeat rock music) (laughing) (claps) (upbeat rock music) (claps) This is how you make a Niko trap. Look what I got, look! – Fishies! – Fishies? It works every single time. Bye! – Bye-bye. – We’re home from the Space Station. Did Adley have a good day at school? – She did, she had the best day. – Cool, we’ll ask her about it. And now we’re gonna go get her and– – We need to go shopping. – Oh, we’re going shopping. – Niko has outgrown his clothes and Adley had a weird growth spurt so she has outgrown her clothes. So we need some new clothes.
– Why are you growing so much? And I don’t like shopping, but I like hanging out with
my family so I’m gonna go. And that means you guys get to go too. – Yeah.
– I don’t know if you like shopping, but hopefully you like
hanging out with the family. – It’ll be fun. – No it won’t. – Should we go get Adley? – I’ll try to make it fun. – It’ll be fun. – It won’t let’s go. – It’ll be fun. – Keep watching, but
it’s not gonna be fun. – It’s gonna be fun.
– Let’s go! How was school? – Good, I made a new friend, Pharper. – [Shaun] Harper? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Harper with an H? – Yeah. – [Shaun] How do you say it? – Pharper. – Oh, okay what did you do at
school, tell me all about it. – I was coloring with crayons. We did glue. We did our ABCs. – [Shaun] You can say
your whole ABCs, huh? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Let me see how fast. – A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P Q-R-T. (laughs) – [Shaun] Q-R-S – Q-R-S – T-U-V
– T-U-V – W–
– W-X Y and Z. Now I know my ABCs, next time won’t you sing with me. – [Shaun] Wow, that was good. Niko, you need to learn those. Maybe you can teach Niko when he’s older. Well, there you have it. Adley had an awesome first day of school. Was it the best day ever at school? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Good, guess
where we’re goin’ now? – What? – [Shaun] To eat and then
get you some clothes, ’cause you’re growing too fast. – First we go to the store and
get our clothes and then eat. – [Shaun] Okay, deal. – [Jenny] I think we’re all
hungry. Maybe we eat first? – No, I want to get clothes first. – [Shaun] What do you think Niko? – [Adley] Go to the store first. – [Shaun] What did he think? – He said he wants to
go to the store first. – [Shaun] Oh, okay. We’ll see. Jenny wants to eat first, Adley wants to go to the store first. I’m just gonna see who wins. We’re just, me and the vlog, we’re just gonna watch and see who wins this battle. Good luck babe. – Dad, get my banana. – And Adley dropped a
banana under the chair, and I can’t reach it. I can’t reach it. – No, try to reach it without
the vlog, turn the vlog off. – B-R-B, I gotta reach a banana. – Banana! – [Shaun] What are doin’ First? – First going shopping,
get some new clothes– – So you won, we gonna go shopping. – Yeah. – How do you always win? – Dad, look at that girl, she’s so pretty. Right on that sign. – [Shaun] She is so pretty. Do you know who’s so pretty? – What? – Mom! – What? Mom do we need to buy
some new shoes for me and some new clothes? – Yeah. – Okay. – [Shaun] Oh, this is perfect. There you go. – Yay! (upbeat funk music] Dad we got to try some new
shoes on so they’re my size. I’m getting bigger feet. – [Shaun] Let me see how
big your feet are, hold on. Holy cow! – It’s Bigfoot! – Hey. – [Shaun] Ooh, try these. – These are parents’ shoes. – [Shaun] Oh, those are parents’ shoes? Where are the kids’ shoes. – I’ll show you. – [Shaun] Ooh, wow, that’s a lot of shoes. How do you know which one you want? – I gotta take my shoes
off and see if they fit. – [Shaun] Good idea. Dinosaurs? That’s crazy. Unicorns!? – Tiny flip-flops are purple. – [Shaun] Oh, those are cute. – I wish Niko was a girl and he had those. (Shaun laughing) – I love just filming Adley
and whatever she says, she says ’cause it’s awesome. – We first have to check
if it’s my right size foot. Oh it has a pointy side so it’s not. – [Shaun] I think these
could work though, maybe. Let’s try it. Slide your foot in. – Let’s buy these shoes. – [Shaun] Those are so cute! – These fit me so we’re gonna buy these. Whatever we buy, put
by these yellow shoes. – You are so much like
your mom, it’s scary. – Let’s check if these are my right size. I’m taller so I can reach these. – [Shaun] ‘Cause you’re four now. – Mm-hmm. – [Shaun] Oh yeah, four years old. – Oh, these fit me, look it. – [Shaun] Mom, good news.
We’ve already found three shoes that fit her and we’re buying them. This is the pile of stuff we’re buying. – Do we wanna stay away from sandals ’cause it’s becoming Fall. – That strategy, see, Jenny knows. – We could do these ’cause
these could be for church too. – These are Space Station gaming colors. – Did you try them on. (Niko blabbering) – I know Niko, I feel the same. We’re just getting started
buddy, hang in there. – Those shoes are mine and
these pointy shoes are mine and these cat shoes are mine. – Okay, we could do that. Now let’s pick out some clothes. – We got to get the clothes online. – We got to get the clothes online. What does that mean if we
get the clothes online? – So that means we can keep them. – Oh good idea, she is so
freakin’ smart, I love it. – [Jenny] Cute hat for Niko? – [Shaun] Way cute, I
love that, go put it on. Oh yeah, what’s up guys. – [Jenny] You got a big head! – [Shaun] Oh, it doesn’t fit you? – [Jenny] No. – I like my foot stinky. I don’t want to get my shoes. – [Shaun] Do you know what happens if you don’t put your shoes on? – What? – [Shaun] You get a spank. Get those shoes on. – I’m never… – [Shaun] Three, two, one. Ahh! – I want sauce with noodles
and chicken and orange juice. – [Server] Oh thank you, would you like any drinks?
– That’s a very good order. We’ll split a chicken fettuccine
Alfredo, crispy chicken. That’s me and Jenny’s Olive Garden order. You gotta start right here. We gotta draw ’til we
get to the movie, okay? (sped up and high pitch) This way. Maybe around here and
this way and through here. Around there. Down to the bottom. (regular speed and pitch) We made it! I don’t know what this
kids’ game’s called, but you go like this and
try not to hit your fingers. – [Jenny] That’s a dangerous game, babe. – It’s a crayon game, okay. (Jenny laughing) Yeah, like that. Yeah, and you see how fast you can go. – Watch this. – Whoa! – Give me that. – Ah! Good job. And here’s Mom and Niko. – Hi! – Hi! – [Adley] Turn the mouse key Mom. – [Shaun] He’s so cute. – I’m getting you potatoes, is that okay? Do you like potatoes? – I don’t like potatoes. Those are tomatoes. – Do you like tomatoes? – No, not that much. – Hey, put your breadstick
right down, that’s yours. – Thank you. Ew, I don’t want… Oh, and I want a crouton too. – A crouton! Boop! I need a crouton, okay? – Here, I’ll get it. (bell dinging) – Can you give me a lot of croutons, Dad? – You want lots of croutons. – Yeah. – [Shaun] Oh boy. – What do you see Adley?
– Holy cow. – Thank you. – [Shaun] Thank you. – She got me three! – [Shaun] You’re lucky. – I’m not gonna share these with nobody. (Shaun laughing). (upbeat rock music) – [Jenny] Quit doing that! – [Shaun] How does he do that? – I don’t know.

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