Guys this is incredible. We’re on Lake of the Woods today, and we’re going ice fishing for walleyes. I Wanted to do this for a while and my buddy Jaime Bruce posted a picture on Facebook last night that he skated 25 kilometers across the lake I sent him a message I said You want to go fish on skates tomorrow? He said heck. Yes, and here we are. This is just ridiculous ladies and gentlemen, Jaime Bruce tournament angler extraordinaire Guide and just to fish junkie. It is rumored know It’s rumored the Jaime Bruce fishes more than anyone in Kenora. Have you heard that before? That’s a bold statement today Staking this walleye fishing. I emotive wrath. We got perfect ice conditions my Lake of the Woods Plates good. Have you done? That’s weird gaming. Have you skated and fished? Yeah once before Nice yeah, and today what’s the target? What’s the plan? Dinner is the target. Dinner is the target its glare ice. We’re on kind of the bigger portion Lake of the Woods Jamie was out here yesterday and did check the ice. We got eight inches of nice clear ice. It is not snowed yet So this is perfect. We’ll talk about what we’re using. But first we’re gonna set some lines and get some walleyes on the ice We’re good guys this is so efficient. I actually thought to be hindrance but we’re like we’re quick We’re done at spot number 1 We are able to stay very mobile today. So we will do that. Jamie said we should have been getting bit by now So always trust your guide You’re on the move headed to spot number 2 This glare eye speaks. It’s so much easier to pull things. This is this is pretty cool if you guys Have a chance to do this before it snow is you definitely shut to this a pretty unique experience We’re trading off forgiving Jamie the The heavy thing can’t even talk You think some some sort of marathon runner? There we go multi-purpose, Jamie says Matthew Jepsen drone 28, so we’re just chilling around I’m going to the flasher to check it out Twenty-eight ladies and gentlemen Jamie is hooked up with the first ball. I know I Be we got Pike bait. Yes. Hey, that one’s not going back No, beautiful That’s gonna hang under a tip-up. We’re gonna get back to fish and Nick’s plan the drone and I’m gonna pop some holes First fish on the ice game you got it done It is still first ice foot travel or skate travel as you can see so we’re not bring any TVs out not bring in our trucks out and typically when I’d be in my vehicle I’d have you know a GPS on the dash or I’d have you know sonar mounted to my To my ATV or to my snowmobile. But in this case there is a big work one second one second. Come on. Ooh Oh Jeez The LT man, I don’t know a big walleye I’m thinking big walleye there it is Big walleye come on big Whitefish. Jeez, that’s a big whitefish. Holy smokes That Was awesome. I was thinking walleye when we saw the gold down there giant whitefish I never gonna put this guy back, but he child that minnow on the tungsten jig and Awesome good start guys. This is called a whitefish rodeo right now because they are impossible to hold. This is a monster I don’t know like a 24 or 25 miniature. That is my biggest whitefish. Like for sure And she’s going back Kick baby kick Not the wall What was I talking about before that’ll happen I think I’m sorry about the Navionics app Where was I basically 15 bucks, you can get all the maps on your on your phone and It’s just a great way when you’re mobile. If you don’t have a sonar with you pull your phone out yeah, so for someone that doesn’t want to drop the money on it sonar combo Which is awesome if you could mount one in your sled, it’s better obviously phones die quickly But just as an easy or backup option 15 bucks you get the Navionics app And we’re just looking around looking for all these humps and hopping from hump to hump it it’s pretty sweet You know What you say it’s big Nope it’s senior later LP the big dollar. Yeah, we got something What do you call it call it a big white fish Could be big walleye Major uncon de l’eau chicken spoon. I just have a tiny little number a treble hook though. So yeah Just beating him the line That might be a Laker might be mr. LP if you guys remember from the KBI video I JT rescued me him and Brian were the ones who rescued me. So this is like good karma He deserves his fish big lake, bro. Oh Come on oh My goodness That clear ice is incredible. That’s a big Yeah, when you get them out here on the on the main Lake like where they’re not supposed to be yet They’re always big like you’ll never catch a 6 pounder out here. So once this fish comes through if we do land them They are out of season. They don’t open for another month So it’s gonna be the quickest possible Pop the hook out and back down the hole. Yeah, and that’s that’s the legal way to do it. Yeah. Oh That’s a big trout Show up Okay, great back down no hesitation no nothing. Yeah Guys that gets me excited for lake trout season. It opens January 1st. We got that fish back as quick who’s good at Dogs pretty good. I’m you know walleyes gonna top it off Jamie’s got us in the multi-species. It’s funny because the walleye is like the easiest thing to catch on Lake of the Woods So is it becomes evening time the why is there a lower hopefully and so we’re kind of moving up into that 24 25 in 25-foot range And we’re gonna probably set the shot cuz it’s getting a little brisk Guys I don’t have mentioned this in a couple videos but what I’ve been using almost exclusively this ice season are a bunch of these tungsten jigs that ap vas and Alex gave me on our Simcoe trip and At the T series jig by frost by lure company. They’re not out yet by the time this video drops they probably will be out and their work in tungsten is cool and fishing in like 30 feet of water with a small jig live minnow and In Whitefish Lake it crappies, like it all eyes like it so it’s good Both I can’t complain that’s it Oh Jean you promised us right there I Count it as a success. How’d you get the way fish? But well it was our goal Lake of the Woods is a walleye Factory like people come from all over to Fish Lake of the Woods This is not a great indication of the walleye fishing on Lake of the Woods But we’re gonna be back with Jamie if he wants to fish with me again And I’m pretty sure we’re gonna light up some more fish. All right, we got a couple minutes left and maybe we’ll still do today Guys I’m not gonna talk too much Now we’re gonna packed up and get back is we’ve got a bit of a skate ahead of us Well, we made it back to the truck. We are loaded up huge. Thanks to Jamie Bruce This is our first time fishing together and hopefully not our last no, he’s taking me again Jamie guides year round on Lake of the Woods and area If you want a day of multi-species fishing as you saw today, and probably with more walleyes hit them up follow my Instagram I’ll link them below. Thank you guys for watching. Hope you’re enjoying ice fishing season Make sure you check the ice and get out there. We’ll catch you next time You

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