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  1. Thank you glad to hear you like the films, I do often wear a helmet since this was filmed. I strongly believe it is a personal choice but also a lot of people watch the films so all of the new series is filmed with a helmet.

  2. Darren I haven't skied for 30 years and am starting again. Your videos are awesome and you explain things so well. Thanks a lot!!!!

  3. You're very welcome it is a bit like riding a bike I'm sure you will remember more than you think, good luck and enjoy it.
    Thanks again Darren

  4. I stopped skiing after my daughter's birth, now she's 6 and start learn to ski, in a quick few weeks she's already as good or bad as I am , I no longer qualify for any further teaching, Luckily your video helped a lot, we watch them on iPhone when we at ski break study the move and evaluate our progress, thanks a lot..

  5. You're very welcome pleased to know the films are helping, did you have ski school app on your phone or were you streaming the videos?

  6. Darren, you're videos are outstanding! Thank you for posting them. I'm a ski instructor in Minnesota where the hills are very small, and when I go out west to ski I'm suffering non-stop on days 4 and 5. Being "stacked" doesn't seem so important here, but I know it does matter on real ski hills and I've been working on getting better at that as well as teaching my students better technique. Thanks!

  7. It's really great to hear other instructors enjoy my films thanks very much, and don't forget you can download the ski school app and use it with your clients to compare their body positions.Thanks again and have a great season Darren.

  8. Have a look at my turn shape video, you must control your speed before you start your new turn. Maybe you're trying to carve when you need to have a small amount of skid to help your control speed?

  9. Hmmm specially the part around 1:37 i would say you NOT stacked anymore. Since your upperski is always more infront then the downhill ski. There for the body will always be a little "valley" open.

    But great video non the less. Very good explenations. Dont forget the slopeangle stack adjustment ^^

  10. Your inside shoulder drops. Your inside ski isn't angled enough. Your head wasn't looking in the direction you wanted to go. And try pole planting with just you wrist not your arm. Your welcome

  11. What a great tip for those that over rotate the upper body into the hill to (falsely) control speed but riding out a carved turn isn't a beginner or even intermediate skill so facing the fall line (with upper body rotation downhill) is more helpful to almost every skier.

  12. This is one of my favorite videos. After watching this I corrected my over-rotation issue, and I feel much stronger and better balanced on the snow. Now no matter how the snow texture is, being stacked gets you out of the turn easy and with no trouble. Thank you. Nice jacket by the way.

  13. Interesting hand positions, I've never see that approach before. While it works for long radius turns I think the Schlopy Drill hand positions would promote a much stronger inside half and would also lead to developing better counter which would allow better medium and short radius turns (and better separation). Thanks for the unique perspective though!

  14. What does the theory say about having the hands stacked when skiing? ie. the hands have the same distance to the snow at all times.

  15. What I have been taught by probably the best skier at Killington, Vermont, USA is to think of your upper body as a box. Keep it quite and always facing downhill, hands forward. Rotate you ankles and hips to make your turns. Also stay loose. Think of your body as a "Noodle".

  16. I'm wondering how you 'stay stacked' and follow the direction of the ski yet we're also meant to keep out bodies still and facing down the hill always? I understand about being balanced and stacked but it seems a bit contradictory, can you explain? Digging the vids and I did buy an app.

  17. As a ski coach and previously racer, I always learned and taught that a "stacked" position is bad at high speeds. Counter-rotation (keeps shoulders down the hill) puts most of the weight on the outside ski and gives a solid stance. Just look up "GS skiing" on google images and have a look at the world's top skiers, and how their shoulders are facing the bottom as their skis are pointing across the hill. Here's a World Cup run break-down: /watch?v=56HKSJ5FN8M —>2:10 my point exactly.

  18. I love the way videos like this bring out all the armchair experts with all their technical jargon and b*ll*cks (and they are all ski racers and coaches). Good video clearly explained and nice simple style.

  19. Poles are not there to help you brake while skiing, however, in my experience, they help with the turns more than anything.

  20. I am very old school. but if you are holding the inside thigh would that no put more weight on the inside ski therfor increasing the oppotunity for the shoulders to come uphill and off balance. still love your instruction tho so simple to follow. many thanks

  21. I think your videos are terrific. I am an intermediate-advanced skier, and much of what you say is so nice for putting into practice. I am surprised at the level of criticism on youtube. You are doing a terrific job. Keep up the good work.

  22. Love all the video's.  My eight year old daughter watched the carving video last year before the season and brilliantly started the year off carving! It seems as if I've been skiing forever, and I've dragged bad technique along for the ride. These videos are helping me tweak my skiing and are offering me more confidence. I still only drop into the double blacks on occasion. The fear of moguls (the final frontier) has held me back. The dreaded chutes are filled with moguls. Maybe this year I can try the moguls again. Skiing with my daughter on the blueblacks and the blacks is probably more fun than the brief ego boost a chute will give me. Oh well. Thanks. Where are these videos filmed? Rockies?

  23. Watch the video carefully and watch the demonstrations.  His explanation didn't exactly illustrate what he demonstrated later. Although it showed good skiing, I'm not sure it was clear about the "stacking" aspect other than mentioning the strength comes from skeletal alignment.  

