An Invitation – Escape the Night

An Invitation – Escape the Night

– [Joey] I started
having dreams. (gentle music) (frenzied breathing)
(rain pouring) About a house. A house that was
built without hands. (frenzied breathing)
(rain pouring) And then one day I
received a letter and it became mine. (rain pouring) Life had been breathed
into a fantasy. (thunder rumbling)
(rain pouring) (gentle music) But now it won’t let me sleep until I invite others. To my esteemed friends. I have acquired an
illustrious estate through the death of
a distant relative who I’ve never met. I thought it only fitting
that I invite you all to attend a dinner
party on its grounds. – [Woman] Telegram
for Mr. Delaghetto. – Am I getting sued? – It will certainly be
a night to remember. However the estate
is quite peculiar. It only exists in the year 1920. – In the year 1920? The heck? – To enter its grounds,
you must be dressed entirely with
clothing of that era. If you are carrying anything
from the modern world, the house will simply
never appear for you. – [Joey] And not only your
clothing, but your attitude must reflect the time. I have included your
unique characteristics on the back of this invitation. My driver will pick you
up and take you on a road that can only be driven
by his mysterious time traveling automobile. Then almost like magic,
the place will appear. (bouncy upbeat music) – [Shane] My name is Shane
and they call me the renegade. – [Eva] I’m Eva, my
character is the journalist. – [Oli] I’m Oli
White and I am the
big game hunter. – [Justine] My name’s
Justine and I’m the gambler. – [Andrea] My name is Andrea and I am kinda like a fixer. – [Matt] My name is Matt,
I am called the professor. – [Sierra] I’m Sierra
and I am an heiress. – [Lele] My name is Lele
Pons and I am a hustler. – [Timothy] My name
is Timothy Delaghetto, I’m a mobster. – [Voiceover] This
is such a nice place. – It’s the 1920s, we
were just in 2016, then we got into this
car and then here we are. So like I think I
know what’s going on, but I’m really not sure. (group chattering)
-Do you have any mints?
Any gum? mints? I don’t get to go out too much
and then when I’m coming to a party like this
and it’s 1920s themed, I’m really looking
forward to it. (group chattering) – This party is insane. I mean, I have been to
a few YouTube parties, that’s a lie, I’ve been to none. This is the first one
I’ve been invited to. (group chattering) – What do you guys think? (cheering and clapping) Welcome to my new house. – This is yours? – This isn’t your house. – I actually have
inherited this house from a distant
cousin twice removed. – My cousins get me nothin’. – You all look amazing
tonight in your 1920s attire. – Thank you.
(group chattering) – I wanna introduce you
all to my wonderful staff that actually came
with the house. Arthur, who is head of staff. (group chattering) Sarah, the maid and
then there’s Marvin, who’s the groundskeeper. (group chattering) Dinner is almost
ready, but until then, let’s get to know each
other a little bit more and have some drinks. (cheering) (upbeat music) – I love being in the
1920s, mainly because I don’t have to
text people back. I don’t have to worry
about keeping up with my Snapchat, I don’t
have to make any videos, this is great, this is vacation. – No technology works
here which is crazy. Oh, I would love one, thank you. I thought it would be fun
to give each of my friends a persona since we have
to dress up for the 1920s, why not make it even
more fun by giving them a character to play up. – Hit me, hit me,
hit me, hit me. – Oh, girl, blackjack! I’m gonna deal some cards and
we are gonna gamble tonight. – I’m a mobster in
the 1920s, you know, that’s not too far
from what I already kinda represent. Coming from nothing,
building my own empire, killing people, figuratively. – I’ve just come
back from Africa. I’ve actually been hunting
for the past couple of weeks or so. – I’m a vegetarian
but I’ll let it slide because his outfit’s cute. – I love the dark mistress look, it’s gorgeous.
