Arenal Hanging Bridges and La Fortuna Waterfall Tour

Arenal Hanging Bridges and La Fortuna Waterfall Tour

Today we’re going to do the combination
tour of the hanging bridges and the La Fortuna waterfall in Arenal We’re going to go with Jacamar Naturalist
Tours, and this is a combination and it also includes lunch so we should have a really
nice walk down to the waterfall and the hanging bridges, should be a really fun day. We’re here at the Mistico Hanging Bridges
and here actually by Lake Arenal. Behind me well arenal Volcano is a little
covered in clouds but we’re going to go on a couple hour hike going through I think 13 bridges through the rainforest so hopefully we’ll see lots of cool wildlife and get
some nice views. We’ve been walking for about 1 hour and
we finally reached the first hanging bridge and this is one of the longest in the Mistico Hanging Bridges walk. We’ve seen lots of cool trees, lots of plants, some monkeys so hopefully we’ll see some more wildlife, it’s been a very nice walk
so far. We’re walking on one of the hanging bridges and our guide just found a viper which is a common snake found in the Arenal area so let’s go check it out. We’re visiting the La Fortuna waterfall,
this is a beautiful waterfall in the La Fortuna area It’s only about a 15 minute drive from town, it’s very popular it’s one of the most popular activities and we’ll show you guys
why in just a second.

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  1. Very well done video, thanks for the tips! Indeed, Costa Rica has come a long way since the debt crisis in the 1980s to being one that celebrates eco-tourism and has much to offer nature lovers.

    Unfortunately, the crime rate is a high and petty crime is common in tourist areas.

    Do be wary of the spilling scam, overcharging restaurants, rigged taxi meter, gas station scams, staged car accidents, timeshare scam, snatch theft, and many more!

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