Ariat® Monaco Field Boot Review

Hi, I’m Mollie, I work in Creative, and today
I’ll be reviewing the Ariat Monaco Field Boot. My favorite thing about these boots is the
quality of leather. They are so buttery soft, and it literally took me about a week to break
these boots in. I picked the Ariat Monacos, because they’re
not uncomfortable to ride in, you’re not uncomfortable at the show all day, so they’re really great.
I love them so much I even school in them at home. This boot is great for a variety of different
disciplines – hunter/jumpers, eventers, or anyone who would need a field boot. One of the great features about these boots
is the calf panel on the inside of the boot. It makes it kinda grippy and it really sticks
to your saddle when your riding. Other great features about this boot is it
has a really big gusset that runs down it, so at first when you buy your boots and they’re
a little bit on the tight side, this really helps to ensure the perfect fit of your boot. It also has a nice full zipper that goes all
the way down the back, and it has a really nice Spanish top with a pretty logo. The foot runs true to size, and if you’re
in between sizes for height and calf width, I would recommend going on the tighter side,
because they are going to stretch a little bit and you want to make sure that you get
that nice close fit in the hunter/jumper ring. One of the most distinctive features of the
Ariat Monaco boot is the extra high Spanish top. If you’re looking for an extra tall and
long leg look, this is definitely the boot for you. You definitely want to buy some heel lifts.
They really help when the back hasn’t dropped quite yet, and the heel lifts helps prevent
it from pinching you. I’m Mollie, and the Ariat Monaco Field Boot
is my pick of the month.

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