ARMÉNIE en TREK & CHEVAL – Des paysages de plus en plus FOUS !

ARMÉNIE en TREK & CHEVAL – Des paysages de plus en plus FOUS !

We’re starting the 5th day of our expedition and today we’re not going to trek. We’re actually traveling from the north of the country to the south! It should be a 3-hour drive. I’m really excited to see and differences between both parts of the country! That are not that far away but it seems like they look quiet different! I’m sure we’ll stop to see a lot of things on the way So here we go! I really didn’t expect it but the sceneries on the journey were just amazing! It kept getting better and better along the way and they were very different from everything I’ve seen so far! Finally, we arrive near our camp and walked a little bit to get there… and there we had the best surprise… the most beautiful sunset!! After a day break, here we go again for a trekking day! This time in the south of Armenia which is reallyyy different from the north so far! Here it’s super hot and suuuper dry! Right now my throat is dry, my nose is dry… everything is so dry!! But on the other hand, everything is absolutely beautiful here! I don’t know if you can see much around me, I hope so! Honestly, it’s incredible and so unique It’s very different from what I’ve seen so far! Compared to the northern part of the country that may be more similar to some places in Europe It’s super wild and untouched here We’re going through high grass you almost feel like you’re an explorer discovering a new land!! It’s really cool! I’m excited to see what we’re gonna discover for the rest of the day! For this first trek in the south of Armenia, we were actually hiking on the Silk Road so the journey was full of surprises for example we visited a church… inside a cave! You know… completely normal! Personally, I’ve never seen something like this and it’s pretty impressive when you think about it! We just arrived in our homestay for tonight and tomorrow night tomorrow we’re going to do horse-riding, I’m so freaking excited! I’m not sure you know this but I love horse-riding Last year, I visited Mongolia by horse-riding for example! Anyway, it’s very cute, wild and calm here Lots of lush everywhere and I think we’ll all appreciate the shower a lot because we did sweat like crazy today as it was insanely hot! But I’m so happy because it was beautiful We also walked in silence and without technology It feels really good because I’m actually filming and taking a lot of pictures all the time I’m really starting to discover a part of the country that I absolutely love! I thought that the north was awesome but it keeps getting better and better! We’ll see tomorrow with the horse ride too…I can’t waiiiit! A small “house tour” for you guys Here is the view from the outside! We have… actually, we have, two guys practicing yoga! haha Here we have the couches with a nice view of nature just behind Oh god, we’re gonna feel good here! and we go inside… We go inside with the pretty Armenian carpets the view of nature outside, other couches… And there is the guys’ room and the girls’ room here! It reminds me of summer camp… love it! Anyway, I think we’ll appreciate the chilly night as it seems it’s pretty cold inside Discovery of the traditional Armenian dance!! Here we go again, a delicious meal cooked by the locals welcoming us here! We’re also trying the local vodka that is 60% alcohol… and I can tell you it hurts!! and also…I think we’ll have a great evening! New day, new activity! And please look at this cutest baby horse behind me… I’m dying of cuteness since yesterday here! Between the kittiess, the foals and the horses… I can’t handle it! There is way too much cuteness! Anyway, today we’re horse riding!! We’re going to explore the villages and nature around here! To go see what it looks like here thanks to the horsies!! I think it’s gonna be pretty fun too because many people never went on the back of a horse! Maybe we’re gonna split into groups but I don’t think it’s gonna be very intense

*spoiler: actually it was haha! as we’ve many different levels! But I’m hoping I’ll be able to gallop I’m bringing you with me with my gopro, I’m so exciteeed! They eat anything… let’s eat the walls! and this, can I eat it? and this, can I eat it? We just went through a very rocky trail I have to tell that I was completely confident but I survived! Everything is good and it’s absolutely beautiful so I’m enjoying it so much! But it’s intense!! For the beginners I think they have a real horse-riding baptism! It was becoming too risky on the horse so we went down for a little bit! But we’re still…very happy! Trotting, galloping or even just walking with our horses in the middle of these insane landscape it was definitely one of the highlights of this trip for me! And even if it took us 4 hours instead of 2 to arrive to the lake we were supposed to It only made it even more beautiful! Ok I have to admit, I’m quitting horse-riding for today I’m in a lot of pain that I didn’t expect! I’m gonna come back by car. There was only a small hour left I’m already so happy with the 4/5 hours of riding we did We’re at the end of this incredible 7th day of the expedition and we were more than happy to come back and eat. Especially since we’re never disappointed by the food! I’ve decided to make you wait just a little more for the video of the last days of this trip because I still have so much to make you discover Trust me, Armenia will keep surprising you. Next…

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  1. C'est juste MAGNIFIQUE 😍 merci de nous partager ce voyage ! Ça me donne trop envie d'y aller les paysages sont à couper le souffle ! Et la nourriture ça donne l'eau à la bouche ☺️

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