Advanced Figure Skating Moves : One-Foot Glides in Ice Skating

Advanced Figure Skating Moves : One-Foot Glides in Ice Skating

Hi my name is Dmitri Olympiev and I am from
Pines Ice Arena, in Pembroke, Florida. You can reach us on the web at
Now when you’re skating on the ice, everything you do is pretty much on one foot, that’s
why our next lesson will be dedicated to “One-Foot-Glide.” How to skate on one foot and keep your balance.
Now this is the exercise where there is a lot of body parts and both. I have to think
about my head, my shoulders, my back, my hips, my knees, and yes my ankles. I’m going to
put my arms out, feet together. Keep the body very stiff, keep the leg up. The other foot,
keep the leg up. Keep in mind, my ankles and knees are together. One, two, three, up. One,
two, three, up. I always think about keeping my back straight and the arms. We’ll be
right back.

21 thoughts on “Advanced Figure Skating Moves : One-Foot Glides in Ice Skating

  1. Maybe it's advanced for casual skaters, ones who never took classes and are interested in teaching themselves?
    Thanks, this help.

  2. @houseofnight1996 not really. it's just really hard at first because before that, nothing is done on one foot. after that, u don't even think about it when u pick up ur leg.

  3. @sammychoo3456789 Why, because you can do it? Everyone has to start somewhere and the people who are searching for this video will generally be beginners who are learning or want to learn this move. Presuming that you can skate, you must have had to learn this move once, too, so there's no need for snotty comments like "this is lower than beginner" – they just make you sound full of yourself.

  4. @jammycaketin whatever im just sayin' but what they should've done when they were makin the video is categorized them by level so they didnt get as much hate but the didn't soooo yeah

  5. Who cares if it's not advanced? The title makes me feel better about myself for (sort of) being able to do it. >:p

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