24 thoughts on “Alaine CHARTRAND Free Skate 2019 Canadian National Skating Championships

  1. I am so happy for Alaine and the unexpected winning of the national title a second time! She really deserved this win!

  2. More than happy for her!!! Must have been so painful and disappointing not to be sent to the Olympics, so watching her become canadian champion (rightfully) again really made my day! :)))

  3. I am so happy for her! I was hoping that the 2016 podium would reoccur and I am glad to see two out of three medalists is able to be on the podium.

  4. So happy for her! I loved her program gone with wind so much and the sunset blvd is another my love. So sorry she didn’t do well for this program last season. But this is a great one!

  5. And this is a Canadian female champion (185 points for the both programmes)… The level of Canadian figure skating is getting lower and lower…

  6. Sunset boulevard soundtrack couldn’t be more appropriate for a comeback… however I still fear for the Canadian ladies after seeing how women’s skating is becoming more and more competitive 😬

  7. The state of ladies figure skating in Canada is dire when Alaine who had 3 under-rotation wins nationals and only 1 lady in the top 7 actually can land a triple lutz.

  8. To be honest the ladies have left me underwhelmed when you look at the Russian and Japanese skaters. They will have no chance in the Worlds.

  9. I'm happy for her after the heartbreak of not going to the Olympics. A bit if a worry for Canada on the way to worlds though that their national champion had a free skate score of 126 and total of 185. They will lose places in the ladies event at worlds next year.

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