An Epic Journey Across the Ionian Sea (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 115

An Epic Journey Across the Ionian Sea (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 115

We hoisted main, behind us shrank Sicily eastward-bound across the Ionian sea Four scoundrels nary an air of worry barrel to the brim bearing nor the Cardinal buoy that be cardinal sin. Jack be nimble Riley be quick bring footage of those whales back to the ship And you, stand fast you Lubber, we’ll handle the sail. Sit back relax, and enjoy the rest of the tale So Riley, and I are doing a workout in the front of the boat, and then the next second There’s a half-naked man doing push-ups right beside us and it was Jack hello jack im back do you wanna tell everyone about your grand entrance this morning? i saw you guys working out on the front so I dropped all my bags and like stripped off my shirt And the neighbours were like, “pirates, pirates” and then I ran out there and just started doing push-ups Glad to have you back Jack For those of you who don’t know Jack He crossed the Atlantic with us, maybe I’ll flash back to the whale scene or something like that ohhh man, OHMAN right here! right here lookatit! What have you been doing jack I’ve been ah yeah i’ve been sailing, ever since pretty much ever since I started with you guys. Working for yacht week.. Yeah, yeah charter skipper sailing big boats around partying its awesome its a good time I envy you Hence the little lack of a voice at the moment yep, we all know how that feels When do you go back to the yacht week?
next week Croatia.
okay Yeah, yeah, okay, so you gotta get me to Athens by Saturday morning Well there’s no wind I was just looking then we’d be better off leaving Wednesday, so you might be late Na we’ll go today. Just need some fuel probably yeah Last time you tuned into SLV here in Sicily, we were wrestling swordfish through the Messina Strait We were on a mission down the coast to Catania to pick up Riley’s cousin, Jack After a quick trip to the markets for a few supplies We embarked on a 269 nautical mile sail across the Ionian Sea to Greece which with good winds could take us around two days But we’d be off to a slow start with the most recent weather report Gather up the belly mast don’t spare the cockles 4-point.. We’re slowing down now.. 4.4 in, 6 knots of wind true wind speed oh my god! thats a whale! thats a pilot whale! you’re so beautiful you are beautiful Hop in see what happens it might come back hop in and see what happens it might come back yea hop in yea get in jump off the front Rileys in the water Pretty good they were talking to me like nyeee nyee nyee what on earth is going on here? we’ve got a frozen swordfish thats refusing to be eaten ohh yes thats a big hunk of meat, look at it good afternoon Jacky hope you’re hungry mate now he comes up when the fish comes out how convenient, dinners on its way a Frozen fish fillet wasn’t enough to keep us cool for very long a still breeze this afternoon in the relentless Mediterranean Sun is hard to push through, the air is so thick We decided to jump in the water But first we dropped down 30 meters of anchor chain to where the water was cool enough to use a drop line for free diving practice beauty mate, well done Just making some dinner We’re all chilling outside with a glass of 3 euro vino. hows the wine?
it’s actually really good, yeah it’s amazing the wines you can get in Europe that are so cheap and they taste fine I know we’ve had some more expensive ones and they’ve just been terrible
yeah I just seasoned the fish with garlic tomato basil dried Celery bit of chili, did I say garlic? Garlic Yes, just a lovely combination of herbs and spices I hope it turns out okay, Riley likes the skin on his so he’s having a.. I cant say skinned fish. He’s having a fish with skin on it So all of a sudden we got a true wind speed of about 14 knots so it’s been training from 12 to 14 So we just hoisted the code D and the main, we’ve got a full main up, and we are currently going 8.5 knots, yeah, we are cruising It’s been good fun. Everyone’s really um Energetic today and Jacks super keen excited about the boat, so it’s been a really good atmosphere The boys have been on watch this morning, and I just woke up, and I am just polishing the stainless here in the galley This is a little tricky to see It’s trying Just trying to try to sort my life out a bit trying to look a little less dishevelled It’s not gonna help enough Well we have stopped once again because the wind has completely died But we feel like it’s gonna be a great time to go for a swim What’s up guys?
How you going mate? just chilling Actually it was so hot before and then we were able to stop the boat and jump in the water for a swim And it’s just the perfect temperature in there. Yes, I wanted to stay that temperature forever we’re refusing to motor We are quite low on diesel and I Think we might just wait it out, out here. we discussed how This is quite a cheap marina compared to what we’ve been dealing with lately
yeah absolutely We’ve got plenty of food So Jack just hopped on the radio cos there’s a boat just nearby with their sails dropped because theres no wind and Jack just said hello And then they just responded and said that they have someone who is a Patreon of ours onboard so I cant believe it, thats really cool could you repeat the name of your vessel? is it ‘Firefly’? thats correct, the name is Firefly We are sailing to the Ariatic We’re going probably to Zackythos and then the Corinthian Canal Oh you guys thats great, im really happy to see you Ive been following you and supporting your channel for the last couple of years so i just want to wish you fine winds in the next days and hope to see you in the future what a legend Firefly, that’s fantastic. Thank you so much for your support And it’d be great to catch up with you and have a beer and say thank you. Thank you for the support. Hello. It’s Elayna Elayna good to hear you as well Excellent, fine winds to you too. La Vagabonde back to one six bye! There’d been no routine in our days apart from myself cooking as frustrating as it is pulling the sails up and down up and down Having those big patches of no wind Swimming with whales free diving lessons and mucking around in the middle of the ocean would end up being the highlight of our trip what do you think? This is Rileys costume how can you fit in that? We did that even come from? we were supposed to do this YouTube collaboration with this guy and i had to dress up in that I need a star! how does mario jump? you wanna put it on? do i?
Yeah its so much fun Yeah ok yay alright it doesn’t fit check out the package you have the biggest camel toe in the world for real let me try zip it up Thumbs up for Mario and join us next week as we arrived in Zakynthos to explore shipwreck beach and head to another Greek island with engine troubles

