100 thoughts on “AMAZING 9 YEAR OLD SKATER

  1. he is letting fame get to him I swear to god before he could skate good he use to skate with me and then his uncle taught him how to skate and now he won't even talk to me he has a special brother and his parents never take care if him they are part of f13 and I'm cool with his brother his name is joel

  2. No hate but their is a kid in my
    Neighborhood who is 10 and he is sponsored for skating and that kid is doooooddddooooooooo

  3. Just out of curiosity but where’s the kids mom or dad? Or did you meet them before shooting. I mean the kids 9 yk my parents would never let me go out n skate alone no matter how many sponsors I got lmao

  4. 4:00の警察官の人が日本とは違ってやっぱ文化的に根付いてるなーって思うよなーw

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