  24. i disagree. you're a good skier, but some things are wrong. 1: to align your axis (tips, knees, hips, shoulders) in a slope you have to turn your shoulders valley-side (parallel to your tips on the slope, the uphill-tip is more forward than the downhill-tip). then you have to lean your upper body a bit downhill, to load the downhill ski. initiating a turn results from unloading the downhill ski and stretching the slope-side leg, and once you're facing downhill you load the outside ski (the becoming downhill ski) by leaning your upper body a bit outside. that's why 2: the hand-on-knee exercise should be done with the hand on the outside knee (to teach students putting pressure/load on the outside ski) and the other hand pointing  a bit outside/valley-side too, try pointing across your outside ski tip. (you see, now you load the correct ski and turn your shoulders parallel to your tips. eureka!). take care tough, the hand shall not put pressure on the outside ski before the moment you face directly downhill! this is the moment where load-change happens. so: hand on  downhill knee – both hands up and balance and unload – wait till facing directly downhill – hand on outside knee, remains there till turn is finished and becomes new downhill knee – repeat. that's how we instruct students over here, and teach them the correct loading.
    when carefully watching your slowmo, you're proving your own exercise wrong, as your outside ski is clearly more unstable and drifting, compared to you skiing with poles "normally". your "normal" skiing looks quite good, just think about your instructing. i hope my english is good enough to bring my point across and no insults, just inspiration ,-)
    greetz ^^

  25. You know, for questions or tips OR even exeptions, like ex: you see his other video dynamic turns you cant have your shoulders aligned, its called power turns -,- not dynamic -,-

  26. You need to keep you skis closer together and your body straight and centered with your legs swaying back and forth. Smaller turns too.

  27. I love your video.It taught me how to shred.I am going skiing this weekend and you taught me a lot!!!!! Thank you!!!

  28. Wrong term use ( where did you heard this "stacked" buzz word? Body's axis do not stacked unless you want to stuck into the snow!!)
     Body's Axes can either be Aligned or Missaligned.
    If helping skiers improve their technique is the reason you post videos then using biomechanics terminology is essential.
    Another essential thing is to execute right exactly what you propose.

  29. While he is clearly a good skier, I do have a few problems with this drill; first, it drops the inside hand, but, more importantly, it teaches improper upper body positioning. This includes dropping the inside hand but also the fact that his shoulders are not square to the bottom of the hill. Rather than creating "the strongest position," this actually lessens the pressure on the skis and results in a weaker turn. While I understand that not every skill can be tested in one drill, I find this shoulder flaw rather problematic.

  30. I agree with Marielle…this drill is not supporting the downhill ski loading and causing shoulder movement.

  31. Great video.I find all Darren,s istruction and action very helpful and simple to follow. I find  the hand on the thigh technique help to stabilize my shoulder. I am able now to ski down black runs confidently few weeks ago this year following his videos advice on skiing steep. I have overcome the fear of skiing steep for years. Thanks, Darren.

  32. I might get a lot of hate for this but here goes. While he is an adequate skier, this instructor is far from the best. Many of his videos actually display improper skiing techniques and I do not think these videos would be good learning aids for anyone who wants to become an advanced skier, although the methods may be all right if you're a beginner. The pole technique shown in his video are wrong as he holds them to far from his body and uses them minimally. Also, as has been mentioned before, he does not keep his shoulder pointing down hill which is key in advanced skiing. I don't mean to be offensive, I just would like to put this out there so people dont develop bad skiing habits.

  33. What's with the helmet policing and negative comments? You don't find this informative, use the stop button and go polish up your helmets.

  34. Am I crazy?   He isnt really that great of a skier.  He is better than most but he barely even gets on his edges.  I would call his technique sliding more than skiing.  I will say his upper body looks ok.  But, this is not really good skiing.

  35. problem for this good guy with is trying hard… is his sticks which goes everywhere but never in line with the body…. think about it

  36. Austrians (Diplomlehrer/staatlich) teached me to never ever plant my pole forware while carving or skiing faster. If the tip goes in the snow the rebound will be to big and you will get launched.

  37. I really appreciate your lessons. They are fun and insightful. Many times I'll review and practice on the mountain. You can never be too old or too experienced to learn something new. Thanks!

  38. I see the point of this excercise and it can be useful for keeping your position. However the skier getting this excercise must be aware of the importance of putting most of their weight on the outer ski when turning. Unfortunately, this excercise promotes putting more weight on the inner ski when turning (because of the hand-on-the-knee thing). So while a good position is important, the weight distribution between the skis is crucial for good technique. With the right information this is really a nice excercise though.

  39. After all my years of skiing on traditional straight planks and once again getting myself back into skiing, I find these new shaped skis along with the technique a lot harder to learn. Where I used to keep my legs and skis together for slalom purposes, I now have to concentrate on keeping my knees and skis apart. I tried once last year and it was awkward! I guess I will just have to continue to persevere?

  40. A few days ago I came home after a 2 weeks of skiing course where I learned how to ski. Now as watching this video i want to go back in the mountain. ♥

  41. Please don't take this advice. The way he performs this drill will cause your technique to go in the exact opposite direction of progression. Having the outside hand follow the ski opposes upper/lower body separation. Your shoulders should point squarely down the hill as your legs turn the skis underneath you. This forces weight and edge pressure onto the outside ski (where it should almost always be) while improving balance and stability. If you want a good drill to improve similar to this, place the outside hand on the downhill knee while pointing the inside arm across the skis down the fall line.

  42. I thought the shoulders were supposed to be square to the mountain with you looking down to the next two turns. Am I doing it wrong??

  43. You do a good job to illustrate skiing . There are to many smartarses in the comments below . It’s always easy to be critical but the art to criticism is build positivity into the comment .

  44. Wait… I was led to believe there should the body should be separated from the legs from another video of yours.

  45. My dad trained lots of ski racers and he said he skis totally wrong. He needs to make a better movement with his arms

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