100 thoughts on “An Epic Journey Across the Ionian Sea (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 115

  1. Awesome episode…..Elayna you made me laugh so much with that custom. The whales were amazing ….as swimming in the middle of the Med …used to that when I was a kid whilst my father scuba diving.

  2. Hey guys, these were not pilot whales but Risso's dolphins (Grampus griseus) you swam with Riley. They are beautiful 🙂 Great episode, as always ! Cheers from France !

  3. Waaaaaaasup! Your channel is soooooo sick. Stumbled across it a couple of days ago. Also some dope tunes…. Hope you guys stay safe, best Regards from London.

  4. Anyone know where to find the song in the background at 8:14 ? Seems it by waterboys possibly but cant listen to it anywhere

  5. Swordfish definitely one of the best fish I've had, next time you have it try cutting them into 2 inch steaks and frying it with the skin. When eatting add lime salt and pepper goes really good with rice, black beans, and plantain

  6. If you cook fish with the skin on then it doesn't get so dry. You can cook it with the skin facing up for most of the time, that way the moisture doesn't escape. Then once it's almost cooked through, you can flip it and just finish it off. I like to cook very simply: butter (rather than oil), lemon, and pepper. Though, a seemingly simple recipe, it takes skill to perfect. You need to find the right balance of flavours and cooking time in order to achieve the optimal amount of juice. I think it's good to cook fish simply, as there are a lot of subtleties to their taste, which you don't want to hide.

  7. Hi guys ,
    Really love your channel. I just started watching some older shows and realized Jack was on there. Jack is from a town where i was from and he use to ride motorbicks with my son. Please say hello to him from the Noles family in Bordertown . Your channel is great

  8. Y’all need an electric pellet smoker on that beauty, cheers love the channel!!! Y’all and Raskitchen are my two favs.

  9. Wow I cannot believe that you missed out on Malta! It has one of the best ports in the world, and great coastline all the way round making for excellent footage. Btw you can sail all around it in less than a day! I wish you would hopped on over 😔

  10. got a kick out of seeing the pilot whales!
    trying to catch up to your current videos. Got a ways to go!

  11. Don't pry on the side of a freezer like that my buddy Rick was helping me out chopping the ice out he pierced the side of it that holds all the freon so that fridge was trashed

  12. Freediving is my favorite sport and diving with whales/dolphins is on the top of the bucket list. This episode was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. great pirate accent by Elayna…so who is the guy with the Tiger sharks? I'm confused, I thought his name was Jack??duh..

  14. It is so lovely to see you all here and especially lovely to acknowledge the change in Daniel at this stage , how he calmed and settled and became himself ..and his hair is so much better natural . Xx

  15. Having watched every one of your episodes up to this, the sequence with the whales leading into the free diving, cut to moody sunset… thats the best run of footage so far. Great work. And then "hows the serenity", yes, The Castle!

  16. I'm super impressed with how well they coordinate their pickups and drop offs with all the people who come aboard.

  17. Elyana sailing on the Ionian Sea, do you hear The Wind Cry Mary ? Have you seen The Castles Made Of Sand ? Are there guards All Along The Watch Tower ? On the inland have You, Heard My Train A Comin ? Does the sounds of Voodoo Chile echo through the stormy nights ? 🎸👏👍✌️✌️😎. The water is so clean and crystal clear. I would have ask Riley if I could try and ride the whale like a cowboy rides a bull. LOL.

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