Advanced Figure Skating Moves : Forward Crossovers in Ice Skating

Advanced Figure Skating Moves : Forward Crossovers in Ice Skating

Hello my name is Dmitri Olympiev and I teach
at Pines Ice Arena in Pembroke, Florida. You can reach us on the web at
Now the next exercise I’m going to show you will teach us how to glide around the
circle fast. For that I’m going to get in the circle, notice how I put my arms, they’re
not straight anymore, they’re twisted it will help us to go around the circle. I’m
going to sit down, push, stay on one foot, cross my foot over and then put it back. By practicing you can develop quite a bit
of speed, this move is called “Forward Crossover”. We’ll be right back.

28 thoughts on “Advanced Figure Skating Moves : Forward Crossovers in Ice Skating

  1. maybe you need to develop a strong Left outside edge, because when you are crossing over, you are essentially leaning on the left foot and gliding on its outside edge.
    To practice left outside edge, just trace around circle counterclockwise on the left foot only.

  2. Try experimenting with the region that you're putting the weight on your left-skate. Like, see for yourself whether you're putting the weight toward the front of your skate, or the middle of your skate, or toward the rear of your skate…..the left-skate that is. Maybe you can shift the weight toward the rear of the skate. Or check whether your blades are sharp. Dull blades can slip, that's for sure.

  3. And if your blades are sharp, then don't worry too much if you find that you're slipping…because the more you skate, you'll inevitably get better with skating, and will know how to use your outside edges for going around in a circle. Also, remember that if you go around a circle in a counter-clockwise direction, the sharpest turns are actually done with most of the weight on the rear-outside edge of your LEFT-skate (not your RIGHT-skate)…which many novice skaters don't often realise.

  4. Do not lean back or forward. Keep your knees down. Stretch your leading arm strongly forward and slightly downward. Stretch your trailing arm back and slightly upward. Do not straighten either knee as you cross the free foot over. Instead, think of lowering your body onto that bent knee. There should be no up/down and no forward/back motion at all.

  5. I can't think of anyway other than what you said so you may just have to buy a new pair and pack the big ones away and save them till you it them or are a size larger the maybe thicker socks will work.

  6. gnapper93, if your blade is slipping on the ice then the most likely cause is a dull blade. Are you using hire-skates or do you have your own? Hire-skates are rarely sharp enough and are really quite unsafe most of the time. If you have your own skates then get them sharpened, if you don't have your own then I recommend you buy some… you won't regret it.
    Good luck.

  7. yeah … i was lucky enough to get mine from america years ago for only around ..40 bucks lol! .. here in australia the cheapest skates start at around 200 bucks…

  8. ok forget the "Advanced " part thats what this series is big deal..get over it.. …watch his feet and listen to what he is telling you..He's a great coach… and some of you could learn alot from him…

  9. @Abstir010
    then WHY are you watching this? get a life. No one probably cares that you could do that in real life so you come here to find solace? loser

  10. ohhhhhh, thats how you do it, my friends were trying to teach me this but i fail. but thanks, now i know the proper way do this. my friends show me and tell me where my feet should go where. now ill find out tomorrow when i go ice skating 🙂

  11. i had my first lesson today and i think we are doing crossovers in a few weeks 🙂 i am confident at skating and i have good balance because i did gymnastics for about 9 years .. 🙂

  12. You're so much better than my real coach who doesn't pay the slightest attention to me. Thank you so much! I'm excited for practice now!

  13. I struggle once I have crossed over with the push. I tend to toe push rather than push out with the whole of the blade. Backwards I find I'm a lot better which seems odd

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