¿Aplicaciones p/ recorridos de patinaje? // Apps for roller skating routes?

Hello my dear rollers! How are you? Welcome one more Thursday to this channel if you’re new here, my name is Carito and I hope you’re ready because today about 4 applications available in Android and iOS so let’s put them on a test because who doesn’t like to do roller routes in roller skates? and in these apps we will see which one works better for roller routes which one save well the distance the calories you want to burn so let’s start with this video ok, my dear rollers let’s start downloading these 4 apps that I put on test which their names are my tracks tracks endomondo & runtastic so now let’s test them making obviously a roller route because there is no better test than doing it, so let’s go so guys, were’re in Reforma Avenue we will do a small rroute, to show how do these apps work I’m activating them in this moment so let’s do the route ok guys, I’m checking here the apps first one is endomondo everything is going ok, we have made 5km and everything is perfect, is tracing the route let’s follow with my tracks is working ok it says our speed is 20km/hr same 4km and now runtastic which is also fine of course you have to be connected to your network let’s continue and well my conclusions for My Tracks app I like it because it says you the speed but it doesn’t have “inline skating” activity so you don’t know exactly if they’re measuring your burned calories so it’s very simple for me if you want to know your speed this app can work for you next app I’m going to talk about is Tracks that I didn’t like at all this app because first of all it doesn’t have the activity of inline skating and all the time I was doing the roller route because I made for you, so that we could do the tests I made one of 32 kms and the other one of 7kms so in the 32kms route, all the time this app stopped, I mean I put ” record the track” to all apps and this one was the only one that all the time stopped and when I was checking the cellphone I had to reactivate it so instead of having a route a drawed route as all other apps did, this app had small pieces of the route that I was doing and of course they were not complete because every time I noticed it I reactivate it and well, personally I didn’t like it at all next app I’m going to talk is Runtastic, which is really good because is the only app that ask you height and weight to make some activity it has “inline skating” activity so it’s amazing so it’s easy to use this app so this one is highly recommended but my favorite personally and I think is the winner is Endomondo because evethough it didn’t ask you height & weight for making an activity it has so many activities that you can measure and record, and this app is a lot more accurate speaking about burned calories, the route that you made, I mean the kilometers you did and also the timing that you made in this activity so that is what at least me was looking for this video and for me is the winner because is the most accurate but you make your own conlusions and let me know them down in the comments and well this is all for today’s video give me a thumb up if you liked it and don’t forget to share it my social networks will appear right here to be closer and you coul see each content for each social network don’t forget to subscribe, activate the notification bel I send you a kiss, hope you have an excellent Thursday and see you next Tuesday!

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