Advanced Figure Skating Moves : Two Foot Glide in Ice Skating

Advanced Figure Skating Moves : Two Foot Glide in Ice Skating

Hello my name is Dmitri Olympiev and I teach
at Pines Ice Arena Skating School in Pembroke Pines, FL . I have been skating for over 25
years now. You can reach us on the web at and on behalf of
I would like to welcome you. Today I’m going to give you a few tips on how to become a
good skater and we’re going to start with the first basic exercise called “Two-foot-glide.”
Now when you’re a skater it’s very important to keep your back straight and the arms very
stiff for the balance. Now we’re going to bend the knees, keeping the back straight
and we’re going to go three steps just like we’re walking on the floor and we’re going
to do two foot glide and we’re going to stand up on the knees. Now it’s going to
look like this – One, Two, Three, Glide. Keep in mind my back stays straight the whole
time – One, Two, Three, Glide. We’ll be right back.

13 thoughts on “Advanced Figure Skating Moves : Two Foot Glide in Ice Skating

  1. probably by advanced they mean u got skates, u have successfully not died getting on the ice, and are now ready to learn. that is my idea of advanced! lol 😀

  2. Dimitri didnt make up the Title. of the video…. so back off….he is a great instructor…some of you posting negative commnets probably cannot even lace your own boots..

  3. For me @60 and not being on skates for 40 years, a brush up on how to do the basics correctly is just what I'm looking for. After watching his videos for a couple of weeks before stepping on the ice, I managed in my first hour forward and back crossovers, three point turns and straight skating – all while keeping my ass off the ice…Thank you Dmitri

  4. Guys, obviously he was doing all these videos so that if someone is a beginner they can start of basic and then do more advanced moves as time goes on.. get over yourselves, just because you think you're amazing for having Mommy and Daddy pay for lessons doesn't mean that you have extraordinary talent, nor the right to bash whoever wants to actually get better but doesn't have the same opportunity. instead of being a snob about what he can do, he's helping others achieve more.

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