Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : 360 Snow Ski Trick

Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : 360 Snow Ski Trick

Okay. So, the next trick that I am going to
be walking you guys through is the basic 360. What you are going to want to do with this
is make sure you lead with your head after you pop off the lip, similar to the way that
you were hitting the other jumps. You want to go, and don’t set your hand like this,
like a lot of people do, but you just want to pop. And wherever your head goes, that’s
where your body is going to go. Okay? So, now I am just going to go and drop, and kind
of walk you guys through when I am actually going off the jump. So, you are going to want
to go with a decent amount of speed, making a few turns, and then when you get up to the
lip, just pop like that, and then land it right away. And then, once again as you notice, I cruised
off to the side of the jump, where it is safe and okay to stop. You just want to make sure
that you are being safe the whole time, regardless of what tricks you are doing. You just want
to make sure that you are not in anyone’s way, not in the landing of the jump. Even
if you do fall, try to make it off to the side. And like I said for the 360, make sure
you just go and pop your spin and set it, and just wherever your head goes, that is
where your body is going to go. When you come around, you will be able to spot the landing
and just put the landing gear down, and then you will be okay and cruise away and right
out from it.

74 thoughts on “Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : 360 Snow Ski Trick

  1. to everyone who said "wear a helmet", u are nagging little bitches, the guy can clearly do it with his eyes closed but its his risk anyways, he explains it well so who gives a shit, im guessing pretty much anyone watching this vid cant do a 360 as clean as this and u helmet fags are just bitter, jealous assholes

  2. Just pop it then land it right away hahaha
    Me: Hey mister ski instructor I watched your video but still ate shit- do you have any advice?
    Dude: Well what happened?
    Me: I approached the jump…
    Dude: Good. And then?
    Me: And then popped at the lip and rotated all the way around.
    Dude: Also good. Than what?
    Me: Well, then I wiped out.
    Dude: Aha! See, that's your problem right there- you need to pop it and then the last step is to land it right away!
    Me: Oh I see now!

  3. Lol once again if you noticed I cruised off to the side of the jump where its safe and okay to stop.

    I noticed the people who had to dodge him because he stopped in the middle of the hill.

  4. dip shit i dont think ppl trying to do a 360 want to go off a big jump 4 trying to do there 1st 360 i did my first on a small jump maybe 2 and half feet tall

  5. @T8121 If you know so much why are you watching Internet how-to vids, and not in the park? The snows not gonna stay forever dipshit!

  6. @imoney21 he says 'land, and ride away' you all just expect watching a vid is going to teach u how to do this and then you're angry bitches when it doesnt magically bestow you with powers to do it. go practice and see were that gets u, try doing a bit of actual work. lazy fucks

  7. this guy cant explain anything and is always out of breath. i feel like he was involved in a horrible ski accident, judging from the knee brace and the brain damage. lol

  8. fuck i tried this and i spinned 180 landed on my tummy πŸ™ and yeah the jump wasnt too smaal it has 8 meters flat..

  9. hey guys, watch this video of my attempt of a 360 before i watched this video, i stack hardd. /watch?v=VFDSHld06Bw&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

  10. this is pathetic… ur teaching them how to do one of the easiest tricks.. and the guy doing it doesnt even do it right. he approached wrong had his form wrong and thats way too big of a jump to want to learn a 3 off of.

  11. I looked at the first 3 peoples' profiles who are insulting this guy's videos and not one of them had a tutorial, or even skiing videos posted. Post something better or shut up. Actually, just shut up.

  12. @PWNDinyoface Come on bro…i looked at ur vids.if you concider riding park sitting inside all day and playing call of duty then stop using youtube to brag

  13. so maybe someone can help me here…what am i doing wrong if every time i spin i go off axis and cork a little bit. it makes for a very difficult landing as i am almost parallel to the ground. any ideas??

  14. @supersurferdude36 make sure to pop evenly with both feet, also you might be trying to set your spin before or as you pop, make sure that you pop then set

  15. @fowlerg43 Hey man, im learning 3's too..i had exactly the same problem! The key, I learnt, is to keep a really wide stance as you hit the lip – almost a snowplow. This way, you are using your edges to give you grip with the spin, and it's much easier. You don't need to swing your arms, it's all in the pop and the foot positioning.

  16. dude, how tall are you…i happen to be 6 foot 5 and my balance is terrible….any suggestions to help me get more rotation?

  17. its 90% thinking you can do it, and 10% actually doing it. accept the fact you're probably gonna bail, and go for it, you'll probably actually land it. when you come around, find a focal point somewhere at the landing like a tree or something in the distance to stop your rotation so you focus on your landing and dont over rotate.

  18. Come on guys really?! U should be able to figure this stuff out. no one ever taught me and i can do it on flat!

  19. it looks like this guy did all these vids in one day, if i were another person there at the mountain id be like yo whats up the cameras and guy talking to himself

  20. Why dont you just shut the fuck up?? You gonna post this crap on every ski video on youtube?YOU search for "how to do a backflip" videos and you talk crap about people who want to learn a 360:?? Go play runescape -.- and yes i checked your account.

  21. Haha, good job kid. Haven't you noticed I'm a troll? I guess not. I do post good comments on my friends accounts. Just to let you know; a back flip is completely different than a 360. Oh, and Runescape sucks dick. That game is dead, I played for maybe a week and quit. Research a little harder before you try to pull out something useful. πŸ™‚

  22. A 360 takes around 2 seconds to complete. If you want to know if you'll have time to do it, make someone else do it first.

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