Animal Communicator Finds Out Why The Horse Was Acting Weird | SBS Animal

Animal Communicator Finds Out Why The Horse Was Acting Weird | SBS Animal

A horse hurtling with excitement while a person is on it Calm Mammy down! Calm! Calm! Calm! Calm Mammy down Still isn’t staying calm Mammy’s like a wild horse right now It’s mandatory for horses for horseback riding to maintain stable breath and steps Mammy used to be calmer than that horse before Calmer.. But Mammy even refuses her owner… Doesn’t even like people touching her What has happened to Mammy? Once I wanted to give Mammy food But there was a colt in our yard I was so shocked Mammy was pregnant but the owner didn’t know However, the colt was stillborn I think she’s really heartbroken and I want to make her feel better Mammy’s new friend “Heidi” Cautiously goes next to Mammy Mammy is seriously depressed now The colt didn’t move at all when it was born Mammy tried to wake the colt up so she kept licking the colt But no one came to help Mammy. So she was so nervous at that time. Now the owner knows what Mammy has gone through.. Mammy feels guilty.. She hopes you can understand her Why is she feeling like that… It’s all my fault.. Mammy didn’t want to disappoint you Mammy used to feel pain in her lower abdomen I think whenever she ran, she felt the pain The muscles probably were tensed up Mammy had to feel the pain every time she ran when she was pregnant The owner feels so guilty because he didn’t recognize that Mammy was pregnant Mammy is in great agony because she thinks that she lost the baby by letting people ride on her back She thinks she won’t lose the baby next time she gets pregnant if she stops letting people ride on her back Mammy doesn’t want to resent you anymore because she knows that you didn’t do it on purpose and she’s telling me how much she loves you Heidi can’t stop crying after listening to Mammy’s story The owner is sincerely apologizing and expressing his love for Mammy I seems like Mammy read her owner’s mind A few days later Mammy comes out all by herself in more than a year and a half Doesn’t refuse to let people ride on her back.. Animals are the same as people We should try to understand that they need time to heal Thanks for opening your heart Mammy~

33 thoughts on “Animal Communicator Finds Out Why The Horse Was Acting Weird | SBS Animal

  1. Did they even think it might be the bit? Look at her. Duh.
    Did they ever check her mouth? When was the last time her teeth were floated or even looked at? SMH.

  2. Seriously people, she wasnt ill behaved due to the bit. Ignorance is bliss I guess. A bit ham handed yes, but horse depression is real and often has impact on their lives.

  3. first of all, the horse wasn't calm because the owner was ripping the horses mouth off and the "Animal Communicator" Seemed very very nervous when touching the mares leg. She clearly can't tell whats wrong with the poor thing

  4. Now people can read horses mind, how ridiculously.
    Anyone can learn to read body language, even the horses.
    People just fall for that nonsense, and having to pay them money for it, too!?

  5. No kidding she was mad, her mouth is being yanked in so hard. She’s fighting the pull of the bit. I can’t believe people.

  6. The foam coming out of that horses mouth pissed me off plus the tightness around its face from the reins……..wtffff no sympathy and the horse was like get the fuck away from me in the stall… she lost her baby and u knew thats what caused her distress yet you ride her like a kungfu sat movie flick…..

  7. Probably if the owner knew how to ride in the first place, she wouldn't be like that. You never rip at a horses mouth. Hell, his feet weren't even positioned in the stirrups right!

  8. what about dairy cows this happens over and over to them i do believe in animal communnication my freind can do it

  9. The rider is yanking the fuck out of her and is stuck in a stall all day not able to socialise and run with other horses.

  10. Regardless of what you think about the animal communicator or the way the owner is riding, you can’t deny the love he feels for this horse. He may be an inexperienced rider (and it does appear that is the case) but he really cares about this animal and the horse understands. I think this man received bad training and/or terrible advice. Not all of us grow up around horses, especially in a densely populated country like Korea so we need good teachers.

  11. This broke my heart….how incredible for an animal and a human to read each other in that way….I'm just speechless. Wow.

  12. "Horse Communicator" communicates that the horse is sad and "speaks" for the horse, saying that she's not mad at her dumb owner.

    People who watched the video: Ya, who wouldn't be sad after losing their baby because their owner was so dumb they never got her vet checked. And thought she had hay belly or whatever.

    Also People who watched the video: Who in their right mind thinks that ripping at the mares mouth was a good thing? Mammy is gonna need to visit the dentist.

    Me: Why are there so many fake "horse communicators" telling people the wrong things? And the fact that Mammy only moved her leg made that lady jump. Ooooo so scary that the horse moved 1 freak'n inch!

  13. Everyone talking about the owner, what about this lady who makes up bullshit AFTER she's already heard the whole story. I can hear her literally making up shit as she goes. This woman is a scam artist who prays on people who don't have a single clue about horses and I'm sure she wants a pretty penny to spew bullshit. She doesn't even know how to act around horses. This is sad and disgusting.

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