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hey today we’re doing something a little
different the family and I are on our way to Mackinac Island and if you’re not
familiar with Mackinac Island it is probably one of the only places that you’ll find
where there’s no Motor Vehicles and horses that they still use on Island and
people I believe can also still bring their horses over there to ride so
behind me you’ll see the that’s the Mackinac Bridge that connects Lower
Michigan to Upper Michigan so I’m here with my husband Jason and our Bodhi
there’s tons of a flight and then here’s children and our friend our friend Klaus
from Germany so we’re just doing a fun sort of touristy thing going to check
out the island for the night and so stay tuned I’ll show you everything that’s
involved so if you’re not familiar with the
Mackinac Bridge you can see behind me it is five miles long bodis not watching anything around here
he’s too involved with this why do you like the maple honey he’s your friend
yeah hi Odie’s so what kinetic buck took us 17
minutes to get here we have arrived on the island and we saw horses within
seconds of being on the street so this is like the fifth carriage we’ve seen
already so we’re gonna head to our hotel and get checked in and then we’ll go
cruise around yeah those are Percheron honey and do you know what these ones are
these are Belgian they’re read up ahead honey
horses and so distracted look at all the beautiful horses
it smells like fudge in horses you’d swear that I never saw horse before my
life but I go somewhere and I’m like horses horses horses and I actually had
to very first thing I did is I saw a verse and I had to go up and touch it
Jason’s like can we not be distracted on our way to the hotel
no I see a horse I’m gonna touch it that’s just how it works so I had to
touch a horse that again I will make sure that you get such a verse people
ride around on bikes and pick up all the horse poop because there are no vehicles
on island these roads are just for horses how cool is that we need one of
those from the parade these two are both trotting one on the
Left this has a little bit more pep in his step okay we have made it to our
place it’s about a mile walk from the docks I’ve been told that I need to stop
looking at flowers and horses but I can’t help it the whole island is filled
with them and those are like my two favorite things
besides Mike besides my kids of course I said besides my kids meaning I love you
more then I love flowers and horses I mean I love flowers and horses a lot so
but I love you more oh I try to be sweet to you the butterfly house effect it Sofer there’s one on your hat see you
are the butterfly princess happy shoe all the time no way is this pretty much the best
place ever oh wow buddy you could that’d be so
gentle okay we have found the livery where you
can rent a carrot horse and carriage and drive them around the island by yourself
if that sounds safe we’re gonna give it a try though
this is the Grand Hotel after 6:00 p.m. there is a dress code where ladies may
not wear slacks and men must be in a shirt and tie so tonight we’re taking a taxi back to
our hotel and where we could have walked it’s not very far but we figured we’d
take a taxi just to get the whole experience of the how everything works
on the island so basically with my channel I’m trying to get you know
obviously it’s a the island is centered around horses and stuff too so I’m
trying to get as much first related stuff on the video tomorrow as I can so
what would you recommend that I go and do tomorrow particularly there’s a lot
of different stables where you can micro Cyndi’s is where you can ride your own
on okay there is also the carriage door right there is a public and the private
doors okay private let’s go where you want to go public one so all over the
trail okay so they just let you rent a horse and a carriage for an hour so that’s because the horse is no way there
though yeah I was gonna say that you know people call me all the time wanna
know if I’ll rent my horses or anything and I get lessons but I’m like no I’m
not willing to entrust my Rangers the horses do 95% of the driving yes you guys never have any risk riving is
the number one is dangerous sport welding divorce it is period it’s also
most of time the things that people yeah yeah how many persons are there on the
alien there’s about 400 horses in the peak season I don’t know the specific
number because some of them are private horses we have about 400 horses the
whole thing about us at Kara stores is that the grand doesn’t even own any
horses they lease them home from us okay so we’re the king of the horses here
interesting and then the horses so the horses I’ll
leave for the winter okay you need some horses here for the
time of the greater the ones that run 24/7 365 yeah okay so we keep about 24
horses in The Wizard okay the rest go off the guys okay now
there’s some folks in our area that have actually brought their horses over here
and rode on the island so you know do anything about that how do you go about
that okay interesting are there any bad
no there’s maybe about ten left what happened to that white nose think about
why is that it’s a type of fungal spore that’s found the caves in California and
then when people come here and don’t wash their clothes the spores just
spread to whatever love is they have those suits and then when they wear
those clothes and bike into the backwoods it spreads all over the island
and they are cannot and their immune system was not qualified to deal with it
so it just okay they are giving okay guys tell me what you think about
your first time riding on a horse taxi

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