Ahn HyunSoo tries world’s first-ever baby blanket skating with Jane[The Return of Superman/20171029]

Ahn HyunSoo tries world’s first-ever baby blanket skating with Jane[The Return of Superman/20171029]

How nice. – It’s so nice. / – Nice. (The father and daughter are here to practice.) Hello. I’m practicing by myself today. – Thank you. / – Where’s her mom today? – Dad. / – Am I your dad? (She’s brave even without her mom.) Let’s go. I have to go skate. Shall we go this way? (It’s the skaters’ locker room.) (Amazed) What is all this? What is that? I’m tying my laces. Yes. (Giggling) You never saw me tying skates, right? (She’s excited just looking at laces.) – Jane. / – Jane! Say hello. Hello. Who is the girl giving Jane a hug? (Coach Alex and his daughter, Vicka) I like it. You’re exactly the same as your dad. Let’s skate. Let’s skate, Jane. (Jane is wearing her first skates.) Are you two ready to skate? I’ll go for a round. Bye. (He’s skating fast) (thanks to Jane’s support.) Victor is back to being a short track skater as he focuses on his practice. (He’s always on top of his training.) Dad. He’s skating harder with Jane’s cheers. (There’s no hesitation as he turns corners.) Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. (Victor checks on Jane from time to time.) High-five. High-five. (Dad, you’re great!) How do you feel? Great. Great. Good. Good. Great. (Victor and Alex are having a discussion.) (When is this going to be over?) (Jane reaches out for her dad.) (Kicking) (She misses her dad.) Come to Dad. (She misses her dad.) (Piggybacking) Great. What is this now? (What is that pink object?) (He received a baby blanket from his fans.) (Is it a blanket?) (Who would have thought he’d use it here?) (The coach is helping Victor.) (Jane has never used this before.) Jane has never used a baby blanket. Will she like it? (She looks uncomfortable.) The world’s first baby piggyback skating. It’s only possible with a skater dad. Like this. (His thigh muscles are used for piggybacking.) One, two. One, two. One, two. One, two. Jane! Hello. (This is so much fun.) Are you having fun? Do you like it? (The practice is over. Let’s go play!) After practice, Victor and Jane visit a traditional market. There are a lot of stuff. What is it? It’s a famous market full of arts and crafts. (Moscow’s traditional market) Since we received gifts from Korea, let’s buy gifts to send back. You can choose. What do you like? Which one do you like? That? Do you like that? Shall I open it? Did you just kiss it? You can choose. (A music box?) I’ll buy it for you. (Grabbing) Do you like this one? (She loves matryoshka.) Who is that? (They discover something interesting.) He’s the president of Russia. (It’s a Putin matryoshka.) Look, Jane. The Korean president is here too. Look. Jane, a hat. Do you want to try? – Yes. / – Okay, which one? I’ll let you try a colorful one. (What did Victor pick?) (She looks like G-Dragon.) Mom. Jane is attracting a lot of attention. How adorable. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. We bought a matryoshka and a hat. – Hat. / – Yes. (Excuse me!) A mysterious man is stopping Victor. (A suspicious man is approaching.) I want pictures. – A photo. / – Okay. (He wants a picture of Victor as a fan.) – A selfie? / – Yes, a selfie is good. (Hey, I want to get in.) People start gathering after recognizing Victor. Jane’s dad is so popular. (Confused) (Jane, your father is so amazing.) – Are you training now? / – Yes, I am. He’s an Olympic champion too. Really? In what sport? – Wrestling. / – Oh, wrestling? He continues to take pictures with his fans. I’m so proud. (This is how famous the Olympic champion is.) Could I shake your hand? (What’s going on?) Bye, bye. – You were so good. / – Thank you. Hello. Thank you. (He’s good at Korean.) Let’s go. – Not this one. / – It’s a present. She gave this to you. (What a generous lady.) – Jane. It’s a present. / – Jane. (Jane is getting a lot of presents.) You have to thank him. Thank you. Thank you. (Jane is just as popular.) Say thank you, Jane. Thank you. Thank you. (I’m so happy.) Thank you. (An elderly lady is approaching Jane.) Look at that. Why is this written on here? (Stop asking me, I’m a girl.) But you’re so pretty. What do you mean stop asking you? People keep asking us if she’s a girl or a boy. Then I tell them she’s a girl. – She looks like a girl. / – Does she? Give her one. (Have a bite.) Thank you. I don’t need it. You can have it. Thank you. (Then you have it, Dad.) You gave it to your dad. Good job. (He’s trying on a traditional hat.) Do you want to try? Do you like it? (She looks so cute.) (I love it.) (How adorable.) Jane, come here. (Jane has a good sense of balance.) She’s an athlete too. It’s because her dad – is good at skating. / – Let’s go that way. Jane, let’s go eat corn. (I’d love that.) Hot. Hot! Hot! Hot? (Boiled corn is Jane’s favorite.) Jane, it’s hot. I’ll give it to you. (She’s begging for the corn.) – Dad. / – Dad. (Dad, hurry!) Touch it. It’s too hot. Touch it. It’s hot, right? Dad. (Jane is in a rush.) Okay. Gosh, it’s hot. Blow on it. (There’s no time to blow.) It’s too hot. – Hot. / – Yes, it’s hot. Yes, it’s hot. It’s too hot. I’ll cool it for you. (Jane’s dying to have it.) It’s too hot to eat. (I can’t wait anymore.) It’s too hot, Jane. (Her passion for corn is just as hot.) Wait a little more. It’s too hot. You can blow on it. Good. (Biting) Did you eat it? Isn’t it hot? It’s hot. Try just a little bit. Hot. (It’s so hot!) Was it hot? (Her craving overpowers the heat.) (This is the taste I wanted!) Let’s go around.

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  1. Как же стыдно за этого кавказца, идёт быдлан "Эй давай сфотографируемся." Их там не учат как надо с людьми разговаривать? Ты кто такой, чтобы так с Виктором разговаривать. Нет бы по хорошему спросить можно ли сфотографироваться. Урод одним словом.

  2. Джейн просто прелесть! Папина дочка! А Виктора Ана мы очень любим!!!

  3. Какая прелесть!!! Виктор и его доченька, какие хорошие….

  4. Want like to be cheapen after your Dather Jane was Born keep Rick and God bless make me smile 😊🎌

  5. I love the people out there♥️ Love this father daughter😭😭♥️♥️
    I’ve been missing TROS a lot

  6. Despite what the korean skate union do to him, he seems still fully love his country. Humble, loyal. Thats why his daughter also good mannered and kind (remember she wipe a watee that she spilled?) and his wife is sooooo kind too. They are so positive

  7. She is so beautiful. I couldn't get over how adorable she is. She looks like her handsome dad. The mom is beautiful also. Such a loving beautiful family. I wish them all the best and much support in the future.

  8. U should have remove the stick coz its dangerous it can poke her eye and worst is when she falls down and it poke her chest coz i seen many news like that is happening

  9. My goodness! I want to see more of them 😭😪 that chubby cheeks huhu..

    (After seeing this, I became a fan of her father. wohooo fighting!)

  10. The way she wants the boiled corn so badly it's really cute, after she got her food she just walks away hahahaha Jane is so cute

  11. Is it ok to touch people's kid like that? And asking for a picture by just saying "I want a picture"?

    I don't know for other people, but it seems rude and an invasion of people's privacy for me. Could someone tell me more about this?

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