Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : Left Side 540 Snow Ski Trick

Okay so the trick that I am going to be running
now is the basic left 540. You are going to want to combine the stuff you learned from
doing 360’s and 180’s. From 360’s you are going how to set your stand and follow through
with your head and then from the 180’s, because this is the 540’s, you are going to be leaning
backwards and you are definitely going to want to get comfortable with those because
this is spinning and going a little bit past 360 and landing backwards and landing switch
right away. You still want to remember taking off with the proper stance, hands forward,
getting enough speed, try to spin a little bit faster and then when it is time to land
you are going to be facing backwards and you are going to land it right away. Now you are
going to go to the jump with a decent amount of speed and so as you noticed right there when I came
down from the spin I opened up just a little bit to stop my spinning so fast and then I
came down getting ready to land switch. When you land switch you want to land always looking
over your shoulder so you are setting up getting ready to go over the hill again. You are not
going to want to land blind because if there is someone behind you for some reason you
are not going to be able to stop. So land switch like this looking down the hill already
and then cruise away if you want to hit the next jump you can hit it and jump and then
cruise off to the next side. Make sure you don’t stop in the middle of the landing and
that is how you do a 540.

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