Ariat Presents: How To Fit a Half Chap

Oh hey there! My name’s Keir and today
we’re at the barn and I’m going to show you how to fit the half chap. Best thing to
do is to make sure you have the appropriate clothing on. I’ve got my
breeches on so I’m all set. You just want to make sure you have something on that’s
representative of what you wear when you ride. So easiest to take a seat.
You want to measure two points: the widest part of your calf and then also
from the back of your knee all the way down to the ground. Once you have those
two measurements, you can check out at your retailer or at and check
the size chart. Once you get your half chaps, you’re going to want to make sure
that they fit snug and that they’re a little bit tall because once they break
in, they’re gonna fall and compress a little bit, but then they’ll fit perfect.
Hope that was helpful! Thanks so much!

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