Alysa Liu On What Tara Lipinski Told Her After Breaking Her Skating Record | TODAY

Alysa Liu On What Tara Lipinski Told Her After Breaking Her Skating Record | TODAY

96 thoughts on “Alysa Liu On What Tara Lipinski Told Her After Breaking Her Skating Record | TODAY

  1. very encouraging well done Alysa Liu just 13 years and winning an international skating competition…….born figure skater……

  2. Her dad is a super parent. For those who haven't heard their story. This guy got out of China in 1989 during the time of Tienanmen massacre (not sure if he was involved in any way). He made it to the US, worked through schools and earned an MBA and a law degree. He then had 5 kids using anonymous egg donors and surrogates, with the 3 youngest being triplets. He raised them as single dad while practicing law. It's just an incredible story.

  3. Please don't start to put on pressure and high expectations in this girl !!! She is just starting let her go at her own pace…

  4. She broke Tara's record, got congratulated by Tara, but would STILL wanna meet Michelle (again). Sounds about right lol.

  5. I love that Tara showed she’s not the mean girl everyone portrays her to be. That seemed very genuine and honest. After all, Tara will remain the youngest Olympic champion anyway. Lol

  6. It makes me cry everytime thinking about how much hard work going into this from such a young age. Can't be happier for her and her family.

  7. I’m so afraid for her future. She’s amazing right now, but once her hormones grow in, I’m horrified about what would happen to her…

  8. Thank you Alysa for making me enjoy watching figure skating again. It was an absolute treat to watch you skate. Truly a dark horse. 👍🏽
    You go girl!!! 😄❤️⛸🥇

  9. It's so telling of the 2 different cultures that all these Russian girls dominate the sport, get world records at every competition, jump QUADS and 3A at 13yo and get a normal amount of recognition… and then in the USA a young girls wins one nationals, hasn't been to a single international and immediately gets hyped up in this media frenzy… typical American style ^^

  10. People seldom acknowledge the sacrifice parents make to let their kids skate. It's an enormous commitment! Practice is often at 5 or 6am, and then again after school. It's a lot of getting up super early and hanging around for hours. My mum was truly an incredible woman, and gave up SO much for me!
    Huge congrats to Alissa. Can't wait to see her on the international stage. She's got a great future ahead of her! 👏⛸💖

  11. Well. The score actually doesn't matter a lot. Cause nationals scores, except South Korea, are so overscored. That's why Nationals Scores don't take internationally as records.

  12. She’s good for her age, but umm not going to judge on age but skating skills. Her height on jumps are ridiculous, and it doesn’t have much speed, motion, and beauty, but I like that she has the deep outside edge, and not an e which is good. These women hosts know nothing about figure skating. Her spins are slow, and when Yulia entered the 2014 Olympics she was amazing her spins were so satisfying to watch. Now this girl is way too overrated. Although I’m not going to talk about Yulia’s jumps because Eteri ruined her whole career like she’s doing with little girls.

  13. Finally we have an answer to the Russians! Been a long time since mid 2000s with Sasha Cohen taking silver at the Olympics! Great job!

  14. THIS GIRL is one year YOUNGER than me and is performing on ice and and BEATED A RECORD While I'm here going to school SHE'S AMAZING FOR HER AGE

  15. She is such a remarkable young lady. She is an amazing skater and being so young makes it even more amazing. She is also so respectful and the cutest thing. I love how she says she’s not even able to compete internationally yet.

  16. im the same age as her and i’ve been skating as long as her and then she just makes me depressed with myself lol

  17. She's a star! I hope she goes all the way and wins World and Olympics in the near future. But first thing first, I hope her dad doesn't follow the footsteps of Michelle Kwan's dad who ruined the chance of winning the Olympics Gold for Kwan!

  18. She is so adorable and has such an amazing talent. I only hope the pressure doesn't overwhelm her and that puberty doesn't hurt her too much although she obviously has a lot of room to grow over the next few years. Just growing a few inches could change everything. But with Alysas talent she may be able to overcome puberty the way Alina Zagitova has.

  19. なんと可愛らしい! 彼女を見ていると浅田真央を彷彿とさせるよね。
    未来の大スター誕生!ときたもんだ。 応援しているよ。

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