Ariat® Close Contour Half Chap Review

CASEY: Hi, I’m Casey. I work in Marketing, and today I’m reviewing the Ariat Close Contour Half Chap. I love these half chaps, because they look
amazing, they’re incredibly durable, and the leather quality is outstanding. A couple of my favorite things about these
half chaps are how nice they look on you. They have a really slim, contoured look around
your leg that gives it a really polished, finished look. One of my favorite things about these half
chaps is the quality of the leather. It’s really outstanding. It’s nice and thick, but it’s also supple
and soft, so it feels really comfortable on your leg. You’ll also notice that the leather on the
outside is nice and shiny and polished looking, so it gives you a really good, clean look. And then the leather on the inside of the
half chap is a little bit grippier, so it just helps you feel secure in the saddle. I also love these, because I have a pretty
wide calf. So, for me, finding a half chap that’s comfortable
is a little bit difficult. These are a great option in that they come
in a wide variety of sizes, and they have this wonderful stretch panel here, so they’re
very, very comfortable on even the first time you wear them. The durability of these half chaps is awesome. I had my first pair for almost six years,
and I’m on my second pair now, and I honestly wouldn’t think of buying any other chap. Another thing I love about these are the zippers. So, it’s really heavy duty. It’s going to hold up even for hard use for
the long run. In terms of caring for your half chaps, your
preferred brand of leather care products should be just fine. These half chaps are awesome, cause they come
in a variety of sizes, and in my experience, they fit very true to size, so regardless
of what type of leg you have, you should be able to find a pair of these that fit you
well. I’m Casey, and the Ariat Close Contour Half
Chap is the best half chap I’ve ever worn.

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