Ajijic’s Hidden Sanctuary + Riding a CRAZY horse!

Ajijic’s Hidden Sanctuary + Riding a CRAZY horse!

What’s up Tangerineys! Hey guys. If you’re
new here, I’m Maddie, I’m Jordan, and we are Tangerine Travels! We’re really excited
about the next few days coming up! And to be honest, I really did not see this
surprise coming! Yeah, we were kind of in shock. We’re, I’m still kind of in shock. Just goes to show you that Mexico is very big and very small. [Laughter] What’s that surprise? You’re gonna find out! [Laughter] [Maddie singing to the tune of “Working at the car wash”] Going for a car ride! Okay, sing it with me now! Going for a car ride. Roh Roh Roh. [Jordan imitating Laska talking] [Lasking talking] [Maddie singing] Yeah, yeah, yeah! For a car ride, yeah! You’re a little early, but it’ll work. [Maddie singing] We’re going for a drive! Laska, do you wanna go? I don’t know why I’m saying still! If you wanna go, Roh. Roh. Come on, come on, come on and drive! Laska, you’re. [Laughter] Straight. Onward we go! Dog breath in my face. [Laughter] So you guys might be wondering what the heck we’re doing
staying at a B&B when we’re actually living in Ajijic right now. And we
just happened to get the opportunity to stay at Villa del Angel B&B for a few
days. They reached out to us and they wanted to know if we would like to
experience it and say what we thought. So we said “heck yeah!” We said heck yeah based on everything that we saw of it, and what we read. They’re all about health,
and wellness, and being your best self. Through meditation, reiki, yoga,
different things like that. So we were excited to check it out. No, we’re not being paid to do this. Yeah, we get quite a few offers from
businesses, and some businesses have offered us a lot of money to feature
their thing. But we turn almost everything down, like 99%. We only want to
showcase things we really like. Things that we would really enjoy, and we think
you would as well. But anyway, we’re going to show you guys this place. We only
spent like maybe an hour so. But even just entering into this property, it
feels like an oasis. Like a Zen place where it’s just good energy with lots of
plants surrounding the whole place. And everyone that we’ve met so far is just
delightful people. Which is not unlike Ajijic as a whole! Yeah, the place is
amazing! Our room is gorgeous. It’s like a palace.
I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in such a cool room! [Laughter] Howdy! [In a southern accent] Howdy, guys! So we’re currently here, Oh no, sorry
I can’t do that (accent). I don’t have the hat on. We’re currently out in the pool, which is
pretty cool. They told us it’s not chlorinated, it’s not saltwater, it’s
ionized? It’s ion – something I don’t understand. Ion charged, infused? I should probably get clarity on that. But the water feels
super nice! This is kind of like the hot Time of day. Which I think means it
might be like 85 or so. So not really hot, There’s nothing to complain about. This
butterfly fell into the pool and then we saved him – put him out. And then he fell
back into the pool. So then I decided to put him on my hand, take him over here to
like leaves, or flowers, or something. And now he won’t get off me! [Laughter] This poor thing has a damaged wing. Awe! Cantarito. Relaxing in ionic pool. I hope
that’s what it is. I think it’s a bionic pool. It’s bionic, supersonic. We came up to our room, that was really where I
lit up! There’s a bed right in the center of the room. Yeah, I’ve never had an
island bed. I think you could put like a moat around it and then be well-protected. Just the style of the room – it feels very like classic, original
architecture, olden-style hacienda. Which it was. It was just a huge huge
mansion of a house! I can’t even imagine this being one family or one person’s house!
It’s insane. But anyway, we’re gonna be staying here for a few more days. Look at these just wrapped through there. It’s really cool! Hi! You look well-fed. [Laughter] We just walked by this artist painting, White over what used to be different artwork on the wall, and I feel like it’s
pretty hard not to mention this in every single video. But one of the absolute
best things about Ajijic is how vibrantly colorful and absolutely
jam-packed of art! I mean there’s hardly blank walls anywhere. And even when there
aren’t blank walls, they might still just paint over the old and start with
something fresh. I wonder how often they have to repaint them? Hi, I’m a bird! [Laughter] I think it needs a
deeper voice. Hi, I’m a bird. [Laughter] So at the time when we first came to Ajijic, we had taken
one total… [Noise of a bus driving by] Busses! One of those. Busses! [Laughter] We had taken one total bus in all of Mexico. And that was in Guadalajara. But since being in Ajijic, We now take the bus all the time! Thankfully in this city it’s so easy because
there’s literally one main road. So it’s kind of hard to mess it up. And they stop
all the time. 7-9 pesos every time. As far as bus
systems go, this is easy as pie. I don’t even – We don’t even know if
there’s Uber in Ajijic because we’ve Never taken it. We only take the bus or
walk. Wait for it… Jordan and Maddie Gasp! Oh my gosh! [The car almost hit the bus and bicyclist] So we just got off the bus. Just kidding, we forgot record anything yesterday. [Laughter] So it’s now the next day. We slept here
in this room for the first time on this amazingly comfortable bed. Which, thankfully, does not actually have a moat. Speak for yourself! Oh my gosh! I woke up in the
same exact position that I fell asleep in, which is completely unheard of
because I’m big tosser and turner. This bed was amazing! Easily the most
comfortable one we slept in in Mexico, And maybe ever in my life! I cannot get over this view! So pretty! This morning, the weather was so gorgeous! We decided to come out here and take
advantage of this meditation space that they have. And all the birds were
chirping, nice little breeze, cats were meowing. [Laughter] That was pretty entertaining. [Laughter] And then. We went down to the pool to do some stretching, which
I clearly need! So that was really nice! And every morning they make a