– [Andrea] Thank you. Yeah, you know, I’m
really into fashion. I really like to make
things, I like to fix things. If you have something
broken, I can fix it. – [Joey] Really? – Yeah. – Joey, do you own this house? I need to be part of this house. I mean, it’s just big. – I don’t have the deed yet. – So you’re not rich. – You basically own it. – No, no, no, it’s
going to happen. Like tonight it’s supposed
to happen actually. – Oh, really? – Yeah, and once I sign it,
then it’s officially mine, but like I’ve been
living here so. It’s mine. – Are we allowed to look around? – Being the journalist,
I always just wanna see what’s happening and I don’t
think of the consequences. I’m down if you’re down. – Huh, hm. – Oh, hm, huh, hm. – What you gonna do, Glozell. ♪ Hit me one more time ♪ HIt you with my best shot ♪ – I’m the jazz singer
here, sweetheart. – Sorry. – I know you sing pretty
but I don’t do duets. (laughing) – Well I was hoping
that I was the only one that was invited by Joey, but it’s fine, it’s
fine, I’ll do whatever. As long as I get my
man and my mansion. – So would you wanna live
here your whole life then? – Why not? – [Lele] Alone, do
you have a girlfriend? – Um, no. I guess she didn’t
watch my video. (laughing) How’s darts going? Ready, one, two, three. – [Shane] Could we
like look around? – Look around? No, I think we should
just stay down here. Dinner’s almost ready,
so I think we should just hang out here, yep. – I don’t know, I can
tell that he’s lying just by looking in his eyes. There’s something that he
doesn’t want me to see. – Dinner is served, so head on into the dining room. – Nametag. – [Glozell] Yes. – Oh, the salad looks delicious. – This is so creepy. – I know. – Just happened, it
just fell into my lap. – [Voiceover] Thanks for
inviting us, by the way. – No, of course. – [Voiceover] This is so cool.
– Yeah. – [Voiceover] Where’s
Eva and Shane? – [All] Ooh. (ominous music) – You scared yet? Wait. Wait, what? Wait, what? – Maybe… – The dinner’s ready. – Where’s the bathroom? – You should probably
head downstairs. – Here, turn around. (chains jingling) (unsettling music) ♪ Sitting here with the food ♪ Having fun with Joey ♪ – Oh, my. ♪ I wish he would give
me some of that money ♪ (laughing) – We have a lot of
girls that want money. I’m trying to, you know,
stay back from that. – I just got the house,
okay, I don’t get money. – You can put it on the market. – That Sarah chick is a little
scary though, that maid. Does she smile? She’s like. – Sarah, she needs to
work on her make up. – When I become Mrs. Joey
and I get in the house, she’s the first one
that’s got to go. – We should play some
bets to see where we think these two are, first of all. – Yeah, it’s been a long time, they can’t be in the toilet. You can’t drop deuces that long. – Part of me feels a little
like disrespected like, or don’t go ahead
and go exploring. Especially when I
tell you not to. So is this impressive to you? My estate? – Oh, it’s cute. (gasping) I just come from a
really rich family, don’t really work, I was
handed a lot of things in my life, so yeah. – Am I the only poor one here? (laughing) – I guess so, you got a
bedazzled headband on. – I stole it. (laughing) – I think Glozell
is so hilarious. She’s taking her character
to a whole new level. She’s bringing the energy, I’m so glad I
invited her tonight. (group shouting at once) – [Voiceover] Welcome back. – Where were you guys? – [Voiceover] Where were you? – [Voiceover] You’re a
little late, a little late. – What the hell is this? – [Voiceover] We’re not
changing the subject. -Do not change
the subject please. We wanna know where
you guys were. – I was in the bathroom. – For that long? – Is this real food, can we eat? (group chattering) – I wanna know
where you guys were. – I wanna tell them
so bad what happened, but I can’t, I’m
thinking, I just need to keep this to myself
and keep the group calm, it’s too early for this. As much as I love
a good make-out, I was literally pooping. – Oh, okay. What about you? – I know I saw
something with the maid. I don’t know for
sure if Eva saw it, but I think it’s best for
now to just not bring it up, but eventually I’m gonna
have to tell everybody. – [Voiceover] Oh, hello. – Oh. – [Voiceover] Okay,
