Announcing Rival Stars Horse Racing

Announcing Rival Stars Horse Racing

♫ Guitar music plays ♫[Horse nickers][Birdsong][Bird twitters][Hoofbeats][Horse snorts][Birdsong][Hammering][More birds][More hammering]♫ Drumming ♫[Horse snorts][Bell clangs]Announcer: The starter gets us underway hereVoiceover: Download Rival Stars Horse Racing for freeVoiceover: On your smartphone or tablet. Play now!

33 thoughts on “Announcing Rival Stars Horse Racing

  1. I love this game !! It provides amaz8ng experiance of horse racing . Just do one thing make easy are chances of get more money like silver gold energy ant other types of money. Make the method easy of taking money .. otherwise the game and his gamepaly his graphics everythimg is fantastic .. just a problem with getting money

  2. Hey! Love the game, graphics are great, but one question. Is there a way to have the horses in the back of the pasture? Like on the home screen?

  3. I am willing to dedicate to this game. Wish the community had a way of being more ‘in-contact’? Like more in-depth profiles along with maybe a forum/board? Private Messages?

  4. Hi! My tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4) is not ckmpatible with this game, but I really wanna play. What can I do?

  5. Please,Make Into the Dead have a Lion from the Great Shelby Brothers Circus and a Story Ben meet Lion and Save Lion Friend is Female lion,This Story have a Lots of animals is Deer,Snake,Donkey,…
    Make New Game is name is Jurassic Land have a story look like Jurassic Park,ok.

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