Ariat® Volant S Zip Tall Boot Review

Ariat® Volant S Zip Tall Boot Review

JESSICA: Hi, I’m Jessica from Product Development,
and today I’m reviewing the Ariat Volant S Zip Tall Boots. I love these boots because of the combination
of comfort and style. First of all, you cannot beat the Ariat footbed technology. These boots
feature the Cobalt™ footbed, which is extremely comfortable and supportive. I can wear them
walking around all day long and my feet and my back feel awesome. Second, they’re gorgeous. The Spanish top
features a lizard-embossed cuff, which just gives them a little bit of extra detailing,
and of course, having the Spanish top makes your leg look just a little bit longer in
the saddle, and that’s good for every rider. They feature a full zipper from heel all the
way up to the back of your knee making them extremely easy to step in and out of. As someone
who used to school in paddock boots and half chaps, I have 100% switched over to schooling
in these puppies, because they’re just so easy to get on and off. In addition, the boots have a double spur
rest, a gusset on the inside of the upper calf, a full stretch panel down the back of
the outside of the boot, and a little bit more of a tacky leather on the inner calf. These boots are versatile enough for schooling,
clinics and some levels of competition. In terms of care and maintenance, use your
favorite quality leather products to keep the boots cleaned, conditioned, and on occasion
give them a polish. I found these boots to be very true to size.
I wear them in my normal street shoe size, and I also found the calf width and height
to be very typical for what I wear. If you’re unsure what size you wear in tall
boots, check out our video, “How to measure for tall boots” for some awesome tips. I’m Jessica, and the Ariat Volant S Zip Tall
Boots are the best tall boots I have ever owned.

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  1. hey SmartPak can hero sponsor one of my videos and send me a few things so I can review it and do a video about it lots of people like that and then I'll give away one thing

  2. I just bought some new tall boots, and they are the perfect height,and shoe size, but my heel slips very slightly. it's not major, but will it affect my riding at all? I can also fit my thumb in at the top – is this okay?

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