Advanced Equestrian Jumping Exercises : Warming up Before Horse Jumping

Advanced Equestrian Jumping Exercises : Warming up Before Horse Jumping

To begin with, we want to make sure that your
horse is well warmed up. We’ll start by just having a walk, trot and canter in both directions.
And because we exercise we’ll ask me to adjust my horse’s stride. It’s important to incorporate
some of that in your warm up, so here I’ll ask her to collect her canter. And again collecting the canter.

39 thoughts on “Advanced Equestrian Jumping Exercises : Warming up Before Horse Jumping

  1. What she didn't mention is to work both sides of the horse, but you want to work on the side that the horse is having trouble collecting the canter and trot

  2. no rudeness; but she had probably warmed up her horse before this video had been filmed.

    but i do believe as for a educational video she should have filmed the actual warm-up.

  3. In a lot of these video's, this rider has very rough hands..
    She doesn't give with movement a lot, I feel kinda sorry for her horse =(

  4. @2010BSJAgirl
    you should always ride your horse the day before a show to make sure your horse is sound and feeling well. (:

  5. They wanted to show you collecting the canter instead of walking. It is to make the video shorter. If you think they should have shown you the walk, then look for a beginner or intermediate warm up video. This is fine. 😀 that horse is beautiful!

  6. @eventerkatie84 I think its to get the horse listening to you. When I warm up, I collect up at all the gates so my horse is responsive. But I dont know because we do hunters. you do eventing from your youtube name so who knows 😀

  7. Hunetrs are lucky….when in a Eq. class they get to slow their horse down to sit the trot while the Dressage riders have to still be in a working trot.

  8. This was a great warmup.
    How do you collect the horse's canter? My pony loves to canter really fast and I absolutely hate it. I tried pulling the reins a bit, but he just goes into a trot if I do that.

  9. i am sorry but it wasn't the best i would warm up more before i take a canter 1 min and 41 secs isn't the right amount.

  10. @bns54913 you honestly expected her to make a video of her walking for 5-10 minutes, trotting for 5-10 minutes and then cantering around? I'm pretty sure any horse rider who would be doing this by themselves (i.e. with no trainer/instructor) would be intelligent enough to know that this is simply an instructional video, meant to give you a brief glimpse of how you should do it. Chances are, she warmed up the horse before hand, and was just showing you what to do.

  11. I don't understand why so many people always complain about her riding. Yes, she may not explain it all in depth but she DOES actually teach a lesson.

    —–every great rider, even the best, once started a s a beginner.—–

  12. i think shes a very good rider, but that horse looks so head strong! good thing hes a good mover and is a head turner haha 🙂

  13. @bns54913 You realize she warmed the horse up prior to this, right? If she had filmed her whole warm up, it would have been a 15 – 30 minutes long.

  14. I really want to learn to jump, and after reading all the comments below, what did she do wrong so that I know not to?

  15. The horse was unsure of itself its head was tucked oddly at the trot and slung its head horribly at the canter. 90% of it was rider error.

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