Amber drowns in the swimming pool | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit (With Eng Subs)

She swims like a dog! One of our classmates is a dog. That’s right!
She’s so lame. We need to be careful. Okay! That’s it for today. Thank you. Thank you! Bye! – Why’d they let this dog in?
– I know. Why does she swim like a dog? Doggy paddle! – Nay…
– Yes? Will Mikmik sleep
here from now on? Yes, dear. That’s why we moved
her stuff here. We won’t be able to chat
anymore before going to bed. Dear, you’ll get used
to it eventually. Mikmik won’t live
with us forever. How come? We’re her family, right? Mikmik’s room is
all ready, dear. Looks beautiful, huh? Something’s missing, Nay. What’s missing? A lot of stuff. Britney, you were great earlier. You, too! You did great too, Amber. Just stay close to us, so you’ll learn how to swim. Okay! Are you ignoring us? Huh? You don’t belong here. You swim like a dog. They should’ve enrolled
you in a dog school. You’re mean. She isn’t doing
anything to you. Don’t mind her, Britney. Fighting is pointless. I just really want to
learn how to swim. Please stop being mad at me. Let’s just all be friends. Friends?! I know a dog is a
man’s best friend. But not you. Ate, help! They’re bullying us! Stay away from Mikmik if you
don’t want to get bullied too. No, Ate. We need to help Mikmik. – I don’t care.
– Lola will get mad. – Stop it.
– We need to help her! Lola will get mad! I don’t care if she’s
getting bullied. Let go of me! So… You’re their big sister? Yeah. But you don’t
care about them. That makes you
a bad person. Let’s go, Britney. I don’t have time for you. Ate! – Let’s go!
– Ate! Amber! Amber! – Amber!
– Ate! Amber, try to swim to us! – Amber!
– Ate! – Amber!
– Ate! Amber, try to swim to us!

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