now you have to open it and read it to us. – Are y’all jealous? – [Voiceover] What is it? – [Voiceover] What does
it say on the front? – [Voiceover] Read it out loud. (group chattering at once) (coughing) – Oh, my God! (shouting and screaming) – What? What just happened? – Blood started splurting
out of Shane’s mouth. – I mean what is this place? I don’t like it. – What the hell is going on? – [Shane] I think
I got poisoned. – [Voiceover] Oh, Jesus. – He said he was poisoned. – [Voiceover] By who? – [Voiceover] By her obviously. – [Eva] It’s the maid. – I’m in a state of shock
and I just don’t know what to do, I don’t
know what’s going on with Shane, I don’t
know what happened. – I’m reading the telegram. – [Voiceover] What does it say? – It says he’s been poisoned. – [Voiceover] What? – [Voiceover] He knew. – In 15 minutes, you’ll be dead. Your lungs filled
with blood, however, you know I love games. There is an antidote
hidden on the first floor of the house. If you and your friends
are wise enough, they’ll be able
to solve the clues and save you. The symbols of your
cult mark the clues leading to the antidote. It all begins with your
last dish of the night. May you die in a horrible
pain, my cursed enemy. – What does she
have under there? – [Voiceover] She’s
got the last dish. – [Voiceover] What does
she have under there? – [Voiceover] Oh, no. – [Voiceover] I’ll
open it, okay. – Girl, I will fork you up,
what is underneath there? – [Voiceover] I’ll do it. (screaming) – Oh, my goodness,
what is going on? This is crazy. – And right there and then, it’s like everything
went mute for me. – Wait, there’s
something in his mouth. – [Voiceover] Oh, no. Oh, no, ew. – I wasn’t too bothered
by it, you know, at first I thought it was
like just a themed cake. – [Voiceover] Oh, no. – [Voiceover] And you’re not
gonna call the police for this? – Shh. – Something is not
okay with this room. I like it in a perfect
order but certain things wander around the table instead of finding their perfect fit. Can you figure it out? This is what we’ve
got to look for. This symbol, this
symbol, this symbol. – That symbol means something. – [Voiceover] Doesn’t
this look like a rat would wander around the table? – Come on, guys, Shane is dying! Shane’s like coughing up blood, I’m really concerned about him. I look over and everyone’s
just eating their food still, not really bothered
about what’s happening. This guy is dying. (group talking at once) – I’m walking over
towards the window and I see this
weird glass holder with the same symbol
on the top left of it and there’s only one
glass on top of it. Wait, what was the
symbol on there? – It’s like a circle, oh, yes
it is, yes it is, yes it is. – And then it’s
just a mad scramble. Everyone’s flying
around trying to find all different glasses,
pulling the wrong glass and then eventually we found
three of the right glasses and we got another note. – Oh, no, Jesus! I rebuke you, Satan! Oh, I have no idea, it
opened up by itself. (group shouting at once) – [Voiceover] What’s in there? – There are three
keys to unlock life. This is long, I don’t
wanna read this. (laughing) – [Voiceover] In the first
floor study, one key to life is as high as the mountain top. In the library is the
second key which lies hidden beneath the nine circles
of hell described by letters and words. In the foyer, it’s
the third key to life which can easily be
found but no one person can retrieve it without the
helping hand of a friend. – Letters and
words are in books. So my group is
responsible for finding the key that’s in the library. I know none of these girls
have read a book in years so this might be a problem. – Is this a thing? – [Matt] Where’s the key? – Oh, hold up, wait, wait, wait. The square so we need
to get it to the square. – Before I even know
it, Oli reaches straight in and feels some
sort of box inside and it clicks in our minds
that this must be the key. We have to figure out
how to get this box out of this gigantic box. – Push it, push it. – Hold on, hold on. – So the clue that I
get is one key to life is as high as a
mountaintop and Glozell immediately points out
that there’s something sticking out of the
mountain painting. – [Glozell] I don’t know now, don’t mess up these
people’s painting. Oh!