home-cooked breakfast. So there was like fruit, and refried beans, and what else? There’s cereal, yogurt. Beef with nopal cactus. And a bunch of other stuff. Really good. And then of course
they have tables out on the patio, so we got to soak in more of this awesome view
that we have of basically the whole city. What’s your favorite part of this place?
Oh that’s really hard! I think probably the bed. [Laughter] Like the greatest night’s sleep
I’ve gotten in a really long time! The bed was amazing! But the first thing
that came to mind was all the birds chirping and the nature. Yeah. All the plants.
The flowers and the plants, it’s really nice to be around all of this nature. And
you know, we’re describing all of these things kind of as they are, but in my
whole life, I’ve never been to an actual B&B. We’ve been to a lot of the home kind.
Yeah, the only kind I’ve been to is like the air kind. The Airbnb kind. This is just, I mean, the whole atmosphere is so tranquil. It almost makes me not want to go do all
the things that we have planned later because it’s just such a nice atmosphere
to be in. And we have some exciting stuff coming up, we do, so it’ll be a lot of fun! We have something maybe in the mountains. Something maybe in Ajijic. Something
about animals. [Laughter] So that’s coming up! The very first thing I noticed when we got
here was this bell. Right up here! We’ve never Gonged a real bell! [Laughter] That’d be so cool! So we wanted to
go horseback riding up into the mountains. So our host here at Villa del Angel, oh my gosh. Villa del Angel. I’m really having
trouble with this name! At this bed-and-breakfast, they know a guy, who
knows a guy, who called guy, who is bringing his horses here to meet us.
Oh they’re arriving right now! Alright! So we’re hoping to take a horsey ride up into the mountains, and through the town, and all types of shenanigans. But as you can
see, here they come! [Laughter] We’re so excited! What timing! [Laughter] The horse guy: Ready to ride a horse, okay! Yes, absolutely. It’ll be a good time. Perfect! You’re going to have a very good time and a good ride, okay? Perfect! Perfect! Excellent! How are you feeling? He keeps eating grass! [Laughter] This entire time, he would run ahead and then eat. Run ahead, eat. He’s always hungry and always in a hurry! [Laughter] So we just got off the horses. It ended up being a little bit under two hours. We were hoping to shoot for an hour, but what are
your thoughts? Man! I did not think that was going to be a workout! No! I’m going
to be so sore tomorrow! There’s not enough booty fat on my booty to have
protected me from all that bouncing! Oh me either! And then, by the end, I mean it
was pretty hot, so got a little chaffey. I would recommend wearing pants instead of…what we wore. Yeah, especially if you’re going up in the mountains. Sometimes you
have to go through some vegetation that’s gonna scrape up against your legs. Yeah. But man, I had a lot of fun. It was like a roller coaster ride the whole time! And he, I
think he was messing with us a little bit. Because he would get the horses to
start going, and then going faster, and then galloping. Once they got to like a
steady gallop it was a little bit smoother. But when they were just kind of
like fast trotting, It was like [Maddie acting out what it was like] I’ll tell you what though, I had a smile on my face
pretty much the whole time. Yeah the whole time. it was a lot of fun Oh, it’s beautiful. We got up to where you could see a view of pretty much from Chapala to Jocotepec. Oh my gosh! I couldn’t
believe how big some of the houses are here! Up in the mountains. I saw that biggest house I’ve ever seen in my life! Huge! That’s where like the billionaires live I’m sure. Yeah. But
yeah, that was a lot of fun! If we had any recommendations, like I said, pants.
Pants are essential. Yeah. Also, sunscreen. Sunscreen, yes. Maybe go earlier in
the day when it’s a little bit cooler out. Yeah, absolutely. We should have gone
earlier in the day because it got a little bit toasty. Also, just keep track
of time. I had – I was under the impression that maybe if we told him an hour, that
he would like make it an hour’s trip. But I think he was waiting for us to tell
him when to stop. Yeah. So, that was sort of like our deal, But I guess keep that in mind for yourself. So learn from our few mistakes, but it was
fun. We recommend grabbing a horse and going for a ride. Yeah! It ended up being 900 pesos because it was, like we said, about two hours. And he charges 150 pesos per horse, per hour, and there were three horses. Including his. Because he was guiding us
around. What an adventure! I don’t know about you but I am shaky! Oh I badly need water! And food. Who knows, maybe we’ll even go to a place that has free
drinks if you order an entree. We’ll find out. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we’ll just have to see. We’re back at Restaurante Don Perro because I can’t say Pedro. I’ve been working on it. Pedro. Pedro. [Laughter] Still no. Gring-no (gringo/no play on words) But every Tuesday and Thursday, free drinks with your meal. If you make a reservation ahead of time. Go ahead and call. And we’re back on the bus! [Laughter] Back to Villa del Angel! So we just got done with an hour massage
each. They had a massage therapist come on-site, her name is Brenda. And I don’t
know about you, but I’m really glad we got that massage today, because I am way
more sore after riding those horses than I ever possibly imagined. Oh, me too! Still, I think it was worth it. Did you have one other piece of advice
that you forgot to share? Oh yeah, make sure to wear a bra! Priority number one! [Laughter] We were able to choose wherever we wanted to do it. So we did it on the patio, which was
really cool to hear the birds chirping and the breeze coming off the mountain!
Just being like outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. I don’t think I’ve ever
had a cooler massage than that one. And you know, since we’ve been in Mexico, not
every massage we’ve ever had has been amazing. This one, I think, was amazing!
Yeah it was really good. And it was really cool that she’ll do house calls. Also,
