2 thoughts on “Arapahoe Basin Becomes First Ski Area To Open In North America For ’19-’20 Season

  1. a-basin uses the 'epic system' for a few years to help or pay for a lift that makes available expanded coverage of the mtn, via a master plan. Then a-basin says FU and flushes the 'epic' as it didn't meet the local and business model they had in plan the entire time. Dick-head katz and company didn't appreciate or anticipate the flexible nature of the small operators. Vail Resorts and the CEO called 'THE Weasel' has now been out-douched. Who would have thought VR and the Weasel could be out-douched but it happened in lovely form. Both are winners, and losers of sorts. VR and the Weasel need to UP THEIR GAME to be flexible enough to out do the local ski areas desire, ability, and genuine nature to compete. Bobcat must now lick his wounds and douche his 'Mangina' today… This is good for business, cleaner, less stinky, and maybe a little more humble.

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