Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Toe Loop Ice Skating Jump

Advanced Ice Skating Jumps : The Toe Loop Ice Skating Jump

Hi! I’m Simone Fisher and I’m here at Clearwater
Ice Arena in sunny Clearwater, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, we’re going to introduce
to you some advanced figure skating jumps. Hi! Now I’m going to demonstrate a toe loop.
The toe loop is just like the loop jump, except you actually put your toe in the ground and
you jump up off the toe. Basically, it’s the same thing. You bend your knee, jump right
off that toe pick, bring your arms in, jump around, and have a nice landing position.
With the top loop, I usually take 3 strokes into it, do a 3 turn, pick into the ice, and
away I go. I’m going to now demonstrate the toe loop. Here I go. I’m actually going to
turn around and come toward you so you can see. Here we go. 1, 2, and that is a toe loop.

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  1. Honestly, that really was hardly an explnation at all, esp. considering, how much my coach told me. She always demonstrates the take off in slow motion. In the case of the toe loop, she puts her left foot into the ice behind her. Then she pulls so that the right foot glides backwards and passes the right (on the left side), at the same time closing her arms in front of her left side). And she jumps off by taking the right foot up.

  2. Waltz jumps are considered the easiest jump. But for some reason, nobody in my Basic 8 class passed the Waltz Jump because the teacher said we "hopped" instead of "jumped."
    Waltz jumps really aren't that easy for me. But that's just me.

  3. the difference is that you don t hit the ice (i mean the toe) with the same leg. and usually when you learn it, you learn the flip with an outside 3-turn, and the toe-loop with an inside 3 turn.

  4. in ireland usually you learn the bunny hop, then the waltz/three jump, then the salchow, then the toe loop. i find the salchow so much easier to land.

  5. She is really going to have a tough time doing her toe loop if she is puting her toe in the ground like she says. This expert vilage is stund and mindless which equals slightly funny and repulsive

  6. lol wow. U definatley can not jump… Please get a better skating to demo next time. LOLZ Jump higher buddy! ya can't do a double toe with that.

  7. in ireland we generally learn the salchow then the toe loop and after that i think its lutz then loop…I'm not at that level yet but i can do a waltz/three jump and a loop. toe loop is tricky.

  8. no need to get big in the head. different places, different coaches, different systems. I know people who are skating 2 years and they're only starting on axels. some systems require you to go through a basics of skating programme before you move on to figure skating in full. In Ireland this programme ends with the waltz jump and basic 1foot spin. It takes roughly 10 months min to complete it and only then can you move on. a skaters coach will know when they're ready.

  9. i'm doing waltz now. It can be fairly tricky. you have to just learn to get used to throwing your body in the air. it can be strange at first.

  10. ISAI its pre-bronze but its considered advanced because we do a basic programme first. pre-bronze is the first "Advanced Test" if you get what i mean.

  11. There was nothing wrong with the jump itself…. it was just not explained well at all. She didn't explain which edge to take off from or which toe to put in the ice… let alone weight transfer, checking, etc. And if you're going to say "it's just like the loop, except with the toe" you have to make sure to explain what a loop is to begin with.

  12. That was not very helpful at all. She gave no explanation of how the jump should be done really. I know (I think) you need to do a left outside three then pick with the right and then jump to the left?

  13. You take off from a back outside edge – so if you jump counter-clockwise, and want to enter with a 3-turn, it would be a right inside 3 turn. Then, gliding backwards on the right outside edge, you'd plant the toe pick of the left foot into the ice, vault into the air, turn counter clockwise, and land on the back outside edge of the right foot.

  14. not the best toe loop i have ever seen and the explanation isnt very good but atleast she was brave enough to put it on camera for us to watch and to educate the beginning class.

  15. gees you guys can anyone say anything nice these days? her toe loop is fine! get over it! most of you were probably jealous that she can do something you can't :/ i though of it as a helpful video. thanks:)
    God bless-livie

  16. @Vanyaloth

    I think that it's REALLLLLY hard to do a toe loop on ice, REALLLY slowly so that people can see how to do it.

    You try slowing it down for the purposes of instruction in the absence of a high speed camera so that people can see what you're doing with your skates. LOL. Good luck with that. Wear padding.

  17. Hey this jump isn't that bad…. she just needs more confidence… but she doesn't exlain well though… just needs better explainations and zoom in on the jumo and after explain it again.