one interesting thing, partway through your massage, she was like “would
I like to learn?” So I was like okay. Came out, and as it turns out, Jordan was being
extra ticklish on his legs. So she was like trying to bring us together, and do
a specific part, a specific massage that I think she was trying to describe that
it strengthens the relationship between us. We had asked for a massage and they set one up for us here at the bed-and-breakfast. So they did all that
stuff. And now we’re going to look for some dinner. And they said there’s options
to order in, but we’re gonna go see if we can explore around. And while we’re on the way to dinner, we
figured we’d tell you guys another aspect of this great million-peso tangerine
business idea. We got a lot of feedback on this, and we just think it’s not quite
there yet. Someone was wondering where we’re going to put Laska if the car is full of
tangerines. We decided that we’re going to have her pulling the car. Although
it’s a hybrid, we want to be even more economical, and save some money. A little bit. Exactly. Everyone loves an eco friendly Business. And cuteness points, I mean come on! Well, looks like we’re here! We decided Thai food sounded good tonight, so we went to this
place that’s just about a five-minute walk from our B&B. Yes, it’s called Tepatate. Tepatate. [Laughter] Probably mispronounced that. I’m gonna go with yes. That’s not right. My red curry was 140 pesos and you got what? I got combo number one. Which was also 140 pesos. Man that hit the spot! So we’ve stayed here the last two nights.
And our overall opinions of this place Is just, it’s amazing! I’ve never been to a
B&B before, Only the Airbnb kind, so I didn’t really have any expectations of
what this might be like. But what I think can sum it up is – There were so many
times where we were about to go do something, like the horse-riding.
We’re going out to eat. And I was like “Do we have to go because I really enjoy
being here!” I mean, it’s been a nice little staycation for us, since we’re
living in Ajijic right now. Yeah, they have a chapel on site. They’re building a
yoga studio. They have a place for meditation. A pool without chemicals. We’ve been in the pool like a million times. And to give you an idea, the
owner in his early 70s, and he hasn’t taken a pill in 40 years. Which is pretty
incredible! Super impressive. He lives a totally natural life All the cleaning products are natural.
They’re really, really trying to focus on having this be like a health retreat.
Somewhere where you can get well. We were so disappointed that we’re gonna have to
leave soon. Because that’s what I feel like we’ve been doing, just kind of
detoxing stress a little bit. And just enjoying the time. So I’m already
thinking like “When can we come back here?” [Laughter] The other thing that we wanted to mention. First of all, a lot of you guys have told us how difficult it is to find
a rental in Ajijic. And more specifically, like an affordable
rental. And as far as comparable options go, this place is really affordable! But
if you’re are looking for one, this starts at about $55.00 for a
night, and depending on which room you choose, goes up to about a hundred. At
least this time of year. Probably more… The prices fluctuate throughout the
year. Yeah. Depending on the on season off season. So after we uploaded one of our
recent videos where I was talking in Spanish a whole bunch, and as you guys
have probably seen, we’ve included a lot more conversations with people in
Spanish. We’ve had a ton of people reach out to us, or leave comments, asking “How
do you learn Spanish?” “How can I improve my Spanish skills?” So we’re here to tell
you. Yeah, we’ve used a number of different
softwares, and also like watching Netflix shows, in Spanish. But if we had to choose just one software, it would probably be Rocket Languages. It’s the most
comprehensive – like they have tons of different ways for you to learn! And it’s
really thorough. Uh-huh, and also very accessible. It’s all online. Or you can download the
lessons as well. So although we do recommend trying to be as well-rounded
on your own as possible, like do multiple things, use multiple different programs. Try to lookup words whenever you don’t know them. Things like that. Rocket
Languages is probably our go-to at this point. And before coming to Mexico, we
didn’t use it nearly as thoroughly as we should have. But since we’ve been here,
we’re continuing our studies. If we had to choose one that’s the one we would
recommend. We contacted them to partner with them as an affiliate. So we have a
link right down below in the description, And if you purchase it through that link,
we’ll get a little something, which helps us continue our travels and show you
more of Mexico. So yay, win-win! You can learn Spanish, just the way that we do.
And how we’re progressing, which we think has been very successful. And you get to
help us out a little bit too! And they also have a 60-day money-back guarantee
which gives you a long time to try out The software to make sure I love it! That’s a while! So what was that surprise we mentioned
earlier? They’re here at the same time we are. And no, this was unplanned. We
showed up and we were like wait, what? How in the? How in the world did this happen?
We were allowed to choose any dates that we wanted to stay here, so did
the Kinetic Kennons, and they showed up at the same time. So we’ve all been here
enjoying this B&B. Yeah, what are the odds? Mexico proves over and over to be like,
it’s a huge country, but it’s so so small! So really awesome though! We enjoyed a
nice breakfast, we got to talk for a long time And they did bring up a good point,
it is kind of strange to meet people for the first time, know almost nothing about
them. And we’re not going to spill any of their secrets, but who knows, our paths could cross in the future. So you’ve been waiting for it!
And we’ve been waiting for it! And here it is! [Laughter] GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified the next time we put out a new video! Please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it
and subscribe to our Channel. And we’ll see you in the next one.

