Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Loop Ice Skating Jump

Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Loop Ice Skating Jump

Hi! I’m Simone Fisher and I’m here at Clearwater
Ice Arena in sunny Clearwater, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, we’re going to introduce
to you some advanced figure skating jumps. Hello! Now I’m going to demonstrate a loop
jump. There’s 2 different ways to go into the loop jump. I prefer to go into it using
2 back crossovers and I do a left outside 3 turn, and then I go into the jump just like
that. Some people will actually do 3 back crossovers and just go into it just from the
back crossover. What’s important about a loop jump is actually bending the jumping leg so
you can go into it and pulling up, keeping that back straight and bringing those arms
in so you can actually get the whole way around. It is also important to check out and hold
that landing so everyone can see that you just landed your jump. Now I’m going to try
to loop jump and show you what it looks like. Here I go. I’m taking my 3 turn now, 3 back
crossovers, and hold. That is the loop jump.

56 thoughts on “Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Loop Ice Skating Jump

  1. excuse me but is there a video, perhaps, on how to do a double salcow? i don't htink i spelled that right…and what about a lutz? i'm having major trouble on that and it's embarassing!

  2. I do mine the same way i cant do it how everybody else could.
    And one more thing i thin k that the lady is a gud skater but her voice kinda annoys me but i still like her.

  3. I completely agree, I started skating less than 1 yr ago and I can do the loop jump, starting with either entry, its not hard to do. To go to the Olympics u would have to skate like Mao Asada or something, this girl doesnt have what it takes. sorry, but its true.

  4. that's true, she could have bent her knees a little more. But I mean, it was just a single loop, she's probably so used to doing double and triple loops that she forgot how to do single loops lol

  5. Well, I disagree with the skinny legs part, I would love to be skinny like Sasha Cohen used to be… skinny but she had muscles!!! I am jealous u can do double loops, I've been skating for 1 yr and I might never be able to do double loops since I started skating when I was 23 yrs old. I wish I could do double jumps, single jumps look so blah!

  6. hey! u uploaded this 2 days b4 my bday! xD xD neway, i never knew that these jumps were advanced!! no wonder ive been working on them for uhm a year! but i dont have a priv teacher (cheap parents), and im totally uncoordinated, but, ive been doing it for 8 years right? i should have it down by now!! ack! i totally suck. do you have any tips i can print off for the loop?

  7. oh yeah, and here in lincoln, the only rink we have is a hockey rink, and all the hockey players invade it when we're done. rough bumpy ice, and not much space, and only 3 nights of ice time a week. (i only go 1 out of the 3). really i cant see how u even do that. mmmm…

    maybe ill get used to it eventually.

  8. No you dont suck!!!! I feel bad for you, one ice rink in Lincoln??! I have a cousin who lives in Lincoln. I lived in Kansas for 6 months like, 8 yrs ago, I dont remember seeing any ice rinks down there!

  9. Actually, there is (at least) one more entry into the loop. It's called "loop step" in German. I'm still searching for the Englich term. Gotta ask my coach…

  10. I'm an figure skater and I wnat to say some things. First this jump is not an advanced jump, It's a preliminary jump. Second of all she is toe pushing like crazy which is somthing coachs teach you first NOT to toe push. Thirdly the jump is never preformed with a three turn. Last that was hardly a jump, because the jump was not high enough. That is just my opinoin…

  11. you havent learned this jump yet?
    its like the easiest jump ever!!!! but oh well… good luck!!!!! 🙂

  12. It's scary that she has that kind of pants on. :O With those, your blade can easily get caught in the trouser leg of your other foot. Her trouser legs are far too big in my opinion.

  13. I don't think this is an easy jump, my daughter has been learning it, and finally landed it last weekend, took her several weeks of practice before she got it.

  14. its so much harder than it seems…i can do it perfect off ice but attempted it last week on ice and couldnt get it off the ice at all…

  15. floridians shouldn't be skating. they should be having fun outside. skating is a WINTER sport. they only get to around 50 degrees in florida during the winter on an average day and they think that's cold.

  16. @sassyqueen321 not everybody needs to figure skate. and freeskate 1, aand i don't want to hear any "i'm better than u" crap.

  17. @sassyqueen321 ya. so. i'm not from kansas. plus, i've only been skating for maybe… idk… a year? Plus i only go once a week. Besides, even though i'm in freeskate 1, i still know moves from freeskate 2.

  18. @sassyqueen321 same happened to me. i was at basic 2 though. then i stopped for a few years, but when i came back, i got to basic 3 really fast, next thing I knew, i was in freesyle 1!

  19. @iheartfuzzies96 Don't be scared. When you go faster it makes it 435678920x times easier to actually land the jump 🙂

  20. @himynameiseleanor you need to go into the jump with more speed and dont slow down before you go into it just hold the edge, sometimes i find i land with a stand still and i found that i pull my arms in too quickly so i just go up and down not through if that makes sense… just hold the edge and jump through

  21. there is actually more than 2 ways to go into a loop, i go into it on a forward outside 3 turn then take off without putting my foot down

  22. Ive been doing the program now for 3weeks now
    dude and have already noticed improvement.Im
    pretty stoked with the results Ive seen. So, im
    looking forward to see better results in the next
    few weeks. but dude, you mispelled the site name.
    That should be:
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  23. I BARELY passed this jump in my FreeStyle 4 test because of not enough hight-.- I can do the full rotation,land on one foot and hold the landing but apparently not enough hight?

  24. My problem is that I can't take off on one foot, when I learned it I always did two and now I know it's wrong I can't fix it

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