Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Double Loop Ice Skating Jump

Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Double Loop Ice Skating Jump

Hi! I’m Simone Fisher and I’m here at Clearwater
Ice Arena in sunny Clearwater, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, we’re going to introduce
to you some advanced figure skating jumps. We now have Victoria on the ice and she is
going to be performing a Double Loop Jump. What she is going to be doing is going to
be taking off from the back outside edge of one foot. She’s going to make 2 rotations
in the air in the direction of the curve of the take off edge. She’s going to land and
she’ll be landing on the back outside edge of the take off foot. Here she goes. She’s
going into it using back crossovers. She really has to have a good bending knee on the take
off. That’s about it. She pulled in her arms, got a good rotation, and that is the Double
Loop Jump performed by Victoria.

15 thoughts on “Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Double Loop Ice Skating Jump

  1. haha, that was my problem for a while…. it's alll about timing. I know ur probably sick of ur coach telling u that (lol) but it's true. I finally got it. U kinda have to bend down really far on ur right leg before lifting off, then like SPRING! lol

  2. @tweetifulable- congrats on your double toe! I landed my double toe and double loop within two weeks of each other, and my double salchow less than a month before my double toe. Now, I'm working on my double flip, but I was focusing on field moves for a while, so it's been 5 months since my double loop was landed the first time

  3. i cant even do an axel but my loop jumps are pretty strong. I'd probs feel more confident trying a double loop then an axel, double salchow or double toe like my coach wants me to

  4. omg im on double loop and double flip at the moment and this doesn't give me a fucking clue how to get my double loop properly, and my coach is teaching me it properly on tuesday, and this only says how she fucking goes into it….. !

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