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  40. I’m late to this video, yeah always wear pants. Hint if your horse is stopping to eat grass it’s a sign that you you really don’t know how to ride a horse. YOU don’t allow that by pulling their head up and encouraging them to go forward by giving them a little tap with your heels and give a little cluck with your mouth.
    That usually works real well. Also even girls with teenie tiny titties need to wear a bra for riding, preferably a solid sports bra. I’m sure the girls are begging for mercy about now and maybe for a few days to come. Another hint is to wear pantyhose YES, EVEN THE GUYS. They make your pants glide over your skin instead of rubbing. I learned this while going for long trail rides it was really a skin saver,
    especially in the hot weather because of the perspiration.
    I love that place that you stayed at, just gorgeous and peaceful and beautiful.
    Happy trails and safe travels and a smooch for the pooch.
    Jane and her wacky sidekick Lola, the Boston Terrier

  41. I, too, don’t use FB or IG so I won’t get the whole story.
    Whatever happened I hope Laska is ok.
    I would be fit to be tied with a rag stuffed in my mouth if something bad happened to my dog in someone else’s care. Really, over protective mom here!

  42. Hi, Kids, after seeing and feeling the little village of Ajijic, would you move there and make it your home? Both of you are doing Wea fantastic job and I still think you need to write a book or a booklet sharing your adventures and "secrets" that you have found in Mexico. My hubby and I retire next summer. We seriously think Mexico would help us stretch the retirement dollar. Our family does not like the idea at all. 🙁 We want to rent first until we get to know the area well. I am concerned, however, that Ajijic's prices will continue to go up and make it unaffordable for us.

  43. Horse riding is a work out, try to sit straight and go with the horse. Love horses. Remember he rode the horses down to you with you and then back home, people forget just how tough men like that are.

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