– [Eva] Oh my gosh. – [Joey] A key! – So there’s two devils. – Mm-hm. – How many souls has
he perverted this week? – Three young ones. To confound the king of devils and avoid his fiery wrath,
he gives them a riddle instead of a straight
answer, okay, okay. – We’re YouTubers, we’re
not mathematicians. – What is a mathematician? – It’s all right, I’m
Asian, I got this. – Guys, we got a
key, we got a key, we got one. – [Lele] Oh, my gosh. – [Oli] Put your hand in there. – Let me give it a try. – Where is it? Where is it, where is
it, where’s the thing? – You’ve got to push it,
you’ve got to push it all the way back here. – [Lele] There’s no way. – Let me give it a try here. I’m trying to lend a hand
and she’s a little bossy. – I don’t know
what Matt is doing, he was just standing there like sometimes he
was like talking about how wrong we were. – [Maa] It has to be this one. I got it. – We need all three
in order to cure him. – Oh, we gotta hurry
up, we gotta hurry up. – [Tim] There’s
three young ones. – [Voiceover] And
how old are they? – We’re not doing
really good, man. – [Tim] Multiply their ages,
you will get the number 36. – It’s really confusing
and the font is kind of hard to read. – [Tim] Wait, wait,
wait if you add– – [Sierra] It’s all
we need to know. – [Tim] Ages together, you
will get the number of devils in the grand council. – You gotta tally up the
ages, equal this number and then divide, I was
like, I skipped this class. – Oh, wait, is this
the number of devils? One, two, three, four, five, six seven.
– [Sierra] That does not have anything to do with it.
– [Tim] It is, it’ll help us solve the riddle. The girls are
cackling in my ear. I just need a moment
to figure it out. Do we have like a pen? – A pen? We don’t have a pen, we
don’t have time for a pen! – We only have three minutes! – [Joey] Who poisoned
him, that’s my question. – You know what,
it could been you ’cause you were out with him. You’re the only one
– [Joey] What were you doing up there with him? – Access to him. – [Eva] I was peeing. – Peeing with poison. – [Oli] Push up. – [Lele] It can’t go up. – Pinch in up. – [Lele] It can’t go up. – [Oli] Pinch in up. – All right, where
is it, where is it? – [Oli] Quickly. – I got it all in
the back right now. – We’re all getting
frustrated with each other because we have no idea
where this box is going. We need the key, Shane’s dying, we need to work as a team. – Joey, you know what? I think that you
might’ve done it. – Why do you think I did it? – [Glozell] He has
more followers, so you probably
tried to kill him. – [Joey] You’d think
I want to kill Shane– – [Eva] You wanna
take over his account. – [Joey] Why would
I wanna kill Shane? – [Eva] To take
over his accounts. – [Glozell] Exactly. – I don’t get access, the
person who kills someone doesn’t get their
YouTube account. – You are the YouTube killer. – The YouTube killer. – You are the YouTube killer. – [Joey] You know
what, I think you– (Glozell speaking gibberish) – My love for Joey is
strong but he is trying me, he is trying our love right now. – Please hurry, 90 seconds. – [Tim] Nine, 10,
11, 12, 13, okay. – All right, now it’s
here, now it’s here. – [Voiceover] Oh my
God, he’s gonna do it. – I’d be scrambling
to get his Twitter. – Okay. – I’ll get his Twitter. – Yeah, Twitter’s more valuable. (Sierra squealing) – [Voiceover] Hurry up. Please. – [Arthur] Ladies and gentlemen. – Is that it? – [Voiceover] Oh no. – Time is up. – [Voiceover] Oh
no, oh no, oh no. – [Arthur] Shane is dead. (shouting) – I’m honestly very
nervous about my own life and the lives of everyone
that I invited tonight. It’s my responsibility, I’m
the one who invited them here. What happened? – [Andrea] We couldn’t
figure out, it was a riddle. – We were so close. It’s not our fault. – We found our key in
like a few seconds. Well he’s dead now
because of one of us. (shouting at once) – We gotta figure out
who killed him first. – You know who
killed him probably? Aren’t you like a murderer? – [Tim] I don’t kill my friends. I just kill people that
owe money to me, all right? (shouting at once) – Guys, what do we
do with the body? Okay, I don’t care
who killed him, we need to get rid of it. – [Joey] The body? – Probably because
you killed him. – I honestly think it was Eva, she was the last to
be seen with him. – It was not me. Everyone starts thinking
that I’m involved in something sketchy
which I totally wasn’t, but like there’s no
way to prove that and obviously I was the
last person with Shane before he came back. – I mean we just
kind of got there, so I didn’t really feel
like he made any bad blood with anyone yet. No pun intended. (laughs) That was too soon. – Who had a motive to kill him? Did anybody hang out with him before he came here? – Joey is the person
who killed him and he’s gonna kill us all. He’s playing a sick game he got us all here.
