Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Salchow Ice Skating Jump

Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Salchow Ice Skating Jump

Hi! I’m Simone Fisher and I’m here at Clearwater
Ice Arena in sunny Clearwater, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, we’re going to introduce
to you some advanced figure skating jumps. We now Victoria on the ice and she will be
demonstrating a Salchow jump. With the Salchow, the take off is going to be on the back inside
edge of one foot. She’s going to make on rotation in the air and she will be landing on the
backward outside edge of the other foot. Here she goes. She’s taking some back crossovers
into it. She’s getting into her position. She’ll be going around and out. She’s going
to do one more.
That’s it. That is a Salchow. It’s always important to hold that landing position and
she did.

58 thoughts on “Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Salchow Ice Skating Jump

  1. Thankyou so much this helps alot. I'm trying this, tried it for the first time today and can do it in my shoes but not in skates lol.

  2. its a salchow just from a different entrace. i think this video should have shown the slachow wiht a 3 turn entracnce

  3. hmm i'm advanced lol and i never learned to do it that way. well, if you mean advanced as in doing competitions every month or whatever, then i'm not advanced…

  4. Although skated beautifully, she did far too many unnecessary steps into the jump, and the jump needs to be shown in slow motion.

  5. So the salchow is technically a half rotation jump? She doesn't take off until she's already half turned. Some say that's cheating, but that's how I learned it, too.

  6. No a Salchow is a half rotation jump. So is the toe loop. You go from forward to backward. Yes forward. Your leg comes up and through so technically you are forward even though you don't actually turn forward.

  7. Yes, if you can't do a salchow…
    but I can, and I turn more than 3/4. That's because who learns the salchow on roller skates can't cheat, and learn it properly.

  8. You may think it's a full rotation jump and it might look like a full rotation jump but it really isn't. Google the dang thing! Btw the person who invented the Salchow (Ulrich Salchow) was an ICE figure skater!

  9. Icerinkgirl is right. I asked my coach at my last lesson and, the salchow is (technically) a half rotation jump because you don't take off until you've already rotated to facing forward (the toe loop is the same and, conversely, the axel is really 1 and a half). She said attend any seminar hosted by the USFSA and this is what you will learn.

  10. She didn't say anything about YOU knowing what you're doing, she's talking about her and what she feels she can do. Let her talk if she wants to, I can do a salchow, but can't get 7 rotations on a two-foot spin. It happens.

  11. (1) Thanks, but I know history of skating, probably better than you, but a salchow is a salchow both on the ice and on roller skates. What I'm saying is that who learns it on roller skates, because one CAN'T CHEAT on the taking off (as you can do on ice), learns to do it with more than a 3/4 rotation. And, sorry for you, but this is not my "opinion", this is what it is, and what a screenshot of my jump, in the moment I take off, could tell you both more clearly. 🙂

  12. I will tell you now what I told you in that ridiculous message you sent me: GET A LIFE. We all believe what we know in real life over strangers on YT so who really cares what you "know?" It's ALL opinions here because no one can back it up over the internet so take it with a grain of salt and move on.

  13. And I'll tell you sthing about your quite offensive answer that Iwon't report:I'm just answering to what YOUtold about me,that Iwas writing what I"imagine to do"!You can blindly believe in whatever you want,but this is what you can find in an ordinarybook about figureskating technique or,if youwant,what a competent coach could tellyou.You are a beginner and everybeginner do the salchow in the way you do it.That's why it'sACCEPTED.But it's not a PROPER salchow,if you can understand theDIFFERENCE.

  14. So YOU get a life, we're only discussing about figure skating like ANYONE here. I think to know a bit more than two beginners, since I've been practicing both ice skating AND roller skating since I was 5, and I probably have the right to wright something about it. 😀 If you both can't accept advises it's not my problem, but you haven't got the right to be offensive, and you haven't got the right to say I only inmagine, since I have MUCH MORE experience than you both. Bye

  15. This is the rest of my message that I couldn't send yesterday for some reasons.
    Normally a double or a triple jump takes off when you are fouryfive or even sixty degrees rotated, but when you do a single jump this is not necessary and if you are good enough, you can take off when you are less than fourtyfive degrees rotated. If you can't do it, it's not my problem. That's it.

  16. You've typed like 5 msgs fussing at this "beginner" (who is probably old enough to be YOUR coach) and it's "not your problem." Uh-huh. Self-esteem works wonders, little girl. Turn off the computer and go find some.

  17. I thought the messages I sent you were two… but I'm SURE you saw five. 😀
    Blindness is a big problem, ecpecially when you call me "little girl", and I'm SIX YEARS OLDER than you 😀
    Turn off the computer and go find an optician. 😀

  18. Not only do you insult like a child, but apparently you can't count OR READ. What part of "Don't talk to me anymore" was hard for you?

  19. The part where you KEEP ON writing…
    and the part where you insult me, expecially by messages.
    I like incoherent people. Especially when they don't know… 🙂

  20. it's actually a half rotation she just explained it badly. like a toe loop you end up forwards on your takeoff.

  21. no toepick, you do the left outside 3 turn, check, and then swing ur right leg thru like your kicking a soccer ball.

  22. lol, I agree it's easy with a par of good blades. With my old blades it didn't look so good, but when I get my new ones it's Really easy. Don't put people thumbs down only because it's easyer for them, people who didn't get it as fast will sooner or later anyhow! keep up the good work :)))

  23. ok…this is not teaching me how to do the salchow this is just showing it to me…..and .. believe me i kno what it looks like

  24. @FizzyJones my salchow wrecks my head…coach has to fix something with it every week…personally with the exception of axel i prefer the toe jumps

  25. gosh, that's so helpful. I can totally do it now. That girl was on the other side of the rink whne she demonstrated, and i could see perfectly.

  26. @FizzyJones same, its funny how ive been doing my salchow for probably 6 years and my loop and flip and lutz for about a year but i can do all 3 of them better than my salchow, all of a sudden i just cant do it anymore :/

  27. @XKatherinePrestonX i agree that it doesn't help much, but all you have to do is goo into it with a 3 turn so that your on a backwards inside edge, then check, otherwise you will swing and not properly jump, and pull your right leg (if your rotate anti-clockwise like most skaters) infront of your left as you take off…not sure if that was any help to you

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  29. I recently remembered that a skating friend of mine is a leftie skater, so I let her know that I may I hit her up on occasion if I get confused with something. 🙂 As I get better with skating (I'm only in ISI FS 1), I'm hoping to post some videos to help out fellow clockwise skaters. 🙂

  30. the one who is gonna have her as coach will be so sad: now, you take off with back inside edge of one foot and make 1 rotaion and land with back outside edge of another foot, and that's it, that's a salchow. 🙂

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