  18. first of all, the only thing toe loops and loops have in common is the word 'loop'. second, You shouldn't be showing other people how to do a jump when your own jump is only like an inch off the ground! and third, a toe loop is NOT an advanced jump! its like the second jump you learn in figure skating!

  19. I figure skated last winter, I'm not so good, but I'll start line skating soon so I can be better on the ice this year! Is it a good way to learn?

  20. @islaie I've got a mental block with the toe loop, I found the salchow most natural and I'm closer to a decent axel than the toe 🙁

  21. I think u need real figure skaters…and p.s. that was a really bad toe loop you should do it right next time.

  22. @kkmusic14 lmfaooo im from the north, but i skate here in florida now. and ive seen some pretty talented people here. Just because its different climates, doesnt mean someone cant skate. I mean….i wont lie…there are a lot of people who cant skate to save their life, but that doesnt mean others cant just because they live where its hot. We still have skating rinks 😛

  23. LOL Simone fisher is like the coach Tina Harwood from Ice Princess and the girl demonstrating reminds me of Casey when she was demonstrating her toe loop on camera xD

  24. She doesn't even explain that usually when you are doing a toe loop, you start from doing an inside 3.

  25. okay, heres an easy way to explain the toe loop, do an inside three turn, put your toe pick in, and basically do a waltz jump kind of sort of. does that make sense? probably not.

  26. a toe loop isn't in basic. a toe loop is in like freestyle 3 or 4. i mean, i'm basic level 4, and i can do a toe loop, but thats just because im able to do more advanced stuff.

  27. maybe in isi but not usfs. a toe loop is in no way advanced. it also depends on how old you are. i know a 5 year old thats pretty advanced for her age considering she was trying axels once and can do the first few single jumps like toe loop and loop and waltz jump. if your five then sure its advaced. if your 10 then no its not. if your older then 11 and youve been skating for more than a year then you arent advanced, your behind.

  28. I've been skating since September. In no way whats so ever, are you behind if you've been skating for a year or more, you're just a slower learner. I am also part of USFS, and i'm low level. So for my low level (basic level 4), its considered advanced.

  29. Ummm toe loops are def wayy too advanced for basic 4!! I mean yea, theyre easy, but not for some whoes only been skating for a fee months!! I learned mine after skating for about 7 or 8 months

  30. check after the 3 turn, dont swing to much on it or go into a really large edge… also when you dig your toe in make sure you jump imediately and dont let your other leg catch up or you wont jump very much at all. but most of all dont be scared of it, just go for it! good luck hope this helps 🙂

  31. Oh gosh…if this is the way of learning toe loop…no thanks. The toe loop is the easiest jump. the technique shown in this movie does gives to much movement in the upper body. No offence, I like the intention of making the video's for children or adults to learn the toe loop.

  32. i have to disagree, because i am a figure skater in south florida & alot of my friends are figure skaters aswell. we're all very good. dont say all people in florida shouldn't skate, because we're just as good as people in the north. k thanks.

  33. Some have commented about the overly simple explanation of the jump. There's a lot of detail that can't be put into a few words, but the most important things to focus on are springing into the air and turning the hips. If the hips get around the foot will too. Salchow and toe loop is not exactly a waltz off the pick, but it's similar. These are all in the same difficulty range.

  34. are you in the Basic Skills Program cause if you are, my daughter is learning this and she's on freeskate 2! Don't worry, though, you'll get it.

  35. Girls like you leaving catty remarks cutting down other skaters for no good reason certainly doesn't help the bad rap figure skaters get for being snobs.

  36. I'm learning the toe loop right now, and I came on here looking for some helpful videos. This one was just a video of a girl doing a fast toe loop. Not helpful for learning, sorry.

  37. Her arms are not exactly right and she should wait a tiny bit after the three turn it make the jump look a bit sloppy, but it had great height and a nice landing. So overall a good jump it just needs a little tweaking and then it would be perfect 🙂

  38. it doesn't say 'how to do a toe loop' it just says 'the toe loop' so if you came here to learn you've come to the wrong place..

  39. Bad example of a toe loop. The toe pick should never be place on the outside of the 3 turn. That's the lazy way of doing a toe loop. The toe pick should always go behind the 3 turn as if you're starting a back outside pivot.

  40. Wow… can't believe it. I learned this jump through this video and now can do it better than she can. Yikes. 

  41. I'm not trying to be rude but your suppose to start from backwards cross over and when you tap you foot in the ice you want to sorta Curtic but she didn't do neither of those things

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