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  1. This is fantastic. It makes me realize…I wish there was a special swim class for children who have had near-drowning experiences to help them regain confidence.

  2. Its 2019 and my mom will teach me how to swim coz new year and if i do that i can finally go to spain ⛱🏊‍♀️

  3. joins the swim team doesn't know how to swim

    I was literally drowning but I became a moderate swimmer I can only swim normally

  4. Ummm this is so gonna be me, I almost drowned once and is afraid of pools. Besides, I go to the pool every like 3 years so…

  5. I LITERALLY thought this was an Adult Swim skit. I was waiting for it to cut to them drowning in the pool or something lmfao

  6. I had a friend in highschool who had very little fat on him… he was varsity football freshman year…
    He beat me at every sport except running long distance, and swimming… he sank like a rock. I tried to teach him, but it never took.

  7. Sometimes I forget swimming is a thing that doesn't come naturally and needs to be learned. I fully respect these people for taking these lessons! There's no shame learning in anything when your a little older.

  8. I fell into a pool when I was 5 and needed to be recused and resuscitated. The next day my parents signed my sister and I up for swimming lessons. I loved the lessons right from the start, but my sister flat refused to get in the water.
    Oddly, though I went through the terror of a near drowning myself (something I remember vividly to this day 45 years later) I was never afraid of the water.
    I was quite scared of letting go of the side of the pool until I was sure I could get back to it, but I wasn't afraid of being in the water.
    My sister age 3,, who witnessed the entire thing developed a terror of the water, which she still has to this day, 45 years later.
    I've heard people say drowning is painful. While it certainly isn't conformable, it didn't really hurt to inhale water. Of course the terror you feel, unable to breath is quite horrible on its own, it isn't painful.
    The most painful part happened when I was revived and I had to cough the water out of my lungs. That hurt A LOT

  9. Almost drowned in a pool before my sister was spashing water everywhere i slipped and fell in the life guard was running to me but he also slipped by the time he reached me i already fainted the faint part my mom told me cuz she was there and that was my motivation to learn to swim so it never happens again

  10. I am greatful to the YMCAs and their instructors around the US…great price for swim classes knowledgable, patience instructors helped me to swim in 3 weekends..from being scared to go under water to floating and swimming🤗

  11. I find it strange they learn forward crawling first. Breast stroke seems to me to be an easier style, as you can keep your head above the water. 🤔

  12. 13 can't swim if the water is deeper or higher than me (if it makes sense, i dont speak english) i have fear idk

  13. who else is enlisted in the navy (shipping out soon), or planning to enlist and you’re trying to get practice in? just me? cool

  14. I have to go for a swimming lesson with my school in a few days. They take down data that tells people if we can swim or not. I'm so nervous because I can't swim. What do I do? Any advice will help. 😰😫

  15. This is the weirdest sh*t to explain. I know how to swim from one side of a pool to the other. BUT, If I stop Midway and can't feel the ground, I literally lose it & sink! But, I can do the deadmans float and float on my back. But it's just that swimming then stopping. Another thing is when I swim with flippers, I am literally like the little mermaid thru the water. But without flippers, I have to stay on top. What part is it that I'm missing?!🤔

  16. Special advice : People say that they tried to swim and almost drowned, dont think that means you won't know how to swim, don't make that a threat, I tried to swim and I succeed to float,
    Try, even if you fail 14.000.605 times

  17. I wanted to learn swimming back in 2017 but the coach thought I have phobia from water or something! he wasn't cool and I quit after my 3rd lesson.

    I was just too shy when I was a kid to take off my shirt nothing more.

    I started to travel to asia in 2015 and it felt weird not knowing how to swim!

  18. Just like Spiderman said: "The best way to learn is to be under intense life threatening pressure" or something like that. That was the case for me. My sister and I went to a family member's house from a different state. He had a giant pool in the backyard and my sister and I hopped in. But, she told me the opposite side (from me) was the deep side. I believed her and jumped in the deep end. I was sinking and couldn't even feel the bottom of the pool. Out of panic, I managed to figure out how to get around in less than five seconds.

  19. in our country if you want to learn swimming they will throw you in the deep water without any saftey and you will think that you should learn for your life but if you could'nt learn they will teach you normaly

  20. Here's the thing, i believe that EVERYONE should be taught how to swim as a kid, not so they can swim and have fun, but for security purposes. I know how to swim, i have no interest in swimming for fun tho.

  21. This makes me cry one of the greatest experiences so many adults fear. I never would have believed it until I met someone. :/

  22. Can I just go to my local Y and take lessons to learn to swim? Or are these adult classes at some fancy school?

  23. i am a boy but i’m on my sisters acc and i’m 8 years old and i know how to swim happy 😃

  24. In german speaking countries of europe people and kids begin for usual actually with learning breast-stroke swimming

  25. I want to learn how to swim. I mean I kinda know how to swim and I'm not afraid of the water – I'm just afraid of looking like a total dumbass. I love going to the Y but I don't want the lifeguard to look at me and wonder if I'm trying to swim or having an epileptic fit. 🙁

  26. So I’ve been taking swimming classes at the Y over the summer.

    It’s great! I’d highly recommend looking into it and signing up.

  27. my grandpa tought me how to swim, he brought me to a river close home, told me to watch something close to the river and then he pushed me. Thats how I learned how to swim…

  28. Im 34 and I forgot how to swim lol
    Last time I jumped in the deep end was when I was in my teens.Swimming is like a muscle,you gotta work it out.

  29. When i was 10 i remember that all my friends knew how to swim and i didnt so grew a pair and said fuck it and just jumped into the deep end and thats how i learned to swim

  30. Anyone wanting to learn to swim. Look up Justin Patrick on YouTube. He's amazing swimming teacher. Gives best analogies and precise tips.

  31. I remember I was in a wave pool towards the deep end on a school trip and I had a muscle spasm in my right leg just as the BIG wave was about to hit. I couldn’t really swim well, and with one leg gone I was basically done for. I started panicking and tried to get to the shallow end quickly, until I caught another spasm in my left leg🤦🏾‍♂️ long story short, I nearly drowned and the life guard did nothing but my friends saw I needed help and got me to the shallow end. After that I learned how to swim from fear of drowning.

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