Appalachian Trail – WHY WE HIKE (original version)

Appalachian Trail – WHY WE HIKE (original version)

Today’s December 20th 2009 and I just spent the last two hours
shoveling out my driveway and the sidewalk and while I was doing that I was thinking about hiking and all the great people I met
while hiking the Appalachian Trail and seems kinda silly, I know, but today
December 20th was the day that those three thru
hikers that we met were supposed to make it down to
Springer mountain in Georgia which is the southernmost
part of the Appalachian Trail How long have you guys been on the trail? We’ve been on the trail for 3 months. Really? Almost. So we have about an average of 15 miles a day to get there by December 20th. With no zeros! So we have to do at least 15 miles every day to stick to the goal in order to make it by the 18th or 20th. okay my name is Josie – I’m from North Carolina My name’s Kirtley – I’m from Mississippi 27 years old I’m Brave Little Toaster and a from
Massachusetts and I just graduated RPI and I did mechanical engineering I’m 34 years old, my name’s Lee my name’s Brian I am 33 and I’m an engineer I’m a section hikers so I’m not hiking
from Maine to Georgia what my buddy and I do is we take a piece and we hiked for a week and wherever we stop we pick up there the next year. I got out of college, worked for a few years got kind of tired of that looking for a little adventure – challenge so I decided to come out and hike the AT. Hopefully decide what to do with the next
chapter of my life. I like to get out and hike once a year ago with my buddy Lee spent a week together hiking on the
Appalachian Trail. Day one: October 4th 2009 Brian and I’ve walked a hundred feet and Brian already has a rock in his shoe. I did a semester in college and had way too much fun. I made
good grades but I had like really bad influences I was like getting drunk like way to often. OK – this is not a confession! No, no, let her go So, I decided not to go back to school
because I was not ready for school yet and because I didn’t know what to do – I
didn’t know what to major in so I decided to come from someplace I can really clear my
thoughts and think about what I want to do with the rest of my life. I’m going to do my fancy hiking strut. Go ahead! That is badass! Sometimes I trip when I do my fancy hiking strut. I came out here, because – for one – I could. I have no responsibilities other than this dog right here. This is Pork, my dog. Other than him, I don’t have a responsibility in life and i know I will. So I know I can have a six month vacation… I started backpacking when I was in Boy
Scouts. I was pretty young probably 12 or 13 when I took my first trip really didn’t enjoy it much at all. When I started this, I was just graduating college back in 1998 and my buddy Brian wanted
to go hiking after we had just graduated and actually thought it was kinda crazy. I’d
never done it – I was never in the Boy Scouts. Or anything like that. But all of a sudden, I was out of school had no job – so I was like – why not? I’m really glad that I started again after college and I’ve been doing this for 11 years, on and off, since college. I think its funny that everyone has
that – I’m trying to figure out what I’m trying to do with my life. I don’t know why I’m here, but I’m looking… yeah that it’s a pretty common theme out here. Yeah – there’s a lot of common themes, though. To finish something you start – like that’s something a lot of people see as being important. and like – having a goal and like – pushing yourself to do it. I mean, you guys are out here for like – fun… I don’t know why we are out here, really. I don’t have a real good reason. Why don’t you turn that camera around and
get your ass when he’s done. The reason I like to go out hiking
is because – well, there’s a few one is: I get to go outside and enjoy
some usually some really nice scenery and some wonderful weather, most of the time. I like the physical challenge of doing something I don’t regularly do I like the mental challenge of trying to
push myself beyond what I what I think I can do and I like the idea of being able to
accomplish something. My original reasons for coming
out here are different then my reasons for
continuing at this point. Like my reason original reason for coming out here, like I said was to clear my mind of all of the clutter so I could contemplate what am I gonna do with my life. and now
it’s like yeah thats still a thought but it’s kinda
secondary, It’s like now, you know, it’s just to conquer this huge goal, I guess, that we’ve set ahead of ourselves. If you do this, you can conquer this… if you can complete this task… you can do anything that lies
ahead in the future so there is going to be difficulties
that arise in the future It sounds so deep! If you can do this which is probably like
one of the most difficult things to do even though its fun – mentally – yes – it’s
difficult continue each day out here I think a lot of parts of life are like that so… so this may prepare you for what lies ahead. it’s kinda usual because its not like a sport
where you have to you beat somebody or you have to be the best
at it or you have to be the first to cross the
race line or score the most amount of points, it’s not
really like that it’s just kinda like set your own pace leave all your worries at home. Your worries become a very different sort of thing. You don’t
have the same stresses and things of of that nature you kinda focus more on the little things
like – Where am I going to sleep tonight? Or where
am I going to get my next bottle of water from? so it it kinda puts a different
perspective on your life and it really takes away a lot of mundane
things that we deal with at work and home and other things like that. I flip-flopped so now I’m going South. I’ve been going North, now I’m going South. I just met you guys the other day and I feel like – we’re like best buds now! You always have something
in common with someone out on the trial! that is true! I think that friendship grow a
little faster out here than they usually do in the real world. …asshole… That’s it, now we’re breaking the ice. I worked in sales and i was just getting bored with it felt like there’s more to it – more to
life than getting up every morning at seven o’clock and going to an 8 to 5 that you weren’t that happy with going home and living for the weekend, essentially. I thought that if I came out on the
AT I could challenge myself while at the same time clearing my mind for better thought generation. This is not what I want to do for the
rest of my life, no! Have you got it figured out or are you still working on it? I’m still working on it. Cool. But I’m getting closer, all the time. It’s been many weeks and many miles since I met those guys and I
don’t know if they made it to Springer Mountain or not but I like to think that they did.

22 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail – WHY WE HIKE (original version)

  1. Enjoyed the video! I am a section AT hiker also who has hiked quite a bit in PA. It is not easy to hike 15 miles per day in some parts of PA!! Keep up the great work!

  2. Pretty cool video. I think the interviews were awesome because I have always wondered why someone would hike the entire trail. I mean besides the fact that they like hiking and want to say they did it. Pretty cool man.

  3. Very awesome. I have made friends on the trail this being my first year at backpacking. Need the practice and advise, next spring is my big adventure. Like all of said in the video it's a time to clear your mind. To refresh mentally. Everyone you meet has something common with you. A different breed of people. Bless the backpackers. Thanks for sharing the video. The three made it

  4. Great job on this. My thoughts exactly. Working 32 years for at&t and the only real time I feel free is on the trail. The trail is more work and always wondering about the next step…yet in that process out on the trail the stress falls off and it's good for you. I take Royal Rangers backpacking about 6 times a year mostly for easy 1 mile in and 10 mile day hikes but they dont' have gear for the 12 milers.. I do..but don't often get that chance. thanks for sharing!

  5. I enjoyed your video a lot. My wife and I thru hiked the AT northbound in '09, but our paths didn't cross these hikers. Thanks for sharing!

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