Alina Zagitova 2019.09.07 Open Skating SP Interview A

Interviewer: Alina, first question on the Short Program. Very piercing music. On instagram saw the pieces. Straight to goosebumps. Interviewer: And today we saw the whole Short Program. Who came up with the idea? How did you prepare for it? How did you make it? Alina: My coaches and I chose music, an character. And the coaches offered me music and I agreed, because I really liked it! Alina: And I think that I will be able to bring this character on ice so that the spectators understand everything. Interviewer: Right now there’s one whole: both music and you! Awesome! In general, how was the preparation for the start of the season? How good are you feel now? Alina: Beginning of the season – as usual. Everything is quiet. Training camps were. Now I skated the Short Program normally, but not well. Interviewer: Speaking of open test skates. Did you expect so many people to be here? So everyone will come to support you? Alina: I always know that they will warmly welcome me! There are a lot of my fans here, to whom I am very grateful that they support me! But so much! This is in my opinion the first time was! Interviewer: What is the goal of open test skate? That is, on the one hand, it seems that there are fans, and it seems that the season has begun? But no scores and no dress. Alina: Anyway, I’m getting ready for test skates as a competition. Because still I skate for the spectators too. And I want them to leave here in a good mood! Interviewer: Thank you very much! Wish you luck! Alina: Thanks!

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