All-New 2019/2020 LINE Sir Francis Bacon Skis – Re-Designed and Re-Imagined with 3D Convex Tech

All-New 2019/2020 LINE Sir Francis Bacon Skis – Re-Designed and Re-Imagined with 3D Convex Tech

the bacon is is the everyday ski I mean
it really is with the new ski it’s considerably softer than the old bacon
and yet I would argue it charges more I would attribute that to the wider spoon
and the materials we used. The widest point on the new bacon is considerably
further toward the tip and the tail that means we’ve increased the effective edge
and that’s one of the massive differences this is the previous version
of the bacon and this is the latest version of the bacon if you turn on base
to base immediately you can see a lot you can actually see the other base if I
hold this flush with this edge that little bit has allowed us to get a lot
more sidecut into it so the widest point on this ski is way up here and way back
here on this ski. Now I’m nearer that on the tail that means if i double this
i’ve got this that means i have that much more effective edge that just
translates to more effective edge but also a much deeper side cut. The convex
is basically allows you to have a really big spoon and tail a ton of effective
edge but at the same time allows it to be a looser feel and it doesn’t lock you
in it’s entirely based on the exploration that we’ve gone on over the
last close to a decade and I think it’s a better all-around ski this bacon is
the best bacon we’ve we’ve made

5 thoughts on “All-New 2019/2020 LINE Sir Francis Bacon Skis – Re-Designed and Re-Imagined with 3D Convex Tech

  1. Are these designed to survive a few rails per season? I very rarely hit rails but it'd be nice to know they can take a few hits once in a while.

  2. Hey. Looking for skis with light swing weight, and stiff enough to both hit the park and charge down the powder and hit the trees. I reallllly want to learn how to park ski, but as of rn I’m doing double blacks, moguls, freeride type riding. Last season, I felt that my skis were too stiff, and they didn’t cut on their own very well. It was agony to try and butter on them, and they’re heavy. I’ll admit I’m weak in the legs, but I’ve been working out all year so that this season I’ll feel at home. I can barely manage a 180 flat, but I’m practicing in the living room every day. I’m wondering, would the line chronics be a good choice?

  3. Hey boys, I heard from my ski shop that the SFB rides shorter due to the rocker on the ski. As a 5,9 dude that weighs 165 and is pretty athletic. Will the 184 be enough to ski for me to rip on? I ski in the PNW at Mt. Bachelor, I was looking for a ski that can handle pow and pop off of kickers + charges through 2:30pm chop. Would this ski be the one ski quiver at 184cm? Or should i jump up to a 190?

  4. hey, I'm looking for a ski that is fun and playful, and will work well in powder and backcountry but also for some park sometimes. Is the Bacon a good one for me, and if so what size? (I'm 6'1½, 165lbs)

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