Anna and Elsa Toddlers Elsya climbs a tree #1 Barbie – Jessica – Dolls -Toys Stories – Elsya & Annya

Anna and Elsa Toddlers Elsya climbs a tree #1 Barbie – Jessica – Dolls -Toys Stories – Elsya & Annya

(mocking) – What’s taking you– – Stop wobbling the tree. (slow, fun music) – Come on Dylan catch up. – Yeah, yeah I’m coming Christopher. You know I was born in the water. Wasn’t meant to climb trees. Hey Ariel, Jessica are you
coming up or are you chicken? – What a beautiful day out. Girls we might go and sit over there and why don’t you run off and have a play. – Hi Ariel. Hi Jessica. – Hi Annya, hi Elsya. – So what are you girls doing? – We’re just watching
Christopher and Dylan show off climbing trees. They’re trying to get us to climb up. But I don’t want to go. (crunching) – Come on girls, this is heaps of fun. Come on Dylan I’ll race you to the top. – I don’t know about you
girls but I’m going up. There’s no way anyone’s
calling me a chicken. Come on let’s show those boys that we’re just as good as them. – No thanks Jessica. I’d like to stay on land. – Yeah me too. – All right then sooky. Hey how about you Elsya
are you gonna come up. – I don’t know Jessica
it looks really high. I don’t wanna have a accident or get hurt. – Don’t be silly Elsya, you’re
just being a big sooky baby. Come on. Or I’ll tell everyone at
school that you’re just a big, big baby. – Hey that’s not a very
nice thing to say to my cousin. She doesn’t have to climb
if she doesn’t want to. – Cool look Elsya is here. Hey, Elsya, Elsya up here. Come on up. I’ll show you a really awesome view. – Elsya your boy friend’s calling you. – Jessica stop it. You don’t have to bull-y her,
Elsya can do what she wants. Can’t she Ariel? – Yeah, she’s a big girl, she
can choose what she wants. – It’s okay girls, I’m feeling
brave I’ll give it a go. All right Dylan I’m coming up. – Elsya and Dylan sitting in a tree. KI– – Just stop it Jessica. Come on Elsya I’ll give you a hand. – Move out of the way. Look out for the expert. (breathing heavy) I’m gonna beat you Elsya. (crunching) Move aside Christopher. Check me out everyone. I’m at the top. I’m at the top. (mocking) Who’s best now. – Good work Elsya, here take my hand, I’ll help you over this hard bit. – Thanks Dylan. (mocking) What’s taking you so long slow coaches? – Jessica stop that, you’re shaking the tree
we’re all gonna fall. – Don’t be so silly you big babies. – Okay Elsya I’ve got you. – Thanks Dylan. – Stop wobbling the tree. (crashing) – Ow my goodness, ow my goodness, Elsya and Dylan have had an accident. They’ve fallen out of the tree. Help. – Mommy, mommy, quick hurry. There’s been a accident. Elsya and Dylan have
fallen out of the tree and they’re blee-ding everywhere. – What ow my goodness, quick Elsa come on. – Help, help. Elsya are you okay? – Ow Jessica you… Hang on guys. I’ coming. – Ow my goodness, Elsya, Elsya. Ow my darling, okay, ow dear. – It’s okay, Dylan we will get you straight
to see Barbie at the doctors. This is just terrible, what happened? – Aunty Elsya it was all Jessica’s fault, she kept jumping up and down in the tree, I told her not to. And she bounced Dylan and Elsya right out – Jessica Carson you
get yourself down here right this second. I want to talk to you. – I’m really sorry Queen Elsya. And Dylan and Elsya I didn’t mean it. – Ow Jessica it’s just a little
bit late for apologies now. But believe me once we get
these kids to the doctors I will be calling your mother. Come on Dylan. Annya, Christopher come on. – Thanks princess Anna. – That’s okay. – It’s okay darling we’ll be
at Barbies before you know it. (solemn music) – Ow my goodness that’s so terrible. Well that’s the end of part one. Check back real soon to what happens next. I’m coming mommy. Come on Christopher, hurry. – Okay everyone back there hold on tight. I’ll have us there in a jiffy. (engine revving) (upbeat music) (car engine driving) Click here for Part 2 thanks for watching from Toys in Action Toys and Dolls Stories

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