Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : Switch 180 Snow Ski Trick

Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : Switch 180 Snow Ski Trick

O’kay so the trick that I am going to be walking
through now is the basic switch trick. What you are going to want to do is approach the
jump going backwards and you are going to do a switch 180 and you are going to go from
taking off backwards and you are going to land forward again with your legs scissored
and looking over your shoulder it is automatically going to set your spin and you are not going
to have to throw your arms or throw your head or anything. The way your body is positioned
will automatically set the spin for you. What you want to do after your get the drop switch
down you want to hop switch and make some turns going down to it and then just pop.
Then with that you are just going to want to ride away as if you were landing any other
trick forward and just cruise away and that is how you do a switch 180.

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  1. Why is everyone Abusing the messages on these videos. this guy is putting out lots of really good videos that help beginner freestylers to see what tricks look like and what they are called.

  2. u can land backwards without twin tips u just gota learn forward ( A LITTLE BIT, NOT A LOT) although..if ur in really powder-y snow it won't work out too well). I ski on the east coast where its tightly packed groomed snow 95% of the time,landing backwards without twin tips aint the best idea but its possible

  3. You're right. He can ski, but can't teach for shit.
    Most people who are starting out doing ski tricks will not go as "big" as this the first couple of times, so they WILL need to throw their arms or twist their legs in order to get all the way around.

  4. yea, some good brands are armada, now u can get em cheap cuz its summer, go too their website and u can see all their moddles, they have ratings for each ski, for example.
    groomers 9/10
    park 10/10 etc

  5. levi's saggy pant collection 2007, im not sure if its the navy blue or the pacific ocean blue, probly the lame i dont know how to jump but i chill in the park blue

  6. i can't do switch 180's….probably because i don't have freestyle skiis but totally different subject……why do i keep sliding out when i try to go sideways on a box? is it something to do with the spreading of my feet?

  7. @Mr1994z I don't really know which one's better but I use rossi S4 181cm and I love them so. I used to own softer skis so it's a bit of a change but if your comfy riding then i'd recommend them

  8. they are awsome. they are a little bit fatter than park only skis to give you flotation on powder but they are still really good in the park. i have a video on my profile of me using them but its not in the park.

  9. yea i go backwards all the time on them and turning is a little bit easier and mostly you feel way more like i guess secure because you dont have to worry about the flat ends sticking into something, especially when landing

  10. Whats with boarders wearing there pants like they would if they were jeans, makes them look like douch bags. Plus, its a sport so dress like it. I mean im a skier and i were board clothes but come on….

  11. allright so your gonna ride away so that its safe for everyone. take note that the snowboarder going off the rail in your safe zone might fall but thats okay because he isnt a skier

  12. im just going to ride away like i would any other forward landing trick? as oppsed to what? cause idk about anyone else but im only aware of one way to ride away from a forward landing trick…

  13. no need to slag him off, if you dont like him or his advice then buzz off? hes only trying to help other skiiers whats the harm in that -.-?

  14. *Okay, so what you want to do in a switch 180 is just to approach the jump backwards, and just do a switch 180* Well, thanks for your help….

  15. are the guys in the end laughing at him? hm… they must hve thought "what a shizophrenic gay!" thats not nice… xD
    okay, BUT: you helped me a lot so – thx!

  16. 10 snowboarders disliked this video, the same 10 snowboarders disliked your comment therefore the snowboarders are going to sacrifice their babies to the dark lord satan and use their vagina flaps to fly

  17. i would venture a switch 360 is easier than a regular 360 if you are comfortable skiing switch. your body is already turned greater than 90 degrees which aids in the rotation off the jump. my original problem with 360's was i wasn't starting my upper body rotation prior to exiting the lip so 360's took me awhile to learn. i could actually backflip before i could 360.

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