Advanced Equestrian Jumping Exercises : Horse Jumping a Bending Line

Advanced Equestrian Jumping Exercises : Horse Jumping a Bending Line

To start off with, we’re going to jump this
line as a bending line. This means that I want to come to each jump straight on. It’s
more important that I concentrate on having a good canter and holding a good track, than
that we get the exact strides that are set here. And that time he held a really nice,
even canter and we were able to get the four strides and then the three strides. If your
horse hasn’t done this kind of exercise before, you might find that they’re a little bit wiggly
and not getting the exact strides can be difficult.

87 thoughts on “Advanced Equestrian Jumping Exercises : Horse Jumping a Bending Line

  1. I don't see how that is advanced. If she was jumping the 3 fences on a straight line it might be stlightly harder but not advanced. how difficult can it be to jump 3 fences on a curve?? If she wanted to ride a straight line and jumping each fence on an angle surely this would teach the horse more??

  2. Check my vids!! I am jumping 1.10m courses, trebles, cross country. You cannot tell me that jumping 1 fence then having about 4 strides to get to the next is hard!! You usually only have about 1 stride straight before a fence.

  3. If you would like to check my videos, you might like to take back what you said. I am jumping 1.10 courses and have been competing at British eventing Pre Novice this season (1m10) Please do me a favour and check peoples videos to check their ability before you go bitching.

  4. I have watched your videos, and I was unable to find you riding any sort of bending line. (maybe I should have wasted my time watching every single one of your videos?) therefore, since you think that an S line is soooooooooooooo easy, I would LOVE to see you put up a video of you doing an S line as smooth and pretty as the rider in this video did.
    otherwise, get over yourself, and don't leave bratty comments on people's pages.

  5. I never said that I had done it, all of my videos contain doglegs. honestly you jump the first fence, stay straight, turn, flying change, jump, stay straight, turn, flying change. it cant be all that difficult and dont tell me that I am being bratty, I have been jumping junior eventing courses I think this might be fractionally easier!

  6. no see,the whole point of this exercise is for it to be an "S", with curves and jumping the fence straight on, not angled.
    if you don't want people to tell you you're being bratty, don't leave bratty messages on peoples pages!

  7. If you want to see me jumping curving dog legs, watch my video 'cross country schooling coombelands pre novice' then you can shut up and see that my point is completely valid

  8. ok. to make you happy, go and look at my video show jumping 1.10m-1.15m. theres a bending line in there. but to a corner.
    and also lots of other 'advanced' training exercises if your interested. apart from mine is proper stuff!!

  9. ok. to make you happy, go and look at my video show jumping 1.10m-1.15m. theres a bending line in there. but to a corner.
    and also lots of other 'advanced' training exercises if your interested. apart from mine is proper stuff!!

  10. if you notice at the end of the video when the horse is stood still, her stirrups are slightly wonky. No real imprtance, jsut thought id say.

  11. i think that her problem is that her canter lacks impulsion. She is by no means perfect but she is a nice rider

  12. well. . . i think that all u people that r finding something "wrong" with her riding should just shut up. cuz she looks like she has alot of experience, n i watched all of ur vids of u riding, if u had any, and she is alot better than u.

  13. i think shes really good i use to ride equestrian all the time but i now think its just too strick if u think about it so i do pleasure riding so i could care less if i do something wrong XD

  14. Tad Short one to the first (well held) Tad long to the second one but well sat up for the third fence. :3 Helpful excersize, i will defiantly try this.

  15. her horse i kinda high stung n she cant release to much n give her horse to much control ecspecially doing a bending line cuz it wud prob make it worse

  16. ummm you honestly need to stop arguing with hunterjumperbabe69 she is a better rider than you i looked and you are being a litte biatch!

  17. ooh.
    for the second fence..
    it seems that u sat down a little..
    but no, great job, ur knees and heels really well done:)
    dont care about thosedumb people;)
    you're good(Y):D
    and by times… you'll become better and better!:D

  18. OMG! YOU NEVER USE A TIE DOWN OVER FENCES!!!!!!! That's taking away the horse's movement, and endangering both horse and rider. If you're using a tie down, you need to stop before the horse or you gets seriuosly injured.

  19. @JumperinCali I think you mean a running martingale not a tie down. A tie down would be dangerous for the horse and rider. A tie down doesn't let the horse stretch their necks out over the jump which in turn makes is really dangerous because if they can't stretch they can't get over the jump. And If you do mean tie down I really hope your not jumping your horse in a tie down. You should really use proper jumping equipment.

  20. ok people stop bashing her riding she is really good and she may be on a young horse you dont know how old the horse is and its a how too video its just tryig to help out some of the riders on youtube that may need a little help with jumping and i am not saying that i could do better because i am riding a green horse who jumps round and we are still working an lenghting strides on like 18 to 24 inch jumps so just stop bashing on this rider

  21. @funpnkr7654 a tie down isnt dangorouse for horse nor rider , well for jumpin it is , but gamers use tie downs

  22. @toufoum11 Oh I know their not dangerous if their used correctly and for their proper use and jumping isn't one of those use's.

  23. I ride and jump horses and people think its easy! Well, its not. I have been riding for about 6 or 7 years and I'm still learning new things.

  24. give him some more reins gong over the jump. he looks like he wants more slack fo he can jump better and let his neck out a little more.

  25. in case u guys havnt noticed u WERNT THERE!
    so stop being the "bitches" and just leave her alone u dont ride that horse u dont know what it does on an off day so shut up!

  26. I can't do most exercises because the jumping area I have to use is very small and the jump wings have seen better days 😉

  27. She explains it good, just doesn't do a great job jumping. She's like a beginner jumper just jumping high heights, but she doesn't release. Nothing looks right.

  28. I was wondering what kind of horse is that? How high were the fences? Also, I learned a lot from it. Thanks.

  29. @DreamerRosie1 im not 'picking' on her, i was pointing out somthing at the end, i had the exact same problem last week, but my stirrups wern't odd, i was on a high shouldered horse, and her saddle had slipped slightly (her saddle was tight, the tightest we could get it) so yeh, im not picking on her !

  30. @55678954 ou aren't supposed to point your feet outard. If you do you might hit the standard, or like my previous coach, get you foot caught in someone else's stirrup and rip a tendon.

  31. @jumanji321 I'm sorry, but it's gotta be pretty hard to get your foot caught in someone else's stirrup. You shouldn't be riding that close to someone, anyways…

  32. @fortheloveofsimon Yes, you shouldn't, but she was training for polo and the other person got ahead and slowed down, making her catch her foot behind his.

  33. For an 'advanced exercise', you sure aren't riding at an advanced level. That horse is incredibly on the forehand, over flexed, and doesn't bend correctly around your leg.

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