Advanced Figure Skating Moves : Backward Crossovers in Ice Skating

Advanced Figure Skating Moves : Backward Crossovers in Ice Skating

Hello my name is Dmitri Olympiev and I teach
at Pines Ice Arena in Pembroke, Florida. You can reach us on the web at
Now this time I’m going to show you how to do backwards crossovers. This exercise
teaches us how to move backwards on the ice around the circle. I’m going to put my arms,
twisted again they’re not straight, I’m going to bend my knees, make a swizzle keep
my foot up, cross. See it. Swizzle, up, cross. When I skate backwards, I always look backwards
to the inside of the circle, this way I can see where I’m going better. Now one thing
to keep in mind is when you start learning this you have to get the cross, for that,
you must pick your foot up and then down. Now later on the crossover becomes more advanced,
you don’t have to pick your foot up anymore. We’ll be right back.

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  1. You're supposed to start by picking up your foot and crossing over and then progressing to leaving your crossing foot on the ice. Or, at least that's the ISI method. To pass Beta you have to pick your foot up and cross it over.

  2. Is he using the skates from the ice rink that they let u use? i used to go there all the time and their skates are horrible…

  3. first of all crossovers are easy!!!I learned them my first week!! So What? Everyone that says crossovers are hard they are retarted and no sense of skating.Please a quadruple axel is hard!!!Im only 9!!So shut up

  4. i learnt to do these today, using this and other videos 🙂 i havent had lessons before and i skate about twice a year but it is such a pleasant sport that i might do so more often

  5. ive been taking skating for 5 years and it took a long time to learn that. to prove ive been taking it for 5 years here are some tricks walts jumps scratch spins
    dont get up sit if you cant do those things i mean it took me 4 and a half years

  6. dont you push off w/ your right leg (when the left is already crossed it) to get more speed? he didnt mention that or am i somehow wrong?

  7. What really is there to gain from coming here and commenting on how "unadvanced" the moves are?

    I'm starting to agree with Japanesemermaid. If it's not helpful to you, then move on to some other videos. It's helpful to people who may not have the time, money or desire to take lessons and want to learn on their own.

    Thanks, Dmitri!

  8. I was just trying to do these today,and i theoretically can,i lack gracefullness though xD Whats important is to remember to lower the foot which is being crossed over,like he does it.I just find that difficult. Good luck 🙂

  9. It's always like that in the beginning. Give it about 10-15 more minutes, and you'll feel as if your feet grew into the skates. :] Over time, your feet get used to it, and they will stop hurting completely, even at the beginning.

  10. Wow! u are the best i read the info and u bgot a looooot of experience..i am gonna try it as soon as i can :B

  11. It's always a case of advanced compared to what, these videos are created for beginners. The difference in skill between a regular and a casual skater is dramatic, for example while I'll outclass any casual skater anyday ~ I'm certainly a bottom rung when it comes to the regulars.

  12. Excellent teaching! I tried this today, and it worked! It's not perfect yet, but the instruction given in this video is extremely helpful. Thanks!

  13. @aggressioncity because their russian to do everything else before any other country can 😛 haha im only joking.. i don't actually know.. :}

  14. @marthkid1 Yes. The foot thats pumping (the outside foot) is always the one that crosses over:3 You just pump towards the back, and not towards the front like you do in forwards crossovers.

  15. @CamOfficialMusic I have a question…. so how does it switch to the advanced technique? I mean he's saying that after a while u don't have to lift the leg… how does it work there… what do i have to think? cause i'm looking at videos, for example hockey video… and they say the speed is given by the inside foot going the further possible toward the centre of the circle… but i don't understand…nobody talks about moving the inside foot…can anybody explain that to me?

  16. @zazzolina As you get more advanced, you'll learn to glide your foot into the crossover, instead of picking it up, and crossing it over. If you watch professional skaters, say Sasha Cohen, you'll notice that when she does her backwards crossovers, she glides the foot into the crossover, instead of picking it up.

  17. @CamOfficialMusic my problem is the know – how! 😀 I see so many beautifully done cross overs… my problem is to coordinate everything… i'm starting to lift an to cross… but so far what i think is just to move my outside leg… i don't understand how the inside leg gets in to the game…

  18. @zazzolina Believe me, It'll come to you naturally after you've get used to lifting it. Practice makes perfect.

  19. Your accent is ADORABLE! Haha i wanna give you a cookie. ^^ also~ do you have a video about layback spins? Grazie!

  20. how strange he lifts hhis foot to cross over i was taught to do this keeping foot on ice from the beguining by doing a lemon and dragging foot round and across

  21. No not really if done right you cross over backwards without steping or lifting foot off the ice you wont fall over i have always bk crossed as so including in freshly sharpened skates

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