Ask a Non-Rider: Cross country commentary

Ask a Non-Rider: Cross country commentary

SARAH: Based on this preview screen we got
coming up, what do you think we’re in for in this one? JESSE: Oh. SARAH: Talk to me about that “oh.” JUAN: This is the ones that require that special
vest on this one, cause it’s much more brutal. MARY: I’d say the girl picking her wedgie
is a little bit awkward. MATT: They’re probably going to be chasing
a fox or something. Chasing animals. JESSE: Richard Gere. Runaway Bride. That’s kind of what I’m seeing. SARAH: Have you ever tried one of those vests? JUAN: I actually did. I worked an event at Rolex, and I tried one
on while we were testing it out for customers. JESSE: Is this more of an off-road kind of
park? MATT: Is this one of those fox hunts where
they let some animal go and then they chase it down? JESSE: I see some logs over here. Looks much more difficult than plastic gates. JUAN: Although it wasn’t pleasant, I can see
the benefits of not breaking your neck. SARAH: Yeah, sure. JESSE: Maybe there are some trenches that
we have to jump over, so… JUAN: That gets in the way of your day. SARAH: Pros and cons. Yeah. These are some great guesses. JESSE: Yeah. Looks a little more aggressive. SARAH: Let’s go ahead and get this one started
and tell us what we’re seeing. MATT: Is that hunting and jumping? JUAN: Is this somebody I know? SARAH: Hunter/Jumpers is a little bit different. JESSE: That was too easy to start. MARY: I see a vest and no jacket. JESSE: Jumped over some bushes, that’s nice. MARY: The vest on the other one might have
been under the jacket. JUAN: Oh, I thought she was going to jump
over that. JESSE: I like when they camouflage the jumps,
I’m sure the horses do, too. SARAH: That one not impressive?
JUAN: No. MARY: A little bit low, but… JESSE: Makes it a little more challenging… MARY: She’s just getting warmed up. JUAN: Who’s that lady out in the background? She’s not even paying attention to the horse. MATT: Ok, it’s trail riding. JESSE: Is this supposed to interpret something
that horses used to do? SARAH: Trail riding tends to be a little bit
more leisurely than this. JESSE: Seems like we’ve made something that
sounds very leisurely a little aggressive. MATT: He seems to be in a great hurry to get
to where he needs to go. JUAN: There’s no hunting allowed, by the way. JESSE: I know I don’t want my wife telling
me to jump stuff when we go through the woods. SARAH: That’s good cause these are not the
hunters. MATT: That wasn’t that high of a wall. I would expect the walls to be like twice
as high. JESSE: I also don’t take SmartPak supplements,
so maybe… SARAH: Maybe that would help. JESSE: It might help. SARAH: What do you think this might be called? JUAN: Three-day eventing? SARAH: Very good! MARY: Fun Outdoors-y Woodland Jumping? JESSE: Robin Hood Olympics. SARAH: You and Squish go hiking, do you think
this is the kind of activity you guys might do? JUAN: That’s my friend, Jen Bags! SARAH: Yes it is. MARY: Well, Squish is too low to the ground
to ride around on, but… MATT: She seems to be doing pretty well. JUAN: I might know the name of this horse. MATT: No errors that I can note. JUAN: The name of that horse is “I Don’t Know.” MATT: I would like them to go faster, because
I like things to go fast. SARAH: Starts with a ‘T.’
JUAN: No, no, it’s “I Don’t Know.” JESSE: Dressage is something that sounds fancier
than what this is. JUAN: If you check that saddle pad, the monogram
is IDK. JESSE: So this might not be that, if that
makes as much sense to you as it does to me. JUAN: There’s a person there to catch Jen. MARY: So much lush foliage. Yes, oh – is that bad? MATT: It’d be great if they jumped through
fire. SARAH: Because it touched? MARY: Yeah. I guess they didn’t hit any wood. MATT: Do they ever have people who do tricks
and balance on horses? SARAH: Yes. JESSE: Doesn’t look like they had too much
for breakfast, which is always helpful to the horse. MATT: Trick riding is absolutely a thing. MARY: They’re jumping over a little house! JUAN: Over a little housey, that’s cute. MARY: Big house, like a church.
Wow. SARAH: It is big. MARY: That was fun, lots of different jumps. JESSE: Big fan of the cross-country. SARAH: Love it. What did you think of that performance overall? MATT: It was smashing. SARAH: Oh, that’s very British. Now we’re seeing your heritage come out. JESSE: Looks like they did very well there. Didn’t look lost, I didn’t see any 180s going
the wrong way, no backward horse moves. I think overall they did pretty well. SARAH: Yeah, you liked the variety. MARY: Yes. It wasn’t in like a…thing. SARAH: Mm hmm. Not in an arena. MARY: Yeah, that’s the word. JESSE: The cross country is definitely something
that I would watch. MARY: More outdoors-y stuff, like the horse
could probably get a little more confused with that, right? I was a little confused. And when the girl was picking her wedgie,
I was all thrown off. SARAH: Fun fact, she works in the Merchandising
department. She also works at our retail store in Natick. She has a wonderful little dog named Chappy. MATT: Jen Bagley? MARY: I do believe that’s Jen Bagley. SARAH: That is accurate. MARY: That’s right! MATT: Oh yeah, now I recognize her. SARAH: Yeah. MATT: Is she going to be mad about all the
things I said about her horse? SARAH: I don’t think so. You said very complimentary things about that
horse. That was her horse, Tally. They were doing cross country. JESSE: Cross country, ok. SARAH: Also known as the Robin Hood Olympics
from now on, I think. JESSE: Theoretically, right? SARAH: What was your favorite part? MARY: The wedgie was a highlight. JUAN: Least favorite part? That it’s ending. SARAH: Ohhhhhh. JUAN: I wish I could do more. SARAH: I appreciate that. Maybe we’ll have you back for another one. JUAN: I hope so.

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  1. "Oh, that's trail riding" πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Matt: They should go faster because I like faster.


  3. The only thing I find annoying about this when they say the wall should be higher it's like they think so it's easier if they're that Highand then about and then about and then about and then about and then about and then about the and then about the ring of fire and then about the ring of fire and then about the ring of fire I kind of got frustrated over that because he didn't think it was dangerous at all to do any of this

  4. Omg this is so annoying as a horse rider – it’s annoying that they can’t say the actual name of the β€˜Robbin hood olympics’ as they called it! but it was absolutely hilarious!!! πŸ™ƒ

  5. When they were saying the fences are small I was like πŸ˜‘ u get on the bloody thing
    And when they were like I want it to go faster omg I was like I didn't know u were a horse expert

  6. I’m not a rider but I’m going riding for the first time on Saturday and I know way more than them this is hilarious πŸ˜‚

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