– [Glozell] I agree it’s Joey. Don’t be lookin’ at
me all cute and fine, you a killer.
– [Eva] This is his house. – [Glozell] Right now
I’m wondering is it worth being with Joey for all this? Is he really gonna
stay in this house? I can’t live there, we gonna
have to move somewhere. – [Eva] All I’m saying
is we found our clue exceptionally quick
with the help of Joey. – With the help of me?
– [Glozell] Right. – [Joey] It was
Glozell who found it. – In your house. – [Matt] Who was sitting
next to Shane at dinner? Was it Justine? – Justine. – Joey? – [Joey] No, I wasn’t
sitting next to him. – You were very close to
him, you were in proximity. – [Joey] I was two seats away. – You were sitting right
next to him as well. – [Joey] You were
as close as I was. – Guys, what if it’s none
of us and it’s the maid. – [Lele] (laughs) Look at her. – She served the head. – The cook is the one
that prepared the dessert. So Joey starts searching
Shane’s body for clues. I’m thinking he’s
gonna take his wallet and I’m jealous because
I wanna take his wallet. – So it’s the same symbol. – Listen to this,
listen to this, if you’re reading this I
have failed in my mission. My killer is not who
you might think it is. It’s the house itself. – [Shane] Which is
possessed of an ancient evil that has locked it in time. I came here tonight
with the intention of destroying it. I am a member of a
secret organization known as the Society
Against Evil. We’ve been battling this
wicked force for centuries. There are four artifacts
which the evil has hidden behind a series of
puzzles and clues. If they can be gathered and
a binding ritual performed, the evil will be locked away. However to complete
the final task to retrieve each artifact,
the group must vote on two people who must
undertake a dark challenge. Tragically one of them will die. But to help you along the way, the Society Against Evil
has marked the clues with their symbol. You have until sunrise
to recover the artifacts before you are
trapped here forever. What lies ahead will not be easy but I’m afraid you
have no other choice if you wanna get back to 2016. – Okay so there’s an evil
spirit running around here, but we have to
find like what four of these little
things to untrap it or we gonna be
stuck in the house? – Guys, I think we should leave. Follow me, I have a car that
can take us out of here. – I think I would rather
die than get stuck in 1920. I think I’m at peace with
dying if that happens. – [Voiceover] Just a
moment, wait for Glozell. – [Tim] Wait for Glozell, we
can’t leave Glozell in 1920s. – [Glozell] Please don’t
leave me in the 1920s. – [Voiceover] These
shoes hurt so bad. – [Glozell] It wasn’t
a good year for us. (explosion roars)
(screaming) (ominous music) – Oh! (screaming) – They’re here. (mumbles) – [Oli] Go! (dramatic music) (screaming) (guns firing) – [Voiceover] This is
the worst party ever. – There’s blood on
all of our hands.

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